Wednesday, March 2, 2011

New Chicks for Layin' a Mess

Well, I finally got some chickens! Seven so far: 4 Rhode Island Reds (one is cross, the breeder told me what, but I don't remember what she said), 1 black Silkie, 1 black Showgirl, & 1 white Showgirl. Eventually I'd like to have Black Jersey Giants and Black Frizzles.

My long-term goal is to have them for dual-purpose (meat & eggs). Now to build their house & pen! I've got it planned, just need to get the materials to build it with.

Having them scratching around will of course keep any possible "trouble" away. I'll also have a ready source for chicken feet, and other parts. Black chicken feathers will come in handy for many things, including crafts, as well as selling them.

I'll keep updating as they grow and their "Hoodoo Hill Hen House" is built.

Here's my new babies!
 Day 1: Life in their warm bin on top of the washing machine.
Day 1: Love their colors already!

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