Wednesday, December 28, 2011

New Chicken Coop

Plans, Plans, & More Plans!

Before it got too cold we had to build a new chicken coop. We decided to move them to the garden area, and give Liberace & Charli their place. Poor Charli had gone broody, refusing to lay eggs or come out of her house. Don't blame her, the "house" was a big round tub with a hole cut out for the door. Not warm at all. Liberace would come out in the morning with frost on his feathers! So I told hubby we had to put their "house" inside the larger coop that was where the big chickens were. Which meant building a new coop.

The large coop was more of a shed size anyway, so now Liberace & Charli have their "house" inside on the right and all the chicken & horse feed, and my garden tools are on the left. Perfect use of all that space! It took Charli barely a week before she was laying eggs again, and she runs around in the pen all day. No more brooding! woohoo!

The Banties are still happy in their place. But now we have an empty pen. I'm planning on getting a few more chickens in the Spring that will live in that space. Maybe another breed of Banty since the space is rather small.

So, here are the coops & the chicken pens as they are now:

My favorite place to sit (when it's not too hot or too cold!)

 And the chickens:
Doe sitting in her favorite spot


Liberace (Showgirl: Silkie x Turken)

 Charli (Silkie)

In the Spring I'll start another garden but in a different location further down from the chickens, on the other side of the compost pile. That's if we don't sell the place in the mean time! Either way, lots to do once Spring rolls around!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Discoveries & A New Venture

I have been on this path for years. Only within the last couple of years did I find a "name" for what I've always lived & practiced (even have an earlier post here on the subject). I am a rootworker. But after many months of researching further just what defines a rootworker, as defined by others, the history & ancestry of it, and anything else I could find on the subject, I've come to the conclusion that everything on the internet is based on information gleaned only in the last 50 - 80 yrs. Not that it is a bad thing, but there are aspects which just don't "fit" what I've always felt, and what I do.

Everything out there states that rootworkers, i.e. hoodoos and/or conjurers, are based in African-American influences. Ok, maybe the hoodoos/conjurers, but not the mountain rootworker. The Granny Witch back in the holler may never have set eyes on a black person. And they certainly would not have been influenced by them. "PC" crap aside, the blacks would not have intermingled much, if at all, with the whites until much later after there was more interaction between the mountain folk and the city folk. 

Now, on the other end of that argument, the Native Americans would have very much influenced the Granny Witch, having lived in such close proximity and trading going on fairly regularly. The blacks that did trade may have contributed somewhat, but not extensively. Not to the extent of the Natives.

The immigrants who moved into the Appalachians, living back in their hollers, were from Europe. These  English, Irish, Scottish, German immigrants brought with them their beliefs, practices, and customs, all being purely preserved due to their little or complete lack of interaction with the world outside of the mountains. They highly valued this segregation, and protected it vehemently.

Working with the Natives would've been a natural occurrence, once a mutual relationship of respect had been formed. The Natives would've given advice and assistance to the newcomers regarding the local plants and other pertinent information necessary to life in the mountains. These immigrants would then begin to incorporate the use of the local plants with those seeds & plants that they had brought with them from the Old World.

So with this in mind, how would they have used certain oils and/or herbs that can only be obtained from overseas? They wouldn't have. Even if they could have, the cost would've been prohibitive. No. They worked with what they had. What they could wildcraft from the fields & forests around them, or hunt and kill for the parts that would be used (which was most if not all of the animal, nothing was wasted), or even trading with others, was what they used.

It was only later, once there was more outside interaction that the addition of these "foreign" materials may have been used. But even then I seriously doubt it, why fix what ain't broke? My take on it is that what was gleaned from these "back woods" people was adapted by the "city folk" and changed to something more palatable in scent and "pretty" or catchy in name. Something that smells good would sell better than something that smells like herbs added to bear fat or hemp oil.

The mountain holler Granny Witch wouldn't have put something together that was "pretty" or "smells good". She would've put together a salve, poultice, tincture, oil, amulet, or whatever, according to what the situation called for. Those calling on her respected her for her knowledge, not her ability to make their love potion or amulet "pretty". It wasn't for looking at, it had a purpose. It was practical not aesthetic.

The hoodoos of the south were more ingrained in city or town society so their uses of more "foreign" herbs and/or oils was common, being much easier to obtain. And to sell to "city folk" you have to make it "pretty" and appealingly scented.

