Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Wheel is Turning Quickly Now!

The Wheel is Turning Quickly Now!
After the buyer was found for our property we made some calls regarding some properties we were looking at in Kansas. An old Victorian home on 4 acres in Norcatur for $9000 - needing exterior work - was our top choice, but the woman didn't get back with us right away. In the mean time we were considering a 3 acre property with an old brick schoolhouse and an old brick Lutheran church about 5 miles north of Hoxie.

The owner got back to us right away and sent us over 40 pictures of the entire place, inside & out. OMFG! The place is beautiful! The schoolhouse interior has been stripped and begun renovation, but is yet incomplete. But livable. The church interior is incredibly beautiful, but needs a roof before damage can occur and become permanent. One look at it and we said that we'd live in the schoolhouse until the church was livable - it was too beautiful to be used as a machine shop as hubby was considering. We'll set up a concrete slab and bring in a cargo container for his shop. Paint it and put a metal roof over it to match what will be on the schoolhouse & church and it will be perfect. Oh, and all this for $13,000!

 A picture of the church shortly after it was built in the 1940's
The front doors - beautiful!

The bell tower side - building is still structurally perfect, new roof and it's all protected!

The schoolhouse after it was built in the 1940's.

Clear out the overgrown trees & brush, a new roof and it's well on it's way to perfect again! The little building in the back is (was) the outhouse and a storage room.

The schoolhouse side view - still structurally perfect!

Then of course, after all this the woman that owns the Victorian house finally called. We decided to go ahead and get it - for the price, who wouldn't!?! It will then go to hubby's sister so she can move to Kansas with us. She will buy it from us and fix it up however she wants. She's very excited about it. Her place is about an hour from us, close but not too close.

LOL - Don't you just love the color?! NOT!

LOVE Kansas! Property prices are perfect. Taxes are super low (the Victorian house is $115/yr, and the church & schoolhouse property is $150/yr). The cost of living is 77% (Norcatur) and 79% (Hoxie) of the national average. For those that don't know what that means or never considered it, it refers to how much something that costs $1 in Wyoming (a state that has exactly 100% cost of living index) only cost 77 cents to 79 cents in those towns in Kansas (the KS overall average is 91%). Oklahoma has the lowest at 88%, and New Jersey is the mainlands highest at 126%, but Hawaii is the highest of all the states at 164%! Fuck that! Even if I was rich I wouldn't live like that. Why would anyone want to spend more of what they make to get less in return? Totally stupid. But that's fine, let all the stupid people conglomerate together - the smart ones don't associate with them anyway. And who'd want to?

The other bit of news is that I am now the Norton Regional Leader for the Kansas Native Plant Society. LOL I found their site, inquired as to if the position was available, explained that I was moving there this summer and they gave it to me! So, I am now Region Leader for almost 5600 square miles of beautiful Kansas prairie promotion & preservation!

I started a blog for it already, Thee Prairie Faery (which will also be the name of the garden nursery & herbal crafts business I'll be setting up out there). Might as well document the entire program from inception to fulfillment! There will be a newsletter, pictures of the flora & fauna, an event calendar that will have craft, herb & plant classes and wildflower walks posted, and anything else I can come up with. There is also a Facebook page, as some of the other Region Leaders have done. 

I'm really excited about it! LOL Now to just get out there so I can get started with the implementing, not just the planning!

So, that's the news for now.

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