Tuesday, July 17, 2012

New St. Joseph Home Sale Spell

New St. Joseph Home Sale Spell
Well, I started another St. Joseph Home Sale Spell. The first one worked, to a point. I'm not sure why it didn't pan out (the buyers' loan fell through - or they changed their mind, we're not sure which). While I was disappointed about the failed sale, I was happy that those people didn't get it. I really disliked her (and the property & house did not like her either). So now I'm working on the right people showing up to buy.

I ordered a St. Joseph figurine from Amazon:

I'll place him on the altar with the petition paper, St. Joseph's Wort (basil - fresh from the garden), and green candles. Until the figurine gets here I've had the work going on with white tea lites, but I'm thinking of making my own green tea lites with herbs & oils for added power & strength.

I've also started a blog ad, "Summerland on Earth for Sale!" for the property aimed specifically at Pagans who may be looking for a place to start a sanctuary or other Pagan / Nature oriented business, school, farm, or what ever they choose. So if you're looking for such a place or know someone who is - please contact me, I'd love to show y'all around!

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