I have been drawn to the Granny Witch of the mountains since I was a child. She could've been from the mountains of Europe or America, it didn't matter. I knew her. She was very familiar in look, actions, beliefs, customs & practices. And as a result of my research and much soul searching as well, I have come to the conclusion that I am trying to find my ancestral roots as an American Granny Witch and through those ties to the Hedge Witch of Europe. 

My ancestry is Irish, Norwegian, Ukrainian, as well as English & German. My ancestors would have been, known, or worked with the local Hedge Witch. My goal is to learn as much as I can about how these people (American and European) would've actually practiced their Craft. 

I have made a list of the plants, trees, herbs, etc. that we have here on our property; in the pastures, and in the woods. I've also researched the crops that would've been grown here that would've provided the necessary quantity of material to make the oils that would've been used. These are hemp, corn, and tobacco (as well as animal oils such as bear, beaver, etc.). Hemp was the most useful as it has a multitude of uses from paper, to cloth, to smoking. Corn was a later crop, much of it would've been used for many things besides food, but as an oil it would be less likely, as turning it to oil is a bit more extensive a process. Tobacco was grown for smoking, not for oil.

Why not just follow the recipes and formulas found online that are age-old, tried & true? Because that's not what I am comfortable with. I guess I am on a task or mission to bring back (for myself only) through reconstructionism, the Granny Witch of the Americas, the descendant of the Hedge Witch of Europe. Having not grown up in the Appalachians I'm sure I will be ridiculed for even thinking I can do this as I have no "true" roots to anyone who already practices as a Granny Witch due to ancestry. But while I may not have any known roots, I can say that I know I do have roots in the Appalachians. My maternal grandmother's family is from the mountains of Tennessee. Our family tree on her side can be traced by to 1764. So, while I don't have a direct connection, I do have an ancestral one. As well as a spiritual one. It is this connection I wish to strengthen.

I will begin working strictly with hemp oil and local plants & herbs found here on our property. As I formulate them I will post them here, as well as any findings I have regarding their effect on manifestation of intents.

Off I go on a new venture! Wish me luck!


Sunday, November 27, 2011

Hoodoo’s Botanical Necklace

Hoodoo’s Botanical Necklace
This is a multipurpose, magickal Hoodoo necklace designed to attract good influences and positive spirits into the life of the wearer. Many aspects of the necklace are flexible: it is unisex, it can be worn inside or outside the shirt (depending on its purpose and the wearer’s skin sensitivities), and you can adjust the recipe and use ingredients you have on hand. Begin this project at dusk on a Sunday of the waxing moon.

½ c whole allspice ½ c Florida Water
¼ c whole star anise ½ c rose water
¼ c black cardamom pods ½ c orange blossom water
¼ T musk seed ½ c lavender water
    (Abelmoschus moschatus) Awl, or large needle
1 accent root (see note) 36” waxed linen string
¼ c fresh cranberries

Begin by focusing on your special intentions. Combine the sweet waters, and add the allspice, anise, cardamom, musk seed, and accent root. Let soak over night, outdoors if possible. Write a note on regular paper that states your intentions and place it next to the soaking ingredients (hold it down with a river rock or pebble if necessary).

The next day, blot the soaked spices and root with a towel as you continue to focus on your intentions. Arrange the spices, root, and the cranberries on a beading tray (or similar) in a pleasing, balanced arrangement. The accent root should be in the center in order to hang low on the chest like a pendant. Place the small, smooth seeds and spices near the closure at the neck.

Hold both of your hands over the necklace design and visualize positive energy flowing out through your hands. Close your eyes; breathe deeply as you cast a positive charge over the necklace. Make a double knot on one end of the string; make sure at least 2” are free behind the knot.

Thread the awl with the string. Pierce the softened spices, root, and cranberries one at a time and slide them onto the string. When done, tie another double knot at the opposite end in the same manner. Bring both sides together and double-knot it again to make a permanent closure for the necklace.

Hold the necklace in your two hands and breathe your healing energy over it while you close your eyes and focus on your intentions. Use your dominant hand to hang the necklace up on a nail to dry. Let dry 2 weeks.

Note: You might need to drill a hole through the root with a small drill bit. Also, when selecting an accent root, consider using the following: Adam and Eve root (to attract love), angelica root (protective shield specifically helpful to mothers and children, and also for health and divination), devil’s shoestring (protective shield from evil influences and a luck magnet), John the Conqueror root (protection and strength for multiple purposes), or lucky hand root (multiple purposes, including love, luck, prosperity, and protection).

