Friday, April 13, 2012

Other News

Other News
Nothing overly exciting, just "news" in that it's new. :)

We've had 2 calls from people interested in viewing the property, but they haven't called to set a time. One is supposed to call tomorrow to drive out to see it. I guess we'll see.

Either way, time for Spring Cleaning to begin! I'll begin after I post this and won't be finished until tomorrow most likely.

We picked up 6 more Rhode Island Red chicks at the feed store on Wednesday. So now we have 10 Rhode Island Reds, 4 American Game Bird hens, and a Buff Brahma hen & rooster that I intend to begin incubating their eggs so we'll have more of those big, gorgeous, sweet chickens. A woman is on her way here right now to come buy the Silkie hen & Showgirl rooster.

I put them on Craig's List because I can't stand them. He's mean and she's got as much personality as a pile of dirt. And she doesn't lay much, maybe 2 or 3/week. 

I'll need to buy some black pullets, the one's I want are Black Frizzles. I'd like at least 3 of them. They'll have to wait a bit though, as this money is going to other things I candles!

My garden is still there to be dug up. Ugh! I'm not sure I'm going to have a large one this year, I just cannot dig that fucker out again. I need a tiller - and hubby's known it since last year! I guess it's something that will never get on his agenda, so I'll have to figure out how to acquire one myself. (Finishing my books & selling them would sure help!) To help somewhat, we gathered all the yard clippings after he mowed and then laid them all out about an inch thick, then watered it down. This will kill the grass which should make it much easier when turning the ground. I need to distribute the compost pile over it as well, which should help it even more, plus fertilizing it.

My herb garden needs to be re-done. The freezes we've had kind of messed that up. Bummer, more work! LOL I'll do it a bit differently also, adding some black soil from the woods (lots of it down there!) as well as compost to the clay-ey soil, which should make it much better for growing in anyway. Wasn't really thinking when I did it the first time. Duh, dumb-ass me! :D

I decided to take a Hoodoo class to see what's different from what I do instinctively and have already learned. The class cost $100 but I bartered Sammy's Briar Thorn cane for it, so no cash outlay except the postage to mail it. Works for me! I've copied the lessons and files from their site and have begun reading through them. Not as much information is each lesson as I had hoped but most of the learning is done through the posts online, so I'll just have to read through them all to see what can be gleaned from those (not a problem as I would do that anyway). I prefer something a bit more structured, lessons will lots of information, then posts to exchange information, and maybe a test, written and/or practical here & there to see what's being learned and what needs to be expounded upon. But everyone teaches differently and I find that, in and of itself, quite informative and a great experience.

So other than these few minor things, nothing else is new for the moment. I was just feeling a bit remiss in not posting at least something since Easter. :)

Hope all y'all's Spring is bright & beautiful - mine sure is!

Oh, and here's a cute "informative" bit of instruction for "all y'all"! LOL

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