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Beautiful Kai is now 15!

Beautiful Kai is now 15!

This is our beautiful Mustang, Kai. This is the day we brought her home (5/10/2008). We don't know her exact birth date as she was born free out on a Utah range. So, we use the date we got her as her birthday. And yesterday was 4 years since we picked her up. Wow, how time flies!

We got her for free from a friend of hubby's when we lived in TX.  He had too many horses and his wife wanted only Arabians so he asked if we'd like to have her. We said "yes" but were a bit reserved about it wondering if we'd even like her, or more importantly if she'd like us! We fell in love immediately when we saw her, then when we heard her story we were even more certain.

She was literally "rescued" from the slaughterhouse floor! Someone had taken her off the lot so she wouldn't be killed (like so many Mustangs). Well, the story gets even better. Each Mustang is branded with a coded freeze mark on the left side of their neck. That code tells where they were born (year) and what BLM (Bureau of Land Management) (state) they were from.

Here's Kai's freeze mark:

The first 2 marks represent the U.S. Government. The 2 arrow-like symbols, one above the other are the birth year (1997), the next 6 arrow-like symbols are her specific registration number (723834). The "72" represents the state of Utah where she was born & taken from, the "3834" represents Kai herself.

Smile silly Kai!
(Actually she wasn't liking that new "thing" in her face, the camera!)

After getting her number figured out I called the BLM to find out how to get her Certificate of Title. About 2 weeks later I get a call from Gus at the Utah Dept. of the BLM and the first thing he asks me with an almost unbelieving & shaky voice, "Is this a grey mare?!" I said, "Yes, she is", wondering what was so surprising about that fact. He got so excited and had the most incredible relief in his voice when he said, "That is so wonderful! We have her as slaughtered in a Dallas, TX slaughter house 3 years ago!" I was stunned. One, because of what he said, but two, because he was so genuinely emotional over it! He then said, "We LOVE to get stories like this! Thank you for taking her and I'll find out if she's got a Certificate of Title and get back with you." A couple of days later he called to get my address, and a few days later I received her Certificate of Title. It has the original adopters name on it, as that is not changeable, but that's ok, because now I have her Certificate of Title and her history documented.

She was "hard broke", meaning she follows orders out of fear not love. She's very head-shy, doesn't like anyone touching her anywhere on her head and face. So we keep the touching along the neck, belly, and back. She prefers hubby to me, which is fine, but I would like very much to get closer to her, if she'd let me. Something I need to work on, but I don't want to push her because she had a rough beginning and we've allowed her to be free again, not requiring anything of her. She deserves to be free again. Animals that are born and live free for years should never be captured and forced into anything.

I understand the purpose and even the need to do so with our native horses, the Mustang. But I think some of them deserve to be left free, as "pasture ornaments", especially if they've been abused. As she was. 

LOL Now all we want from her is a baby! Our white donkey, Preacher, tries to woo her and she wants nothing to do with him. A white Mule or Molly would be so cool! She wants Ahri, our beautiful black (gelded!) Arabian. Oh well, we can only hope she'll give it up to poor Preacher some day!

Kai w/ Ahri
Aaah, as the saying goes, "The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence!"

Here's everybody; Kai, Preacher & Ahri.

So, all I really want to say is,

We decided that we can't afford to take all of the horses to Kansas with us, so we put Kai on Craig's List to find her an adoptive family. We were VEEERRRYYY particular as to who would get her. She loves this area, with all the grass and hills, so we knew it had to be some place just like ours: woods, hills, creek, pastures.

God answered! The AWESOME family we found live about 45 minutes from here, their property has woods, hills, a creek, and pastures! Plus, if she wants (which is unlikely), she has a barn to go into.

The family has 8 children, 2 of whom are grown and out of the house, but the others that are there range from 16 down to 6 months! Kai will have children to love on her for the rest of her life. The people are very special people. I can't even begin to describe how wonderful they are! They are the rare type of people that are just, plain GOOD!

Kai has bonded with the 16 yo daughter, who is the one that spends the most time with her. She lies down in the pasture while Kai grazes. She talks to her, grooms her. Basically, everything. The Dad is a wounded Vet, and Kai is his therapy horse. She seems to know this and is very patient with him. When the baby is around, Kai won't move. She stands completely still. I knew Kai was special!

We plan on visiting Kai before we leave, so we can see everyone and say "good-bye" to Kai. I feel that we were Kai's intermediate family, that she was supposed to be here with this incredible family. I can only thank the Divine for bringing her into our lives and for allowing us to enrich someone else's with Kai's presence. We will keep in touch (they have a family website) and watch how Kai does over the years. I know she'll live a long & health life with her new, awesome family!

Blessings to Kai and the Eddington's!  

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