Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Thank you, St. Joseph!

Thank you St. Joseph! Our house is sold! The buyer that came out on Sunday came back today and put down a deposit. Woohoo! We have it scheduled to close by July 3rd. He'll get his VA loan people to order the appraisal, inspection, etc. and then we'll close.

We've settled on Kansas - I was hoping for Texas, but hubby can't have guns, bows, or anything that can be construed as a weapon in Texas. In Kansas he can have a bow. Plus the taxes are considerably lower, the properties are less expensive, and the cost of living is lower. My only concern is that there is no Pagan community. We'll be out in the middle of nowhere. No flea markets, no good restaurants. Basically, it will be like here - only drier. Which I definitely do like! No more migraines is always a good thing! I'm never moving again, so I will make the best of it and trust the Goddess to send us to the right place.

And again, thank you, St. Joseph for your blessings in selling our home. As promised, I will find and purchase a statue of you and set you in a place of honor in our home.

Another update is that I made the 3rd Spirit herb bag for my wreath. Today's is "Love". A pretty red bag with a pink satin ribbon. The wreath looks funny right now, but should begin to take shape within a week or so. By the time it's completed it will be beautiful - and sooo full of energy!

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