Saturday, July 21, 2012

Curse & Hex on a "Bulldog" Bitch

Curse & Hex on a "Bulldog" Bitch
We're having some trouble with a bitch who thinks she's a "bulldog" and knows how to get her way on everything. In reality she's a bitch who emasculates her man in front of other people (no telling how badly she does so when they're at home alone!), she tries to bully people into taking her position by getting loud and mouthy, and she thinks she's intimidating and "strong". Basically, she's a fucking loud mouthed cunt. And I will not allow her to try to "bulldog" us!

So I decided to fuck her life up with a good, strong cursing and an added hex to go along with it, and hope I'm lucky enough to see or at least hear about the results.

I used baneful herbs found on our property and a Banishing Oil that I made myself. The poppet's head is filled with a small Datura pod (very mean spiky thing!) and the body is filled with the baneful herb mix, some of which included Goofer Dust, Graveyard Dirt, Devil's Shoestring, Datura seeds, Pine seeds, Dragon's Blood, and a few others. The tealite was  dipped in the Banishing Oil and then smothered in Basil then sprinkled with the baneful herb mix

I love Basil it is perfect for soooo many works! I find it to be the most versatile of all the herbs. Goofer Dust was poured over the knotwork and Honey Locust thorns were placed around the knotwork. Rooster feathers were added and a key to keep her "locked up".

The poppet was inscribed with the front with Isa & on the back with Hagalaz Runes (ice & hail respectively).

I brushed the entire altar counterclockwise using the Black Rooster feather duster to bring all the negativity possible into this "bulldog's" life.

The tealite was lit and I left it alone to see how well it would burn. We had to go out for a while so when I came back I checked on it as it should've still been burning. But it wasn't!! It was all the way out! The inside of the tealite casing was pitchblack with soot! Excellent! Let's see the bitch get out of this mess!

I gathered everything up without touching anything with my hands and placed it all in a baggie and will let it sit in darkness inside a cauldron "stewing" for a while, then I'll find a really nasty place to dump it all in a few days.

Here are the pictures of the process of putting together the work, the altar when lit and when I was about to take it down:

This is the knotwork tied into a circle, done on a piece of black rick-rack, then twisted so that there is no "easy" way out, everything is convoluted, twisted and exasperating.


This is the poppet form in black fabric, ready to be sewn and stuffed with baneful herbs.


This is the poppet with its binding before being bound.

Poppet w Tie

Here she is all bound up!

Bound Poppet

Poppet meet Coffin!

Bound Poppet & Coffin

Tight fit, but nicely uncomfortable for her!

Poppet in Coffin

The work in action.

Work in Action  

The completed work. Damn, that looks mean & nasty, the tealite casing even turned black!

Completed Work

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  1. Well done, Granny Tackett! Thank you for sharing your knowlede with us. I have no doubt that this will work so very well.