Wednesday, March 7, 2012

New Year, New Garden

OMFG! I swore last year that I absolutely would NOT dig another garden by hand again. But guess what?! I'll be digging the damned thing again. Why? Because the Buff Brahma chickens were too large for the area they were in, so we gave them the garden plot as their large pen space. So now I have to dig another garden. Renting a tiller (approximate cost $80) would really be great but they're usually all reserved by the time hubby gets around to it. Buying one would be even better (found a good one on CraigsList $175, but it was already sold), but they cost more than our budget will allow. ugh

I dug out the perimeter the other day, 18' x 24'. And I got the layout planned out on paper. Now I need to find the companion plants that I'll be putting in with them to help with the bugs & pests. Once I've got the damn thing dug out, then I have to convince hubby to help me build another fence around it like the one we did last year. I want everything to match. I hate mismatched shit, it looks tacky!

The planting will be done like it was last year - according to the moon phases (info posted here). I definitely saw a difference in the quality & quantity of the veggies compared to the year before when I just planted everything on one day.

LOL Since I'll be digging out the garden again, the routine will be the same as last year: dig a couple hours/per day, rest for a couple of days to get over the pain I'll be going through as my neck & shoulders are messed up from auto accidents, wait for the rain to stop (invariably, last year it would rain for several days after digging - perfect for the "rest period"! LOL), and then do it all over again. Last year it took 3 months to complete! I am sooo not looking forward to that. I have to find a way to get a tiller! 

This year we'll have corn, tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, garlic, onions, carrots, cantaloupe, and watermelon. I  also have a section of the garden plan sectioned off for herbs. Or, if I'm lucky enough to actually get a tiller, I'll plant the herb garden someplace else.

Lots to do! Since we had such a mild Winter that means a long Spring, so I'd really like to get the garden going alot quicker than last year! I guess I have some figurin' to do to solve that problem!
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