Source: Sticks, Stones, Roots & Bones by Stephanie Rose Bird

Friday, November 4, 2011

New Business to Build

Well, Midnight Blue Pagan Study Center is up and running - only have 2 non-active members, but that's ok, eventually there will be those who want to participate. And if not, I guess that's fine too, at least the information I've posted will be there for anyone who may stop in to visit. LOL Like I said before, I suck at marketing!

So, while Midnight Blue is a dream that will benefit others (and myself as well), it will generate no income. Now, however, I've finally solidified the concept that has been rattling around in my brain for over 20 yrs. The best job I ever had was working with preschoolers. That was play-all-day fun. But I don't want to have a pre-school, too much of a hassle. What I do want to do though, is teach crafts to kids. So it is a business teaching crafts to kids - of all ages - from my home. To avoid legal hassles, the parent(s) will have to remain with the kids (gives me adult conversation as well!)

I still haven't come up with a name for the business yet. There is an industry organization (Craft and Hobby Association) that I want to join and be certified through, but I have to have certain criteria met first. So I'm beginning to work on that. Considering we're trying to sell the house and move to Kansas, time is not an issue at the moment. It gives me plenty of time to thoroughly plan everything out and be completely organized once I can begin, making the process quick once we're moved and settled.

I've felt something big coming for months. Selling & moving is part of it. I thought all of it. Until yesterday. That's when it all came together. It finally fully formed in my head and I know it is what I want and am supposed to do.

There are so many things I can do with this - kids are sponges and can be taught so many things through crafts: numbers, letters, colors, nature, ethics, morals, spirituality, nature, environment, etc..

My Hoodoo Hill website may or may not be continued - have had zero response, so why bother. This blog will remain until I decide whether or not to move all of the information elsewhere. Either way, it is time to focus on that which will bring in joy, fun, and with it income!


Friday, October 7, 2011

New Study Center Website

After being run out of Sacred Wood - and still no explanation as to why - I have started my own study center. Building it and acquiring members & students will take time, but that's fine, I'm used to it and I look forward to the challenge!

The new site is Midnight Blue Pagan Study Center


Our mission is to provide a strong foundation for your Pagan Path, but not the Path itself. It is much easier to travers a paved road than an uncut path, and our goal is to help you begin to pave your own road.

We move beyond the cookie-cutter smorgasbord of "love & light, bubblegum & lollipops" fluff systems that are so prevalent today. We do not cater to (or permit admittance of) adolescents look for 'shock factor'. Nor will we be a comfortable fit for those in the aging liberal hippie group who are too softheaded and are still just trying to seem 'cool'. We work with and through the realm of practical, infinite magicks from simple candle & herb magicks on up to cursing & hexing. But at a pace that is right for the student and their level of experience in the Craft.

Midnight Blue Pagan Study Center teaches the balance of Light and Dark. As there can be no day without night, there can be no healing without hexing. It is the presentation and application of each that proves the intent and its manifestation. We will cover all of the foundational information you need to grow from neophyte to adept. How much you learn and apply it all is completely up to you.

Our strongest tenet is "As Above, So Below". This covers 'heaven' above and the 'underworld' below, the gods above and their connection to the humans below. Humans are one with the Gods, having full access to Their powers. We only need to learn how to connect and commune with them to make it happen. But it also encompasses the "above" of our minds in conjunction with the "below" of our bodies. An imbalance in either causes discord. 

I'm enjoying setting everything up, and have begun advertising where ever I can. Something I know "how" to do, but am not really very good at. Marketing isn't my forte - I'll be recruiting Mary for that!

Well, off again to find more places to advertise and to post more lessons, etc. on the site.


Friday, September 30, 2011

Autumn is Finally Here & Other Thoughts!

Got through the muggy summer - finally. Summer is my least favorite season.

We thought we had the property sold, but they wanted us to finance part of it. We couldn't come to a mutually beneficial agreement so they're (supposedly) working on their own financing. Which is a better idea anyway. We're not waiting for them though. A realtor will be coming out today to look around. Depending on if he thinks we have a fair price that the property could sell for, we will sign a 6 mo. contract with his company.

