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Potions & Powders ~ Lesson 3: Timing, Colors, & Elements in Magical Potion Making

Potions & Powders ~ Lesson 3: Timing, Colors, & Elements in Magical Potion Making


How is timing important? Is it important?
When working with herbs, for any purpose, timing is always important. Herbs are at their peak at specific times of the day that is best for harvesting. Their energies, based on their planetary associations are at their best when used in relation to those planetary time frames. And the time frame needed for the specific intent must also be taken into consideration.

I know this sounds like an awful lot to take into consideration “just to make a damn potion”. But, look at it this way; you wouldn’t drive your car without first making sure there was gas in it. Making it only part way to your destination would totally suck, especially when you can see the end “right there!” just up the road. It’s the same with potion making. You may have most of the ingredients, but without ALL the ingredients you’re only going to get “part way to your destination”.

Planetary Hours:
The following tables give the hours of the day. There are two ways to use these:

1) Hour 1 = midnight and goes on through to the next midnight. In this method, 12 = midnight, 1 = 1 am, etc.

2) Hour 1 = sunrise and goes on through to the next sunrise. In this method, you need to know what time sunrise is in for your area. At you can put in the location of your choice and other parameters and print out a whole year’s worth of sunrise/sunset calendars for your area. I’ve done this every year since I found the website 5 or 6 years ago. It makes is much easier when setting up for spell work to just check the calendar rather than trying to check the internet or the newspaper, etc.

Planetary Hours:
The following tables give the hours of the day. There are two ways to use these:

1) Hour 1 = midnight and goes on through to the next midnight. In this method, 12 = midnight, 1 = 1 am, etc.

2) Hour 1 = sunrise and goes on through to the next sunrise. In this method, you need to know what time sunrise is in for your area. At you can put in the location of your choice and other parameters and print out a whole year’s worth of sunrise/sunset calendars for your area. I’ve done this every year since I found the website 5 or 6 years ago. It makes is much easier when setting up for spell work to just check the calendar rather than trying to check the internet or the newspaper, etc.

Standard Time

Image 1: Planetary Hours Chart - Standard Time

Daylight Savings Time

Image 2: Planetary Hours Chart - Daylight Savings Time

Planetary Correspondences:
The following correspondences are important aspects to consider when choosing the hour of the day to do your spell or ritual work.

Abundance, Active change, Advancement, Alliances, Ambition, Arrogance, Astral work, Authority figures, Autonomy, Banishing, Beauty, Bigotry, Binding, Blessings, Buying, Career, Cleansing, Countering magick, Courage, Creativity, Crops, Dedications, Divination, Drama, Dreamwork, Ego, Exorcism, Fairs, Fame, Family, Favor, Fertility, Finances, Fire magick, Fortune, Friendship, Fulfillment, Fun, Goals, Growth, Happiness, Harmony, Healing, Health, Heart, Hex-breaking, Hope, Illumination, Individuality, Initiations, Joy, Law, Leadership, Life energy, Light, Love, Luck, Lust, Marriage, Monetary gain, Money, Music, Natural abilities, Passion, Peace, Pleasure, Power, Pride, Promotion, Prophecy, Prosperity, Protection, Purifying, Rapid results, Relationships, Romance, Self-confidence, Selling, Sexuality, Solar magick, Solar Plexus Chakra balancing, Speculating, Spirituality, Strength, Success, Superiors, Totem animals, Vitality, Volunteer services, Wealth, Wishes

Abundance, Agriculture, Animals, Antiques, Astral work, Beginnings, Blessings, Cleansing, Dedications, Delusions, Domestic abilities, Dreamwork, Emotions, Empathy, Family, Female fertility, Feminine magick, Fertility, Fortune, Friendship, Happiness, Harmony, Healing, Health, Imagination, Initiations, Insight, Instinct, Intuition, Journeys, Joy, Love, Luck, Lunar magick, Lust, Marriage, Memories, Messages, Motherly love, Peace, Prophecy, Prosperity, Psychology, Psychic workings, Purification, Reconcile, Reincarnation, Relationships, Religion, Secrets, Shapeshifting, Sleep, Spirituality, Subconscious, Theft, Totem animals, Travel on water, Trip planning, Water magick, Women’s mysteries

