Saturday, April 28, 2012

Lost & Found

Lost & Found
This poor little guy wandered on our property and began baying so forlornly when he smelled our dogs. So I went out and called to him and he came to me immediately. I picked him up and carried him to the house - couldn't bring him in as our dogs would never allow him in. 

I put him in an empty chicken pen and gave him food & water. He ate & drank well and is now waiting for someone to pick him up. I took pictures and placed him on Craig's List. 

People that can't SAFELY contain their animals don't deserve to have them! The last time we had a dog show up and we placed it for free on Craig's List it was gone in a matter of hours. Hopefully the same will happen with this guy. I'm calling him Samson. Why I don't know - he's very small! LOL

So, everybody, meet Samson! I'll post an update when anything happens. :)

Ok, update: His owners, our neighbors at the bottom of the hill, came and picked him up. They'd gone out to feed all their dogs (hunting dogs) and this one had gotten out. They drove around trying to find him and came up the hill and there he was in the pen. He was very happy to see his dog - oh, by the way, his name is "Chopper". Cute name! :)

I had considered going down the hill to see if he was theirs, but their dogs never get out and are always penned up, so I just didn't think he belonged to them. Besides he came from the other direction when I found him. Anyway, at least he's home!


  1. Just a warning...never post a dog or cat as 'free' on craigslist, as this can attract people who want to use your animal for nefarious as 'bait' for fighting dogs. Very sad and scary, but just be on your guard in future :-)

  2. We're fully aware of the situation, which is why we don't just "give" any animal away to just anyone. They had to go through a full screening process. But thank you, anyway.