Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Seals of Solomon Set Being Ordered!

Seals of Solomon Set Being Ordered!

The designs are being sent to the printers this week and should be back within a week or two. I've attached a "Buy Now" button for those who would like to purchase from this first order of sets. I will be re-ordering as needed, but that depends on the demand, so it may be some time. We'll see.

So, order now! (And, thank you!)

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Seals of Solomon Set Campaign on IndieGoGo

Seals of Solomon Set Campaign on IndieGoGo

The largest number of questions and comments I receive here are in relation to the Seals of Solomon lesson. So, in response to this, I have put together the designs for a complete SET of the Seals of Solomon. Included will be a book with the full instructions for activating and using the Seals, as well as all of the prayers, verses, vesicles and Angels associated with the appropriate Seal. There will also be the three Circles (Elohim Gibor, Elohim Tzaabaoth, and El Shaddai), in which to place the Seals chosen for your working.

The Seals will be approximately 3" x 5" (postcard size), printed in their appropriate color, and the Circles will be 8" in diameter, black on white. Included, will be pocket-size Seals for carrying around with you.

During the Introductory Period of this set, each complete set of the Seals of Solomon, Circles, book, and pocket-size Seals, will sell for $75 (+ $10 insured shipping). After the Introductory Period is over, the price will increase to $125 (shipping & insurance included).

I cannot take the chance of having all of this printed if there is no real interest. So, I have set up a funding page, and for those who want a Seals of Solomon Set, they can pre-purchase. I will give this campaign until March 31 (40 days from today), and the sets should be to you by late April at the latest.

Here is the link to the IndieGoGo campaign page: Seals of Solomon Set

Thank you!
Granny Tackett

Learn the story behind "Seals of Solomon Set" and help us meet our goal. @indiegogo