I don't want to sell. I love this place. I've put so much into it to make it exactly what I want. Not happy about this in the least.

October is like July, another "Money Bags" Month - which only comes around every 863 years. July was 5 weeks of Fridays, Saturdays, & Sundays. October is 5 weeks of Saturdays, Sundays, & Mondays. The ritual I did for the month of July was to sell this place and find a new place. This one will be just to find a way to bring in some extra money (permanently, not just "quick fix"). With this accomplished, the strain of living only on his set income will be lifted. I won't worry about potential emergencies with no extra money to pay for it, and we'd be able to go do things much more often (rather than just once a month to pay bills & buy groceries!) And then, if we move ok, if not, all the better. I just wish I knew what that "something" is!

The Goldenrod is in full bloom. I went out and wildcrafted it this week. Bundles of it are drying in the barn. The Buckeyes & Black Walnuts are dropping from the trees in the woods. I found one Buckeye pod that I peeled open. Once the skin began to turn brown, you can see the Dagaz (pronounced DAY-gawz) rune in it! Its meaning is perfect for what we're working to accomplish right now.

The Dagaz runes aspects are:
Ambition, Awakening, Awareness, Beginnings & endings, Breakthroughs, Conceptual realization, Daylight, Enlightenment, Finance, Good times, Growth, Happiness, Hope, Incommunicable experience, Increase, Invisibility, New way of thinking, Paradoxical truth, Paradigm shift, Security, Synthesis, Transformation, Transmutation, Unity

I have it sitting on a large crystal on the buffet in the living room, next to a bowl of Buckeyes - in full view all the time as a constant reminder of the great things that are about to come our way!

Well, that's it for now. I need to get off my ass to clean the house before the realtor gets here!

Blessings & Happy Money Bags Month!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Moving Soon

I've been more than a bit distressed lately. Hubby decided to put the place up for sale. I haven't objected because I understand his reasoning - and where he goes, I go. But, to be completely honest, I am soooo not happy. 

Yes, the humidity has been more than we like. Yes, we haven't been able to make any extra money so we don't have to worry if there's an emergency. But, in regards to each - stay inside when the humidity is too much to bear (its what we've been doing), and as for extra money no real effort was made on his part and my online site only generates a few minor funds on rare occasions. People don't have money to spend on "frivolities" such as poppets, requested workings for their situations, Reiki treatments, etc.. The greenhouse he's refused to get for me has hindered my growing & selling plants & herbs. (He thinks its a stupid idea anyway - "who wants to buy plants?").

So, we put a beautiful ad on Craig's List and 3 days later we got a call. They came out yesterday and fell in love with the place. They're buying it - cash. So, we're going to be moving, probably back to TX because 1) we know people there, 2) we know we can make money there, 3) we can ride and enjoy it without him having to worry about curves and stupid people.

There is a place we're very interested in. It is a 2-story log cabin that was gutted out (dumb move!) and is now in need of completion. With what we'll get for this place, we can buy that one (cash) and fix it up, get a motorcycle, my greenhouse, and other necessities. Its on 3 3/4 acres, lots of trees, a large pond. No gorgeous, peaceful view - like here. 

I'm trusting the Goddess, the Fae, & the Ancient One that this is the right thing to do. If it wasn't meant to be, then it would never have entered his mind to start considering another move.

We were first considering Idaho - wow! the views out there! But could we make extra money? Maybe. Most likely. But positively? I don't know. There are a couple of places we are interested in up there (also log cabins). I guess we'll have to really think about it - and hubby will have to take a couple of trips to see. I'll have to just go by his instincts and the phone pics he sends me, since I'll have to stay here to take care of the animals, etc..

So, I guess we'll just wait to see what happens, and trust the Divine that I will love it as much or more than here.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Wildcrafting: Chicory


Latin: Cichorium intybus

Other Names: 
Wild Cherry
Wild Succory

Magickal Attributes: 
Blockages removed, Favors, Frigidity, Frugality, Hexing, Invisibility, Promotes positive outlook, Removing obstacles, Road opening

Medicinal & Other Uses: 
Appetite stimulant, Astringent, Beer, Blood purifier, Bruises, Calcium, Chicory Coffee, Constipation, Copper, Culinary, Cuts, Eye health, Gallstones, Gastroenteritis, Hepatoprotection, High fiber supplement, Hormone balancing, Intestinal worms, Laxative, Magnesium, Phosphorous, PMS symptom reducer, Potassium, Sedative, Sinus problems, Tonic, Vitamin A, B, B Complex, E, C, Weight loss, Zinc


Gender: M
Planet: Sun
Element: Air

Harvest Time: 
Leaves: March & November. Leaves are too bitter during the interim months.

