Saturday, April 30, 2011

First Website Sale, and Other Non-Important Tidbits of the Day!

OK, to some of you great website moguls this may seem such a little thing, but to me its like "WOW!"

I woke up this morning, checked my e-mail and there was a notice that I'd sold an item, not from my Etsy store, but from my website! How very cool is that! So, as soon as the funds show up in the bank, off goes the item. 

At least I know I am getting traffic to my website....Yola doesn't have visitor counters for us lowly paying site customers, only the higher level paying site customers. I guess I need to find an app for it because this is driving me nuts. I need to know how many visitors I've had and how well its doing. Obviously, not exceptional yet, as its not on the search engine "radar" yet - but I was found somehow by someone! :) I may just have to ask! (gee, novel idea, huh?!)

I may be back later to brag about my finally-finished-digging garden (if I'm not dead to the world)! I need to plant radishes today, so I have to complete the digging and get the fencing up around it to keep the dogs (and other "varmint") from ruining it like they did last year.

There's a feeling of "expectancy" lately....wonder what it will be. My 'timeframe' vision is starting, but its not yet clear - something later in the Summer, I think. Hate these when  they start because they're so undefined. Waiting for the clearing is very aggravating. Wish I  knew how to make them clarify themselves right from the start. My thought on it though is that the path could change before getting there, which would change the outcome or the over-all timeframe. I know that has happened before, but not very often. Its like walking into a thick fog wall, you have no idea where you're going, a variation on the path and the fog may dissipate or disappear, meaning the timeframe's end result is now changed or not going to happen. But continuing on the path, with maybe some minor path changes here & there in the thick fog, and eventually it begins to clear and finally disappear. Usually, I end up exactly at the time & place predicted, and the closer I get (i.e. the clearer it gets), the more closely I can pinpoint the exact week, quite often even the day. Grrrrrr! So the wait now begins! aaaaaahhhhh!

So, that's my news of the day!

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