Thursday, May 17, 2012

More Tiller Troubles

More Tiller Troubles
Well, hubby spent a day taking apart the non-working tiller we traded for the kiln.

Worked another day to get it fixed. The inner gear shifter tines were spread too much from someone jamming them around to get it in gear, and one of the gears was put in backward. So of course it didn't work.

Then hubby spent a third day putting it all back together. It moved into the gears fine. The tiller's tines turned, so off we went up the hill to the garden to see it work.

It didn't.

The tines barely turned and refused to dig up and turn over the sod. Absolutely zero power in the tines. Son of a bitch!

I felt so bad for him. He'd worked so hard to get it working for me. We both agreed that we should've taken the cash only, no trade and just bought a new tiller. To rent one is $88 for one day. That's bullshit. I could eat all year on $88 worth of vegetables, so I'm sure as hell not going to rent one for that price!

So hubby's taking a break for a few days and will get back at that nasty, greasy, dirty job sometime next week. He has to work on the lawn mower in the mean time. Figures. When it rains it pours. Totally sucks. I was so excited about having a tiller and could finally plant my garden for this year. Looks like I may just find "places" to plant the tomatoes, cucumbers, onions & potatoes that the dogs won't get to them and tear them up. I just won't bother with the other veggies. 

Ugh, so irritated over the whole thing!

Oh, on a side note ~ this is about my books. Hubby didn't have any inclination to even look through them, only looking at the covers. I was kind of bummed about it, even asked if he was ever going to and he said, "maybe". Which means "no, not interested." So I waited a couple of days, opened the book, underlined & highlighted the part in the Dedications that was for him and then set the book in front of him saying that if he "won't willingly look at it, then I'll force" him to. He read it and slapped his chest and said, "Yep, I'm the ace koon-boon!" That was it. No "thank you", no "congratulations", no "proud of you". So I left it at that, realizing that I wasn't going to get anything else. But his mood since then sure has been good! LOL

Well, yesterday we went to get some Chinese take-out and he was talking to the kid at the register. (Poor kid must be bored stiff standing around all day waiting for customers to talk to! He chats with hubby every time we go in, which hasn't been much lately.) The kid asked what we've been up to and hubby immediately says, "She wrote a book, but mostly we're retired and just hang out." LOL He is actually proud of my accomplishment! Very cool. I was very happy to see that.  

We sent copies to his sister in GA, she should receive them tomorrow. Hubby said she's always been interested in "that sort of thing" (I love that statement, like it's some new fad or something, rather than a way of life). I asked why she didn't just ask me, she knows I'm a Witch. Well, maybe she will. Or maybe she'll use it to begin. What ever, I hope she likes them.

Now to get them to SELL! I want and need the money! :D

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