Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Meet Thor ~ A Baby Thrush Chick

Meet Thor ~ A Baby Thrush Chick
On Friday, July 13th hubby found a broken nest with a baby Thrush in it. He was all skin and pin feathers. And oh, so ugly! LOL

Day 1 ~ 7/13/2012: 
His first bed was a bowl. The next day he graduated to a colander, then to a plastic shoe box. And finally into a cat carrier.


Day 2 ~ 7/14/2012: Already getting more feathers!


Day 4 ~ 7/16/2012: It's amazing how fast they grow! He's almost all feathered out!


Day 5 ~ 7/17/2012: First trip outside! It was a very scary place! He kept his eye on me so I didn't abandoned him out there.


Day 7 ~ 7/19/2012: During the day he spent his time in a wire dog kennel that was wrapped in gardening mesh around the outside. He'd fly out to me to be fed then fly right back on to the branch perches I had put in there for him.


The mighty Thor! (with a gob of food stuck to his face, poor baby!) LOL


Day 9 ~ 7/20/2012: After his night feeding he decided he didn't want to go to bed. He wanted to hang out with me for a while. He hopped right up my arm and sat on my shoulder. Of course I wasn't about to disappoint him! (Never mind I was so thrilled I cried! Yeah, I'm a huge softy!)


Swore I'd never post a pic of me, but Granny here is so happy to have her little buddy who imprinted on her, I just had to share!


Day 12 ~ 7/23/2012: Good day to wander in the grass, then take off and fly to the fence line....and scare me to death!



He's so handsome in the sunlight!


Day 13 ~ 7/24/2012: Today he decided to fly to the Curly Willow to hang out, so I moved his cage over to it and left the door open. Later when I came out he flew to me from across the yard - he'd been out wandering. Then he showed off flying from fence line to fence line and into the other Curly Willow. He's a "bird" now. I hope he still wants to be near me as time goes on. He's not "gone" yet, but I'm already missing him!







Last night when I was getting his cat carrier ready to take him inside for the night he didn't like that I was taking so long. He squeezed through the top of the dog cage and flew straight to the front door! I guess he knows where home is - and where it's safe! 

Love it!

Update 7/24/2012: He hung out in the tree for quite a while, then a young Sparrow and a young Cardinal joined him in the tree. He flew off with them and when I went out to check on him he was definitely gone. I called and made noises for him but he never showed up. I cried I was so broken-hearted. But I knew he was learning how to be a bird at least.

We had to go into town and were gone for quite a while. When I got back he heard my voice and started chirping. I went looking for him and he flew to the fence and sat there looking at me. Then he flew up and landed on my arm! He was talking and chirping and chattering at me constantly! I took him inside and fed him then put him on my shoulder. He stayed there for a couple of hours! When it was time for bed I placed him in his cat carrier, covered him up and he is now sleeping quietly here in the house.

Tomorrow I'll let him out again and see what happens. If he chooses to come home at night, that is just fine with me! Robins usually only make it less than a year, but can live as long as 6 years. I'd like to see my Thor make it all those years and hopefully more!

I'm soooo happy he isn't forgetting me so quickly! I know I'll never forget him!

Update 7/31/2012: Thor is still hanging around! In fact, he's still coming to me for his feedings during the day and in the evening he wants to come in to stay for the night. So after his evening feeding he hangs out on my shoulder, then when he decides it's time to fly to a high place, I catch him and place him in his little cat carrier house. If this continues I'll be getting him a bird cage of his own.
Here's a picture of us after a feeding and just before we were about to head to town (I make sure he's fed before leaving, because he always comes right to me when I return, wanting more food!) 

He's now flying to hubby as well when he steps outside. We have to be careful that he's not around when the dogs are let out. They get so excited to see him that they could hurt him. Ve'Ve' got to kiss him today, and she really thought that was great! LOL

I set up a simple bird bath in the yard and showed it to him. In the center is a plate of seeds for him and the other birds in the area. Not sure if any of them have tried their new bird bath and the seed treat, but maybe eventually they'll figure it out. We certainly have enough Hummingbirds this year. So many that I've refilled the feeder 3x's in 2 months. Last year one lasted all year! They seem to be the ones that find all the things I put out, so maybe they'll try the bird bath first.

That's all that's new for the moment. I anything newsworthy comes up I'll be sure to add to this blog.

Hope y'all's Summer is going great! I know mine is!

I see I haven't kept up with the updates here, so I'll fill y'all in.

Thor never did take to the "public" bath & feeding trough! LOL I had to set up one specifically for him on his little carrier/house. In fact, he didn't like it at first, so I had to keep his water bowl full so he could take his bath in there. I've posted pictures here of one of his bathing sessions.

He always had so much fun with his baths! :)

Here he's sunning himself on the porch deck. At first I thought he was in trouble, but not, just enjoying the sunshine!

Thor began staying out one night here & there, but always came back the next night to stay in his house here inside. He'd fly around the house perching on the curtain rods, the top of the TV, and finally resting on my shoulder. He'd go to sleep there until I put him in his little house for the night.

Finally, he began staying out at night, but as soon as he'd see me he would do a fly-by, landing nearby to talk to me a bit. And in time the space between me and where he'd land would be further and further away. One day he only spoke to me from the tree he had taken up residence in above the chicken house. He'd chirp at me while I let the chickens out and fed them. I'd chirp back and we'd hold a little birdie conversation. 

Once the weather turned cold he must've joined the rest of his friends and flown to warmer climates. Prior to his leaving we saw him on the hill with a flock of other Thrushes, and he was considerably larger! All that good food I'd had fed him helped him to grow a good 20% bigger than the others.

Having him around was a pure joyous pleasure. I hope some day I'll get another chance to raise another baby bird as I did Thor.

Bless you Thor for blessing me! May the Gods see that you live a long, healthy Thrush's life!


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