Roots: Early Spring & Autumn

Garden Uses: 
Decorative herb

Culinary Uses: 
Coffee: 1½ tsp per cup of water

Use the roots to make a caffeine-free coffee-like beverage: scrub, chop, & toast in the oven at 350ºF 1 hour, or until dark brown, brittle, & aromatic, stirring occasionally. Grind in a spice grinder or blender, and use like regular coffee.

Other Uses: 
Washes: Strong tea for skin irritations, including fungal problems such as athlete’s foot.

Tonic: PMS reducer, balancing the hormones and lessening PMS symptoms.

Effective in jaundice, liver enlargements, gout & rheumatic complaints, 

Fresh gathered plant used in a decoction of the plant is recommended for stones.

Parts & Their Uses
Blood purifier
Hepatoprotection (prevent liver damage)
High in Vitamins & Minerals
Hormone balancer

Flowers are delicate and bruise easily, so gathering must be done with care.

Flowers may be gathered to make a light blue dye.

Harvest for a tonic and treatment for gallstones, gastroenteritis, sinus problems, cuts, & bruises.

Drying Flowers:
Gather and hand upside down to dry.

Salad greens.

Tonic for PMS.

Whole Plant:
Boiled plants for compresses for skin irritation, swelling, boils, & mild inflammation.

Tea can be used as a soothing eyewash.

Fresh or dried herb infused in alcohol.

Fresh plant parts infused in safflower or olive oil for several weeks. Can be used in foods while cooking

Fresh herb 1:1 in 25% alcohol

Infusion Recipe: 
Chicory Coffee: pour boiling water on 1/2 to 3/4 teaspoons of dried Chicory, steep for 10 minutes, then strain. Combines well with cinnamon & dandelion root.

Decoction: add 1 oz of the root to a pint of boiling water

Syrup of Succory is an excellent laxative for children, as it acts without irritation.

An infusion of the herb is useful for skin eruptions connected with gout.

Wildcrafting: Goldenrod


Latin: Solidago spp.

Other Names: Aaron’s Rod, Blue Mountain Tea, Goldruthe, Gonea Tea, Solidago, Sweet Goldenrod, Sweet Scented Goldenrod, Verg d’Or, Wound Weed, Woundwort

Magickal Attributes: Divination, Encouragement, Find lost/hidden objects, Luck, Money, Prosperity, Wealth

Medicinal & Other Uses: Aquaretic, Antimicrobial, Antioxidant, Arthritis, Allergies, Asthma, Bladder infections, Blood pressure, Cancer, Colds, Diabetes, Eczema, Flu, Gout, Hemorrhoids, Inflammation, Internal bleeding, Kidney stones, Laryngitis, Liver (enlarged), Muscle spasm relief, Rheumatic disorders, Sore throat, Tuberculosis, Urinary tract health, Wounds, Yellow dye

Deities: Venus

Gender: F
Planet: Venus
Element: Water

Harvest Time: Autumn

Garden Uses: Ornamental

Goldenrod is the antithesis to ragweed which usually grows in the same area. Ragweed causes allergies, Goldenrod counteracts it. Allow Goldenrod to flourish and, if possible, reduce the amount of ragweed.

Culinary Uses: N/A

Other Uses: 
Yellow dye

Parts & Their Uses

Flowers: Dyes, Crafts: Dried arrangements, Wreaths

Drying Flowers: Gather, bundle, hang upside down in cool, dry place.

Leaves: Infusions: Teas, Tinctures

Roots: N/A

Whole Plant: Above ground portions only.

Gargle: Make the tea described above, and gargle 3 times daily
Fluid extract (1:1) in 25 % ethanol: Take 0.5 - 2 mL, 2 - 3 times daily
Tincture (1:5) in 45 % ethanol: Take 2 - 4 mL, 2 - 3 times daily

Oils: N/A

Infusions: Hot tea or tinctures will aid in problems with asthma.