Action, Addictions, Aggression, Ambition, Anger, Arguments, Banishing, Beginnings, Binding, Bravery, Business, Cleansing, Combat, Competition, Conflict, Confrontation, Conviction, Countering magick, Courage, Cursing, Desire, Destruction, Ego, Energy, Exorcism, Fire magick, Fast results, Freedom, Gardening, Goals, Guns, Healing, Hex-breaking, Hexing, Hunting, Independence, Legal matters, Love, Lust, Male magick, Male sexuality, Marriage, Masculine energy, Medical issues, Metal, Motivation, Overthrow enemies, Passion, Physical energy, Police, Power, Protection, Purification, Rapid results, Recklessness, Relationships, Retribution, Revenge, Self-assertion, Sex, Sex magick, Sexuality, Soldiers, Spell breaking, Sports, Strength, Strife, Struggle, Surgery, Swift movement, Tools, Upheaval, Vices, Victory, Violence, War, Wishes, Woodworking

Abundance, Accounting, Adaptability, Addiction, Advertising, Air magick, Astral work, Astrology, Bending the mind of another, Blessings, Business, Buying & selling, Changes, Cleverness, Communication, Computers, Conscious mind, Connection, Contract signing, Correspondence, Counseling, Creativity, Debt, Deception, Dishonesty, Diplomacy, Divination, Dreamwork, Editing, Education, Fertility, Finances, Fortune, Goals, Healing, Information, Ingenuity, Insight, Intelligence, Journalists, Journeys, Kin, Knowledge, Legal matters, Luck, Magical works planning, Medicine, Memory, Mental activity, Messages, Music, Neighbors, Phone calls, Prophecy, Prosperity, Psychic abilities, Reliance, Science, Self-expression, Siblings, Skills, Study, Travel, Visiting, Weather magick, Wisdom, Wishes, Writing

Abundance, Acclaim, Air magick, Ambition, Astral work, Blessings, Broadcasting, Business, Charity, Cleansing, Divination, Doctors, Dreamwork, Earning, Education, Expansion, Exploration, Fame, Fertility, Financial acuity,  Fire magick, Forecasting, Fortune, Gambling, Guardians, Generosity, Growth, Happiness, Harmony, Healing, Health, Honor, Horse, Joy, Justice, Kindness, Knowledge, Law, Leadership, Legal matters, Logic, Long distance travel, Love, Luck, Male fertility, Material wealth, Merchants, Money, Morals, Parties, Peace, Philosophy, Political influences, Power, Prophecy, Prosperity, Protection, Psychologists, Publicity, Publishing, Purifying, Rapid results, Reading, Relations, Religion, Research, Responsibility, Riches, Royalty, Self-improvement, Social matters, Spirituality, Sports, Spring Equinox, Study, Success, Visions, Wealth, Weather magick, Winter Solstice, Wisdom

Abundance, Affection, Alliances, Aphrodisiac, Architects, Artistic abilities, Arts, Beauticians, Beauty, Blessings, Chiropractors, Courtship, Creativity, Dancers, Dating, Death, Decorating, Designers, Engineers, Entertainers, Fashion, Female sexuality, Fertility, Fortune, Friendship, Gardening, Gifts, Grace, Growth, Happiness, Harmony, Healing, Household improvements, Income, Joy, Love, Luck, Lust, Luxury, Marriage, Money, Music, Painting, Partners, Party planning, Passing-over rituals, Passion, Peace, Pleasure, Poetry, Prosperity, Relationships, Riches, Romance, Sensuality, Sex magick, Shopping, Sociability, Soul mates, Water magick

