Friday, April 20, 2012

Herb Garden Re-do

Herb Garden Re-Do
Ok, have you ever done a project then looked at it and wondered "WTF was I thinking?!" Yeah, that's what I did with my herb garden. A seriously WTF situation.

I decided to place the herb garden near the kitchen door rather than up on the hill with the rest of the garden like previous years (which I still haven't dug out - another story). A few years ago I found this old metal wagon wheel buried in the woods. I was ecstatic when I found it, but it spent 3 yrs just leaning on the side of the steps because I had no idea what to do with it. Which in itself is ridiculous as what I finally did with it is an idea I've seen many times before in magazines and online. I really must've had some kind of mental brain fart going on where this damn wheel is concerned....and not just because I didn't get a clue as to what I should do with it.

So, a week or so ago I got a wild hair up my ass and decided that my herb garden was going to be planted. As I was gathering everything I happened to walk past that damn wheel again (can't miss it leaning on the kitchen steps' rail). Well, blamo! Say, "duh!". It finally hits me that I will use that damn wheel for my herb garden! Hello, light bulb goes on.

Ever have one of those "duh" moments like that? It's right in front of you the whole time and you just never see it! Well, my mental steps finally go all the way to the top...for this project anyway - or so I thought.

So I laid the wheel down, dug out around it to get the circumference, moved it back out of the way and began tearing up the ground. I removed the grass & weeds, dug in deep, broke it all up, added fertilizer & water to mix it up and break it all up some more. Laid the wheel down on top, drew a diagram on a piece of paper so I could keep track of what herbs were placed in what spoke areas. Woohoo! Done!

Yeah, until our lovely clay soil dried and it looked like the fucking desert! OMFG! I was so pissed I couldn't stand it. Really? I was that stupid?! What a waste of seeds. It didn't matter if I watered it until next Christmas, nothing was going to come up out of that clay cement they call "soil" around here.

I walked away, but had to look at it every time I came down those steps, which pissed me off all the more. It took about a week to get from pissed to "ok, time to fix it". My Dad always taught my sister and me that "if you're going to do something, do it right the first time so you don't have to go back and do it over." LOL I'd have to quantify that with - make sure you're head's on straight first!

So I bought a bag of garden soil, gathered my tools, seeds & fertilizer - again - and started over. I removed the wheel, dug up the clay-soil, watered it down, broke it all up, added some of the garden soil, mixed that in, and then poured the remainder of the bag on top. After spreading it evenly all around I placed the wheel back on top, and using my previous diagram I placed the herb seeds in their designated spaces, watered it and voila! finally done!

LOL Looks so much better too!

Now to wait for The Mother to bless the seeds with Her energy so the seeds will germinate and all those lovely plants to grow and fill in the wheel! It will be beautiful, I can't wait!

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