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Time to Work toward a Change - July 2011 is "Money Bags" Month

While this was supposed to be our final move, it looks like we're beginning to work towards another one. I have mixed feelings. I truly love this place. The view is awesome; we've done so much to make it even prettier; the chicken coops hubby built for me; my woods, creek, & pastures are a pleasure to walk through; and the my gardens that Dragons, Wood Spirits, and Fae have helped flourish. This is a home.

However, during the 3 yrs of living in TX I only had 3 migraines! Until then I didn't know what life could be like without them. Growing up & living a total of 27 yrs in FL, I had migraines several times a month! Its just the way it was, I didn't know it could be any different. While living in GA they lessened a bit, but not drastically. But once we were in TX they were gone! I couldn't believe the difference.

But then we decided to move. We settled on KY because it was close to his sisters and my boys. All of whom lived in GA. Well, now my boys are back in FL and he doesn't feel the need to visit his sisters, so he's looking for us to move. If it wasn't for the humidity causing my migraines I'd be far less inclined to concede.

But, after speaking with the Ancient One and asking for guidance from him, Galinor, & Jung'ro I think it may be what we're supposed to do. I'm always hesitant to believe what I'm thinking is guidance and not my own mind telling me what's what, so I wait for specific signs and feelings. The feelings waffle between "YES!", and "but I love it here!". But when Briggs makes definitive statements of specifics we will need, in essence a "want & need list", then I know that things are moving in that direction, that we are putting it out there what we are needing and looking for. That's how we got this place and the income we have. It is exactly what we put out there. This time we need to be a bit more specific, especially a bit more expansive!

We had asked for "at least $1500/mo income", we receive $1541/mo from his disability. We wanted lots of free time - his accident made that possible, but he also can't work any longer! Thus the very limiting disability income. We definitely must be very specific regarding our wants & needs this next time. 

Together we are always able to acquire exactly what we want and in very short order. So, its now time to work toward a change that will be complete and permanent and have on-going growth potential. We had left out "continued growth" when working toward this place. I think we now know exactly what we want. Its now time to begin putting the work together to bring it to manifestation.

This blog post will be updated as I begin to bring it all together. There will be many aspects. And July will be the best time to bring it all about!

This July is full of awesome time frames for working toward our goal:

1) July will have 5 Friday's, 5 Saturday's, & 5 Sunday's. An event that occurs only once in every 823 years! I am NOT about to miss this! 

2) June 30th, the Dark Moon, will be for the destruction of all known & unknown obstacles.

3) July 1st (Friday), the New Moon, will begin the phase toward growth of our goal.

4) July 15th (Friday), the Full Moon will be the completion of the "bringing" phase.

5) July 29 (Friday), the Dark Moon will be for the final destruction of any obstacles toward obtaining our goal.

6) July 30th, the Black Moon, is a relatively rare occurrence. It is the opposite of the Blue Moon. The Blue Moon is a 4th Full Moon in a season and/or the 2nd Full Moon in a month. The Black Moon is a 4th New Moon in a season and/or the 2nd New Moon in a month. Very, very powerful for completely obliterating all negative aspects of the chosen intent. This will actually take place for a 48 hour period of time, through August 1st: Lughnasadh/Lammas, and one of the Fae's Moving Days! How perfect is that?!

The timing for all of this couldn't have been more perfect. I can't wait to begin!

As a rootworker, timing is not always used. However, when something of great importance is at stake, any & all aspects may be more likely to be taken into consideration and utilized. For this, I will be pulling out all the stops! Every work I can do, I will.

Time to begin the research and make the plans. I have 4 days to get ready for the first event.


6/26/2011 4:35 pm

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