Authority, Banishing, Barriers, Binding, Bones, Building, Business, Civil servants, Countering magick, Criminals, Cursing, Death, Debts, Dentists, Discipline, Discovery, Earth magick, Elderly, Endings, Endurance, Exorcism, Farm workers, Financing, Freedom, Garden magick, Grounding, Hard work, Hex-breaking, Hexing, Homes, Houses, Justice, Karma, Knowledge, Life, Limitations, Longevity, Lost articles, Manifestation, Math, Meditation, Money matters, Morality, Murderers, Negativity neutralizing, Obstacles, Passing-over rituals, Perseverance, Plumbing, Politics, Property, Protection, Psychic defense, Real estate, Reality, Responsibility, Retribution, Revenge, Separation, Societal laws, Spirit contacts, Stalkers, Structure, Teeth, Tests, Time, Transformation, Trustworthiness, Water magick, Wills, Wisdom


Lunar Phases
These are vitally important. The phase of the moon is extremely important in making amulets and talismans. Obviously, in an emergency situation there are alternative ways to bring (or repel) the right energies, but if time permits then working within the lunar phases is far preferable. And the energies gathered will greatly increase the efficacy of your amulet or talisman.

Lunar Phase Correspondences:

New Moon:
Attribute: Beginnings
Intents: Beginnings, Creation, Examine what’s hidden, Purity
Time: New Moon to 3½½½ days after

Waxing Crescent:
Attribute: Movement
Intents: Emotions, Change, Journeys, Travel
Time: 3 ½ - 7 days after New Moon

First Quarter:
Attribute: Shape
Intents: Attraction, Change, Courage, Elemental magick, Growth, Initiation, Love
Time: 7 - 10 ½  days after New Moon

Waxing Gibbous:
Attribute: Details
Intents: Patience, Peace, Work
Time: 10 ½ - 14 days after New Moon

Full Moon:
Attribute: Completion
Intents: Divinations, Fertility, Fulfillment, Illumination, Invocations, Power, Prophecy, Sexuality, Transformation
Time: 14 - 17 ½ days after New Moon

Waning Gibbous - Disseminating:
Attribute: Initial destruction
Intents: Binding, Hexing
Time: 3 ½ - 7 days after Full Moon

Last Quarter:
Attribute: Absolute destruction
Intents: Banishment, Break bad habits/addictions, Death, Divorce, Endings, Liberation, Resurrection, Secrets
Time: 7 - 10 ½ days after Full Moon

Waning Crescent:
Attribute: Banishment
Intents: Banishing, Binding, Release
Time: 10 ½ - 12 days after Full Moon

Balsamic - Black Moon, Dark Moon, Lost Moon, Old Moon:
Attribute: Rest
Intents: Banishing, Binding, Cleansing, Completeness, Envy, Exorcisms, Finality, Guilt, Hatred, Release, Shame, Vengeance
Time: 13 - 14 days after Full Moon

Blue Moon - Goal Moon:
Attribute: Positive magick
Intents: Any positive intent
Time: Third Full Moon in a Four Full Moon Season & Second Full Moon in a month

Black Moon - Finder’s Moon, Secret Moon, Spinner’s Moon:
Attribute: Beginnings, Negative magick
Intents: Extremely powerful time for any magick workings, especially any negative intent
Banishing, Binding, Exorcisms, Hexing, Revenge, Vengeance
Time: Second New Moon in a month

Attribute: Change, Full lunar cycle completed in hours not days
Intents: 29 Day Lunar Cycle magick, Change, Harmony, Turning point in life, Union
Time: Intermittent during the year

Color Correspondences
Correspondences are very necessary in magick. Even those of us who have reached a point of not needing the physical tools, herbs, and elements we must know what they are so we can visualize everything when doing a “mental” ritual rather than a physical one.

There is soooo much knowledge out there and it can be extremely daunting for anyone, especially anyone new to the Craft. When I started there was no internet, and books were not something you requested at the library or bookstore without feeling like someone flipped a switch behind the counter and suddenly you had a neon flashing arrow pointing down at you that said “ALERT! DEVIL WORSHIPPER!”. And when you’re new at anything the last thing you want is to draw attention to yourself.

So, my suggestion (honestly, I wish someone had shared this with me) is to read all you can about the correspondences that apply to your own geographical area. “Go native”. The indigenous correspondences (herbs & oils, in particular) will be stronger than those bought online that come from Bangkok, Thailand or some other distant place. Yeah those exotics are awesome, but the energies aren’t from your area and my not work as well as those that are from closer to home. Besides, you’ll be amazed at how much you can find in your own yard or the nearest park.

