Thursday, March 22, 2012

Home Again!

Home Again!
Wow! Had a great visit with my sons, my grandson, and my 2 best friends during my visit to Florida. I hadn't seen my boys in almost 3 years and my best friends in over 5 years! But, I must's sooo awesome to be home! LOL My dogs missed me terribly, my bird was happy to see me, but bit me because she was mad that I'd been gone. My chickens were happy to see me too. 

It's incredible how green everything is now - huge difference in just a week! Now the fun begins of weeding the rose beds & the burning bush bed, trimming around the trees to lay down plastic & pebbles to keep the weeds out (again). The compost pile needs to be turned, and the garden needs to be dug out & tilled up (sooo not looking forward to that project!)

I think I'll take a break today and begin tomorrow or this weekend. My neck & shoulders are hurting from hauling my heavy bag around the airports. Need to recoup first.

Anyway, great to be back and getting back into my daily routine!

Happy Spring Equinox!

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