Friday, April 6, 2012

Working to Complete My Book(s)

Working to Complete My Book(s)
This June will be 7 years since I began compiling a reference source for Pagans that encompasses just about any and all basic information they may need for their learning, spell & ritual works. I've spent years trying to finish it but always found more information to add, thus I never felt close enough to be able to finally say, "Done!"

Well, I'm finally there! I'm currently doing the cross-referencing of the information from volume 2, A Witch's Book of Correspondences into volume 1, Dictionary for a Witch's Grimoire. I'm not pushing myself or I'll just get irritated & burn-out, but I am working far more diligently than usual. I want to have it completely edited and ready for self-publishing by the end of this month (April 2012). I will post it for sale here, on Midnight Blue, Etsy, LuLu, and it has been suggested I also make a video and post it on YouTube. LOL That should be fun!

I'm still unsure whether to offer it only as a e-book or in-print. If I sell it myself, I may go both routes, but if I give it over to publishing through LuLu or standard publishing house I will lose the option to choose.

The price I'm still debating on as well. As an e-book, $39.99 is probable. As a printed book, probably closer to $59.99 due to the size of the book (over 1200 pages). I may also decide to print them out myself at an office supply then put each page in a plastic sheet protector, which would all then be placed in a decorated notebook. Lots of work there, but it would be quite impressive. Amber Wolf's is, as she's done this with one of the earlier, unfinished, editions I e-mailed her. LOL I should be so diligent!

I'll keep y'all posted on the progress and my final decisions regarding how it will be published.

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