As you mature in the Craft your knowledge base will expand and your need to “go global” will also increase. But, after a while your “global” expansion may begin to feel too big and you may feel that you’re spreading yourself too thin. At which point you will go back to native. It’s a sort of grounding and centering. But at this point you will be able to do what ever is needed regardless of location.

Everyone has their preferred ingredients and supplies for their “Witch’s Cupboard”. Find yours, work with them, get to know them. And you don’t have to spend a ton of money on them either. If you can’t or don’t want to wildcraft your own herbs, many (actually most) of them can be found in your spice rack, or easily picked up at the grocery store. Spending 3 x’s more for those found on the internet (plus shipping costs) really doesn’t make a difference.

In essence, every Witch is first a Kitchen Witch because they use many mundane, as well as magical, tools to put together the ingredients of a ritual. A Witch infuses magick into their meals, their cleaning supplies, everything in their house is permeated with magick. And, unless you have an entire kitchenette apartment just for doing your “Witchy” things, you probably do most of your gathering together of supplies and ingredients for your spellwork on the kitchen table.

Black is the absence of color, thus it does not radiate it’s own vibration. It absorbs rather than emits, so when used in ritual it releases the energies of that to which it has been empowered.  Attracts Saturn energy, Banishing, Discord, Earth Elementals, Endings, Grounding, Hexing, Protection, Releasing, Remove, Repel negative magick, Reversing, Shapeshifting, Unblock, Uncrossing


Angelic protection, Blessings, Broken bones, Calm, Changeability, Creativity, Dedications, Devotion, Earth Elementals, Fidelity, Fifth Chakra, Forgiveness, Good fortune, Good health, Growth, Guidance, Happiness, Harmony, Healing, Influence, Initiations, Inner peace, Inspiration, Laughter, Loyalty, Meditation, Opening blocked communication, Occult power, Patience, Peace, Protection, Reassurance, Sincerity, Spirituality, Success, Tranquility, Truth, Understanding, Water Elementals, Weight loss, Wisdom, Wounded pride

Peace, Tranquility

Dark Blue:
Blessings, Changeability, Create confusion (use w/ white or you will be the one confused!!), Dedications, Devotion, Good fortune, Growth, Happiness, Harmony in the home, Healing, Health, Influence, Initiations, Inspiration, Laughter, Light, Loyalty, Peace, Protection, Religion, Spiritual beliefs, Spirituality, Success, Tranquility, Truth, Wisdom

Ambition, Astral level protections Balance out Karma, Cancel out another’s magic, Changeability, Deafness, Deep meditation, Defenses, Depression, Emotional problems, Halt gossip or lies, Impulsiveness, Inertia, Lunar Magick, Neutralize another’s magick, Promotes stillness, Reveal deep secrets, Rituals requiring deep meditative state, Saturn energy in rituals, Stop gossip, lies & unwanted competition, Stop situations or people

Light Blue:
Aquarius energy, Communication, Creativity, Devotion, Faithful (this is where the term “true blue” originated), Health, Immortality, Innocence, Inspiration, Male youth, Meditation, Patience, Peace, Protection, Tranquility and Blessings  in the home, Protection of buildings, Spirituality, Tranquility, Understanding, Young people, especially males

Royal Blue:
Increases magical influences, Joviality, Jupiter energy, Laughter, Loyalty, Power, Protection

Silver Blue:
Deep wisdom, Moon magick, Psychic awareness

Ambition, Abundance, Change, Fertility, Finance, Fortune, Growth, Happiness, Material gain, Renewal, Success

Awareness, Change, Community mindedness, Creativity, Fifth Chakra, Insight, Invention, Meditation, Moon magick, Originality, Renewal


Grounding, Hard work, Neutrality, Protection, Strength


Animal healing, Attract money, Balanced color, Blessings, Concentration powers, Earth Elementals, Eliminates indecisiveness, ESP, Financial success, Find lost items, Friendship, Grounding, Harmony, Herb magick, Hesitation, Home healing, House blessing, Improves concentration, Influencing friendships, Intuition, Material gain, Neutrality, Peace in the home, Special favors, Spiritual attachment to the Earth, Stability, Study, Telepathy