Infusion Recipe: Place 2 - 3 tsp of dried herb in one cup of hot water and let stand for 10 -15 minutes. Strain and drink 3 times daily. Add honey if needed.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Wildcrafting: Plantain

Latin: Plantago major or Plantago lancelota 

Broad Leaf Plantain

Lance Leaf Plantain

Other Names: 
“Life Medicine”: Along-the-Road, Band Aid Plant, Beside Cart Grass, Broad Leaf Plantain, Buckthorn Plantain, Common Plantain, Cuckoo’s Bread, Devil’s Shoestring, Dog’s Ribs, Dooryard Plantain, English Plantain, Englishman’s Foot, Greater Plantain, Hock Cockle, Indian Plantago, Kemp, Lance Leaf Plantain, Narrow Leaf of Patrick, Leaf Plantain, Patrick’s Dock, Pig’s Ear, Ribwort Ripple Grass, Ripple’s Grass, Round Leaf Plantain, Rubgrass, St. Patrick’s Leaf, Slanlus, Snakebite, Snakeweed, Waybread, Waybroad, Weybroed, White Man’s Foot

Magickal Attributes: 
Healing, Protection, Repel negative energy, Snake repelling, Strength

Medicinal & Other Uses: 
Appetite suppressant, Astringent, Anti-toxic, Antimicrobial, Anti-inflammatory, Anti-histamine, Bladder infections, Blisters, Blood glucose reduction, Bronchitis, Cholesterol, Cuts, Demulcent, Diarrhea, Diuretic, Expectorant, Headaches, Poison neutralizer, Riboflavin, Scratches, Stings, Styptic, Ulcers, Vitamin B1, Weariness, Wounds


Gender: F
Planet: Venus
Element: Earth

Harvest Time: 
Fresh herb collected when coming to flower.
Leaves dried, gathered before flowering.
Root gathered in autumn and dried.

Garden Uses: 
Important butterfly food.
Ornamental garden decoration.

Culinary Uses: 
Pot Herb, Salads

Other Uses: 
Appetite suppressant, Anti-toxic, Antimicrobial, Anti-inflammatory, Anti-histamine, Asthma, Astringent, Aversion to Tobacco, Bladder problems, Blisters, Blood sugar control, Bronchitis, Catarrh, Cholesterol, Coughs, Cuts, Cystitis, Demulcent, Diarrhea, Diuretic, Dysentary, Emphysema, Expectorant, Fever, Gastritis, Hay Fever, Headaches, Hermorrhage, Hemorrhoids, Hypertension, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Peptic ulcers, Poison neutralizer, Rheumatism, Riboflavin, Scratches, Sinusitis, Stings, Styptic, Ulcers, Vitamin B1, Weariness, Wounds

The seeds and refined colloid are used in laxative preparations. 

It is a great idea when using Plantain externally to also use it internally as well for the same condition.

Parts & Their Uses


Harvest and place flat to dry.

Use fresh leaf whenever possible.

Boil 2 oz. dried leaf in ½ quart water.

Dried herb 2-4 grams - 3x’s/ day

Apply freely to cuts, slow healing wounds stings, splinters and hemorrhoids.

Use topically for bee stings, removal of splinters, pus, bites, burns, nettles sting, eczema, skin disorders, diaper rash, vaginal irritation, leg ulcers, abscesses, bleeding & hemorrhoids. 

"Medicinal"  herb tea:  For colds and flu use 1 tbls. dry or fresh whole Plantain (seed, root, and leaves) to 1 cup boiling water, steep 10 min. strain, sweeten. Drink through the day.

Stings - chew one leaf and apply to sting immediately. The pain will disappear almost instantly and the poultice will draw out the poison.

Decoction of the roots is used in the treatment of a wide range of complaints including diarrhoea, dysentery, gastritis, peptic ulcers, irritable bowel syndrome, haemorrhage, haemorrhoids, cystitis, bronchitis, catarrh, sinusitis, coughs, asthma and hay fever. It also causes a natural aversion to tobacco and is currently being used in stop smoking preparations. 

Whole Plant:
Succus: (fresh juice) 10m l-3 times per day for inflamed mucous Membranes in cystitis, diarrhea, and lung infections. *Dilute juice and gargle for sore throats, gum and mouth inflammations. 1-2 teaspoons up to 3 times per day for gastric ulcers 

Powder: ¼ to ½ t (Adult dosage: all 3-4 x’s daily)

Healing salve: In large non-metallic pan place 1lb. of entire Plantain plant chopped, and 1 cup lard, cover, cook down on low heat till all is mushy and green. Strain while hot, cool and use for burns, insect bites, rashes, and all sores. Note: used as night cream for wrinkles.

