Friday, May 11, 2012

My Books are Here!!!!

My Books are Here!!!!
Here's a pic of the books and below are the links to their LuLu page. I also have a link in the right hand column. I am soooo excited - they look great! Woohoo! I hope everyone will enjoy them.

A Witch's Craft, Volume 1: Dictionary for a Witch's Grimoire    (607 pgs)                $44.95
The Dictionary contains thousands of terms, symbols, and correspondences much of which is cross-referenced in the Correspondences.

A Witch's Craft, Volume 2: A Witch's Book of Correspondences     (634 pgs)         $44.95
The Book of Correspondences contains hundreds of tables for herbs, oils, crystals & stones, magickal alphabets,  Goetic, Marduk & Black Pullet seals, magickal squares, magickal work tables that list everything needed for specific rituals and spells, and sooo much more!

I will also be having these made into e-books for those who prefer that type of book.

I hope y'all will enjoy them!


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  1. My books arrived yesterday! It was like Christmas morning! I so wish I had access to these treasure troves about 20 years ago! Never again will I have to buy multiple, overpriced books and try to piece together information. These books have absolutely every piece of information I could ever hope for. I even ordered an extra set as a gift. 10 + stars...Love, love, love them!!