Wednesday, June 22, 2011

So much news for the last month!

Wow, hadn't realized it had been almost a month since posting! Bad me!

Well, quite a bit has happened around here. We started the large chicken coop, got it framed out and hubby tells me to pick up my side and we'll carry it 300' up the hill to its place. HA! What was he nuts?! Geez, louise! There was no way in hell I was going to be able to help pick up and carry a 4' x 8' x 6' tall framework that was VERY well built. We have high winds up here so it had to be built extra sturdy. Its screwed together, not nailed. Hubby hates nails. I've learned to agree with him on that, for sure!

Anyway, we had to take the roof off, and the floor base and then place each part on the top of the Escapade and drive it up the hill. Sooo much easier.

He got the door on and I laid the vinyl flooring. I did a great job for my first time with vinyl & glue - it came out perfect, no bubbles. Of course a very heavy marble rolling pin helped with that task! Great exercise too!

Well, the next day I get a call from my (almost) stepmother, Song. She said she'd like to meet me (they've been together 5 yrs and we hadn't met yet - my Dad & I didn't exactly have a "relationship" - hadn't seen him in over 10 yrs, and 10 yrs prior to that - long story). Anyway, I told Song that I'd love to meet her too. She said (in her really cute Korean accent), "Oh, good! We here." "HERE WHERE?" "Here in Kentucky." "WHERE IN KENTUCKY?!!!" "We here in Edmonton". 

OMFG!!! So typical of Daddy. He did this to my first husband & me all the time. But since he travels only out west - hates humidity - we never saw him again. And I thought "Fine!". Well, here he was. Here. In my town. Three miles down the road. I was in a panic. Until he said they were going to go into town to do laundry - and our little town doesn't have one! Woohoo for me! So, right there I had a minimum of 2 hours to get ready.

I've never cleaned house so fast in my life. Hubby's never mowed the lawn so fast either. Holy shit what stress. They live in their motorhome, so I knew they wouldn't be staying in the house, but I knew they'd be coming in, so I wanted everything at least relatively perfect. (Part of that long story).

They arrived and we had an AWESOME time! He said my home was "beautiful, comfortable, and a pleasure to be in" and my property was "very beautiful" and we've done great things with it. He loves my husband, they never stopped talking. I don't know if it was to see who could out talk the other or what, but they had never-ending conversations. Daddy took over my position in helping to finish the chicken coop. (Boy was I glad of that!) 

Briggs told Daddy about the attempt to move the coop from the barn and that I had tried to lift and my "arms were getting longer, but nothing was happening". He referred to me as a "forklift" so thought I'd have little or only slight problems with picking it up with him. He seriously thought I could do it! He considers me almost as strong as him (he's 6' 2", 145 lbs, I'm 5' - weight is none of your business ;) )! Damn! LOL Cool, but....damn, seriously?!

I visited with Song. She's such a cutey. Love her to death! She helped me with my garden and gave me this incredible Korean garden tool that beats anything else I've ever used. I made her a hexencraft sign for their motorhome - forgot to get a picture of it - bummer. I looked up "happiness" in Korean and added it to the center of the design. She read it immediately and said I'd gotten it right! Thank goodness! I'd checked several sites to make sure the symbol was the same. Whew! Would've sucked if it had come out wrong.

She made a Korean dinner for Briggs' birthday. I had a sudden migraine hit and missed all of that day. I was so upset because she worked so hard (over 9 hours) to get everything ready & made. They left after a 5 day visit. But before leaving we took pictures. Once I had it up on my computer and was looking at it, I realized that it was the first picture taken of Daddy & me since he walked me down the aisle in my first wedding in October 1982!!! Damn! I treasure the picture.

Another treasure of their visit was when Daddy stood next to me as I was watering the garden and told me "Your Mother would be very proud of you. I'm very proud of you. You've done very well for yourself." (My mother passed in '96 of lung cancer.) I cried. It was the first compliment Daddy has ever given me. I have finally received what I've wanted for so long - my Daddy back. I'm 50 yrs old and I still need "Daddy's approval". Sad? or...What? I don't really care. I'm very happy.

After they left we took a few days' break. Briggs was totally over chicken coop building. Understandable. LOL

But finally we started on the little chicken coop. Damn. I thought the big one was built good. This sucker is incredible. The Banties will love it!

And the wild duckling hubby found on the way home one day. Yep, we now have a duck. Not sure what kind, Wood or Muscovy. We'll know once it feathers out. This little sucker is FAST! So probably a Wood Duck. We named it Speedy Doodle (cross between Speedy Gonzalez & Yakky Doodle cartoon ducks from the '60's). Its mother & 3 siblings were dead on the road and he/she was hiding under her wing. He/She couldn't have been more than a day or two old. He's growing fast!

And the bummer news is that The Old Man passed. We found him in the east pasture. He must've had a heart attack or something. He was our favorite horse. Such a good, sweet old guy. I cut the tail hair off and will collect his bones once they're relatively clean, place them under wire so they can't be run off with by wild animals, but the ants & other bugs can "do their thing". The buzzards are beginning to take notice. They'll be feasting soon. The skull will be displayed in his honor somewhere around the house. The other bones I already have plans for as well.

As for the garden, I've been eating huge radishes for a week. The corn never grew, so I planted more. It didn't grow either. WTF Brocolli looks awesome. Melons are beginning to flower. Carrots - lots of carrots! Wasn't sure if the potatoes would grow, they are so I'll transplant them in the corn rows that never grew and maybe get even more potatoes. Just when we're cutting potatoes from the diet. Yippee.

The picture of my Dad & me got me realizing how FAT I have gotten. So, I'm on SparkPeople and have already lost 4 pounds. Kind of slacked off and didn't lose as much the second week (1 lb) as the first (3 lbs), so have to get back on track. Sitting here at the computer isn't helping! I've written out a better "schedule" for me to help me stay motivated. I really do need to lose all this weight (56 lbs minimum!!! yuck!)

Ok, I think that about covers the last month! Busy month for sure. And to think we want to move to Idaho in the future. Talk about a busy-ness then! ugh - hate moving. But I would be close to my sister & nephew in Sacramento, and hey! Daddy can just pop in when ever! LOL At least we'd be out of the humidity. Its really bad this year. Not handling it well. Dry air sounds so nice! TX was great in that respect. Should've thought about it more and realized it before jumping ship. Oh well, its done.

My next post will be less personal. Probably herbs or a craft. Time to go clean house!


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