2-3 ml. 3 tx’s/ day for heavy mucus

1- 60 drops 3x’s/ day

1:5 in 45% alcohol, 2-4 ml

This herb has approval status by the German Commission E. 

Recommended daily dosages are as follows: 

3 - 6 g of the herb. 

½ to 2 t (Adult dosage: all 3-4 x’s daily)

Infuse plant parts in safflower or olive oil for several weeks. Use topically for skin abrasions, wounds, & stings.

1:1 in 25% alcohol, 2-4 ml

Infusion Recipe: 
A Simple Cough Syrup
1 T licorice root 
1 T marshmallow root
 1 T plantain leaf 
1 tsp thyme leaf
1 pint water
4 T honey
4 oz vegetable glycerin
10 drops anise essential oil (optional)

Prepare a triple-strength tea by simmering the herbs in water for 10 minutes, then steeping for 20 minutes. Strain the tea, and then stir in honey and glycerin while the tea is still warm. Add optional essential oil. Bottle and store in the refrigerator. It will keep for months in the refrigerator. Take 1 tablespoon at a time.

Infusion: 3 to 4 T (Adult dosage: all 3-4 x’s daily)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Old Man's Bones

Today I went out to see how well the bones were being stripped by the bugs - and hopefully not the animals. Well, all the bones were there except one. Not happy about that. It was a nice big bone too - the right thigh bone. But at least all the others were there.

I spent a couple of hours in horrendous heat peeling of the skin so I can take the bones. Some of his teeth had fallen out so I quickly gathered those before they got lost. The skull still has some skin on it that will be a bit difficult to remove, but not impossible. I was able to get most of the rib bones and the spinal vertebrae. The pelvis had been chewed on a bit, but not too bad. Two of the legs still had too much skin on them to fight with in all that heat.

So, I have a large barrel full of bones to soak and strip of sinew & skin. A bit of lye in the water should do the trick. 

The skull will be placed on an altar to honor him. The rib bones will make a very cool windchime, and the top vertebrae that connects the neck to the head will be used as the clapper weight (or what ever its called).

The hooves will be trimmed, filed, and shined. They'll make interesting paperweights. I'm sure not too many people have those! LOL

Hubby calls me "gruesome". Yeah, I guess he's right (even after a shower my hands still stink a bit). But bones are just too cool to let just rot into the ground! Wish I could've saved The Old Man's hide as well. Might try a section anyway - need to do some research as to how to go about it though.

Other than horrendous heat, nothing else is new. It got up to 113 degrees with the heat index today! Not cool! Then it rained and instantly brought it down to 85 degrees with the heat index. Definitely more tolerable!

Time to join the dogs & hubby outside. 


Saturday, July 2, 2011

Almost Instant Cure for Bites & Stings

If you get bit by a bug or stung by a bee, take a Broad Leaf Plantain (Plantago major) leaf, chew it up and stick that mess on the sting or bite. The pain goes away within seconds.

By the time you go in the house, gather all the other stuff and get started you're in a bad mood, the pain can be excruciating, and you fumble around because it hurts so much. When you could've already had the problem solved and on your way doing what ever
you were doing.

I know. I did this. I'm mildly allergic to stings, and ALWAYS have the sting/bite area swell up for days or weeks. Well, I walked barefoot (usually do) and got stung by a bee or something - didn't see it, but I SURE felt it! I immediately picked a Plantain leaf, chewed it up and stuck the mess on the sting, which was on the knuckle of my little toe (gods, what a sucky place to get stung!) Within 5 seconds the pain was gone. And it STAYED gone. No residual stinging later, etc.. No swelling. Nothing. Awesome!

Wish I'd known this last year when I was stung on the hand by a wasp. It swelled up and lasted over a month. And that was AFTER sucking out the venom with a syringe.

Oh, it also makes an EXCELLENT "lettuce" in salads and really, really good on homemade hamburgers! And is far more nutritious as well.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Chicken Coops

Finally! The chicken coops are completed. Well, mostly. There are still a few minor things to do - but have to wait for some more funds for that to happen! But, at least the chickens are occupying their new abodes and seem to be happy about it.

