Monday, April 18, 2011

Hoodoo Hill Zazzle Store!

Wow! What a great site! Very user friendly, and what a wonderful way for their customers to make money. They provide the goods, you provide the design, your customers place an order for the item or items they want, you receive a royalty from the sale! No inventory to keep, no monetary outlay, no hassle what-so-ever. They broker for you and everyone is happy. Don't you just LOVE free-enterprise capitalism?!

I am designing beautiful fine art graphics from some of the masters who painted witches (or women they thought depicted witches) and writing poems to go with each. These designs then are placed on the goods of choice by the customer. They're not limited to only a tote bag or t-shirt, but are able to pick from key chains to doggy sweaters! Very cool!

So far I have one design completed and am working on another. I hope to have at least 10 designs put together this week. Very excited to earn some money from my own designs. I will definitely keep posting here regarding how well its going.

Here is my first design, the graphic is "Daughter of the Witch" by Larsson in 1889. The poem is my own original.

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