Wednesday, January 25, 2012

What's new? And, my St. Joseph's Home Sale Ritual

Bad me! I've been so derelict in posting! I guess that happens when you have a study center to manage, 2 blogs, an Etsy shop, and just the day-to-day things.

My other blog is Granny Tackett's Rootwork & Wortcunning. I may transfer everything here over there, or vice versa. I guess I'm trying to figure out which direction to take. "Hoodoo" really has no place in my Path, but I like the name "Hoodoo Hill". "Granny Tackett's" is hubby's Mother's maiden name. She was from the hills of Tennessee, someone I would give anything to have known and learned from!

It should be interesting to see what energies I end up working with when we move. The Fae & the Dragon live here. What will I find in the new place? I am honestly worrying over that.

We've had the property on the market since October, but with the holidays - and Winter - there's been no activity. Until Monday. We received a call from our realtor that a woman in VA had seen the MLS listing and wanted more pictures, so we sent them to her and she's in love with the place. She's supposed to come out to see it sometime in the next couple of weeks. So hopefully she does. She falls in love with it. Buys it. And we can begin packing and moving to KS. 

I love this place, but I also can't handle the humidity. Having finally discovered what living migraine free is like, I would really like to get back to it! In TX I only had 3 in 3 1/2 yrs! Awesome! 

The property will only accept the right people and I know the Divine will send those "right people". Of course, to add a bit of push to the entire thing I've started a 9 Day St. Joseph' Home Sale Ritual. I made my own St. Joseph's Oil on the New Moon. I also made three formulas of Blockages/Obstacles Removed Oils: Hard & Fast, Strong & Steady, Slow & Subtle. 

I anointed the candle with the Hard & Fast Blockage/Obstacles Removed Oil and the St. Joseph's Oil, then lit it and the incense. I placed pictures of St. Joseph and Jesus on the altar behind the candle, then read the ritual. Day 1 is done! I will repeat this everyday at noon until Feb. 2nd - which is perfect....Imbolc!

I know the entire thing is working already because the day I made the St. Joseph's Oil and placed it on the altar is the day that the woman from Virginia called! woohoo! 

So, that's my little bit of news for now. I'll keep posting with updates.


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