Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Back to the Garden

Back to the Garden
If anyone out there is following my garden follies y'all know that last year it took me 3 months to dig a 17' x 24' plot. It was awful, my poor body was disliking it so much I could only dig 2-3 hours a day - in between rainy days. Thankfully! That way I was able to recoup a bit before going back out.

This year I dug the perimeter of the new garden, as the old garden is now inhabited by the large hens since the space they were in before was just too small for them all. Well, after getting the perimeter dug I realized that I'd made the garden about as large (if not slightly larger) than last time. And I had ZERO inclination to go any further! Just the thought of digging all that up, turning it, mixing in the compost & fertilizer, and keep it soft so it was workable just did not have any appeal to it whatsoever!

So I let it sit for a few weeks, then got the burr up my ass that I really do want a garden this year. So I dug up one whole 2' wide row! Woohoo! I was on my way! LOL Until I died of pain for the next 3 or 4 days. So not cool, and now back to square one. So a couple of weeks went by and when hubby mowed the lawn I placed all the clippings over my garden area - well, part of it, there was only enough to cover about 1/3 of what I originally wanted. A couple weeks later I put more clippings on that area again, plus spread some of my compost on top. This last bit was quite a project - god how compost can be heavy! So I died for a few days afterward - again. All I can say is, I want a fucking tiller!

Hubby has known this for over two years now. But it was never on his "agenda", as I call it....which means it's only on his "agenda" when it's important to him. And a tiller was not.

To try to get some cash to buy one I put some things on Craig's List. Have you ever bought something that was a bit expensive thinking you'd love to learn how to do that? Well, I decided several years ago that I wanted to learn how to make PMC jewelry and other things. So we bought the kiln, the PMC silver clay, some books, and everything else. And it all sat in the boxes. Never used. Duh. So it and a couple other things were put up for sale, but nothing near the price of the kiln & supplies. It took well over a month, but the kiln finally sold. In the ad I'd stated that we didn't want any trades so not to even ask (Craig's List buyers are famous for that shit), with the exception of a rear-tine tiller. 

Well, the guy that came out to look at the kiln decided that if we'd trade for the rear-tine tiller he had, which the motor ran perfectly, but the tines didn't turn, then we could work a trade/cash deal. (He'd bought it at the flea market for $200). Hubby went to the guy's house, looked at the tiller, decided he probably could fix it, plus we got a table saw (which we've been wanting & needing), and $350 cash! Woohoo! Cash (MY cash), MY tiller, and a table saw! We got a GREAT deal! And both parties are happy with it. Excellent!

So hubby tore the tiller apart to find out why the tines wouldn't turn. Well, some dumbass had tried to work on it before and reversed a gear somewhere inside. Hubby's getting it back together, we'll try it out and if that didn't fix it, then he'll tear it apart again. Either way, it will get fixed and I DO have a tiller - finally! 

As for the tiller itself, this thing is red, huge, cumbersome, and scary as a motherfucker! But it will definitely do the job and I'll have my garden plot plowed in no time - I might even make it bigger! LOL I am sooo excited! Hubby turned it over for me, it vibrates quite a bit just sitting still, I can only imagine what it will be like pushing it through sod & soil! Ugh! But at least I'll only have one recuperative period rather than many! Works for me. 

AmberWolf wants a picture of me tilling the garden with my new giant red tiller. If I get one, I'll post it here as well - not that y'all really give a shit about my huge, scary fucking red tiller! LOL

I've decided to name my tiller "The Beast". Once my garden is tilled I might even paint the name on him somewhere. LOL Isn't it great when you get something you've been needing and wanting for a long time? I love trading for a bargain! It's a form of recycling, keeping those things in use as long as possible. For anyone who's never used Craig's List, you should! It's amazing how you can get rid of things, sometimes faster than a yard sale or the flea market. Just be sure to take really good pictures, upload them to Photobucket or some other photo site, copy the picture's HTML into the text body of the ad on Craig's List, and you'll have nice big pictures - as many as you want to put in - rather than their 4 tiny thumbnail pictures that you can't see anything in. Also be sure to write a clear and concise description of your item(s) in a list format below the introductory paragraph. DO NOT run everything in one big long paragraph - no one will read it! And don't run an ad without the pictures, no one will look at it. When a buyer shows up, if you have other things available, let them know - they just might want to buy more! ;)

So until next time - y'all have a great day and thanks for stopping by!

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