This is the large one:

Here are some of the chickens:

Liberace & Charlie:

Charlie is a black Silkie and Liberace is a Showgirl, which is a Naked Neck Turken x Silkie. 

These are some of the others:

These lovelies are our ladies. Liberace should make some interesting chicks with these! LOL

This is our other rooster, Rooster Cogburn:

I can't wait for his tail feathers to come in, he'll be gorgeous!

Here is the smaller coop for the Banties:

So, that's finally (well, almost) the end of that whole project. The rest is "little" stuff. Now I can finally clean out the garden shed and get it set up properly as a garden shed rather than a messy substitute chicken cage. Ahhh, to have things "right" again! Lovin' it!


Sunday, June 26, 2011

Time to Work toward a Change - July 2011 is "Money Bags" Month

While this was supposed to be our final move, it looks like we're beginning to work towards another one. I have mixed feelings. I truly love this place. The view is awesome; we've done so much to make it even prettier; the chicken coops hubby built for me; my woods, creek, & pastures are a pleasure to walk through; and the my gardens that Dragons, Wood Spirits, and Fae have helped flourish. This is a home.

However, during the 3 yrs of living in TX I only had 3 migraines! Until then I didn't know what life could be like without them. Growing up & living a total of 27 yrs in FL, I had migraines several times a month! Its just the way it was, I didn't know it could be any different. While living in GA they lessened a bit, but not drastically. But once we were in TX they were gone! I couldn't believe the difference.

But then we decided to move. We settled on KY because it was close to his sisters and my boys. All of whom lived in GA. Well, now my boys are back in FL and he doesn't feel the need to visit his sisters, so he's looking for us to move. If it wasn't for the humidity causing my migraines I'd be far less inclined to concede.

But, after speaking with the Ancient One and asking for guidance from him, Galinor, & Jung'ro I think it may be what we're supposed to do. I'm always hesitant to believe what I'm thinking is guidance and not my own mind telling me what's what, so I wait for specific signs and feelings. The feelings waffle between "YES!", and "but I love it here!". But when Briggs makes definitive statements of specifics we will need, in essence a "want & need list", then I know that things are moving in that direction, that we are putting it out there what we are needing and looking for. That's how we got this place and the income we have. It is exactly what we put out there. This time we need to be a bit more specific, especially a bit more expansive!

We had asked for "at least $1500/mo income", we receive $1541/mo from his disability. We wanted lots of free time - his accident made that possible, but he also can't work any longer! Thus the very limiting disability income. We definitely must be very specific regarding our wants & needs this next time. 

Together we are always able to acquire exactly what we want and in very short order. So, its now time to work toward a change that will be complete and permanent and have on-going growth potential. We had left out "continued growth" when working toward this place. I think we now know exactly what we want. Its now time to begin putting the work together to bring it to manifestation.

This blog post will be updated as I begin to bring it all together. There will be many aspects. And July will be the best time to bring it all about!

This July is full of awesome time frames for working toward our goal:

1) July will have 5 Friday's, 5 Saturday's, & 5 Sunday's. An event that occurs only once in every 823 years! I am NOT about to miss this! 

2) June 30th, the Dark Moon, will be for the destruction of all known & unknown obstacles.

3) July 1st (Friday), the New Moon, will begin the phase toward growth of our goal.

4) July 15th (Friday), the Full Moon will be the completion of the "bringing" phase.

5) July 29 (Friday), the Dark Moon will be for the final destruction of any obstacles toward obtaining our goal.

6) July 30th, the Black Moon, is a relatively rare occurrence. It is the opposite of the Blue Moon. The Blue Moon is a 4th Full Moon in a season and/or the 2nd Full Moon in a month. The Black Moon is a 4th New Moon in a season and/or the 2nd New Moon in a month. Very, very powerful for completely obliterating all negative aspects of the chosen intent. This will actually take place for a 48 hour period of time, through August 1st: Lughnasadh/Lammas, and one of the Fae's Moving Days! How perfect is that?!

The timing for all of this couldn't have been more perfect. I can't wait to begin!

As a rootworker, timing is not always used. However, when something of great importance is at stake, any & all aspects may be more likely to be taken into consideration and utilized. For this, I will be pulling out all the stops! Every work I can do, I will.

Time to begin the research and make the plans. I have 4 days to get ready for the first event.


6/26/2011 4:35 pm