Dark Brown:
Invoking Earth for assistance

Light Brown:
Material benefits for the home


Balance, Blessings, Business growth, Career moves, Fertility, Fire magick, Goals, Healing, Love, Money, Passion, Professional growth, Protection, Repels negativity, Sun Magick


Attraction, Blessings, Charm, Confidence, Cosmic mind & influences, Courage, Dedications, Divination, Dynamic Sun/Solar energy, Fast financial gain, Fast luck, Financial benefits, Good fortune, Great fortune, Happiness, Horned God, Initiations, Intuition, Justice, Luck, Masculine power, Money, Peace, Playful humor, Positive thinking, Power, Power of cosmic influences, Protection, Purifying, Safety, Sun Magick, Understanding, Wealth, Winning

Dark Gold:
Beginnings, Prosperity, Sun Magick

Pale Gold:
Prosperity in health


Abundance, Balance, Blessings, Charity, Dedications, Earth Elementals, Earth Mother, Fertility, Finance, Fortune, Fourth Chakra, Generosity, Good fortune, Good Luck rituals, Growth, Harmony, Healing, Initiations, Luck, Marriage, Material gain, Money, North Cardinal point, Personal goals, Promote balance, Prosperity, Rejuvenation, Renewal, Success, Tree & Plant magicks, Water Elementals, Wealth

Apple Green:
Emotional healing, Protection

Confidence, Growth, Prosperity, Travel

Dark Green:
Agriculture, Ambition, Blessings, Financial matters, Greed, Jealousy; Also use to counteract these influences in a ritual, Invoke the Goddess of Regeneration

Attracts abundance, Fertility, Love attraction, Love and Social pleasures, Venus rituals

Light Green:
Improve the weather, Weather magick

Faery communication, Success

Financial gains (use w/ gold &/or silver)

Anger, Cowardice, Discord, Jealousy, Sickness

Sea Green:
Calming, Emotional healing, Fourth Chakra, Protection


Neutral color, useful when pondering complex issues during meditation; in Magick, this color often sparks confusion; it also negates or neutralizes a Negative influence, Banishment without Karmic effect, Glamoury, Meditation on complex issues, Releasing

Charcoal Grey:

Light Grey:
Astral energies, Astral projection, Clairvoyance, Confusion, Destruction, Dreams, Intuition, Neutralize, Psychic ability, Removes negativity, Stability, Stalemate


This is not one of the spectrum colors, but an illusionary fluctuation between infra-red and ultra-violet light bands with a very high frequency vibration.  This color is named for the Magi and literally means “magick color“.  Etheric, Fast working; used with other colors to increase the speed of the desired result, Omnipotent, Best color for Spiritual healing, Exorcisms, Inner/self love, Positive rapid changes, Quick changes, Spiritual healing, Super power


Action, Adaptability, Ambition, Attraction, Authority, Blessings, Business goals, Career goals, Changes luck, Control, Courage, Draw good things, Encouragement, Enthusiasm, Fortune, Friendship, Good luck, Inspiration, Joy, Justice, Kindness, Legal matters, Material gain, Overcome addictions, Physical action, Positive thinking, Power, Promotes fun, Property deals, Recharges the intellect, Seal a spell, Second Chakra, Selling, Stimulates sociability, Stimulation, Strength, Success, Sudden changes, Vitality

Gentle strength, Joy

Burnt Orange:
Love bondage, Opportunity

Calming, Friendship, Gentle strength, Inspiration, Joy, Unity

Terra Cotta:
Attract a soul mate


Affection, Binding magick, Caring, Emotional healing, Emotional love, Feminine Magick, Fourth Chakra, Friendships, Gentleness, Harmony, Honor, Love, Lunar Magick, Nurturing, Partnerships, Peace, Relationships, Romance, Selfless love, Service, Spiritual awakening, Spiritual healing, Togetherness, Wishes

Dark Pink:
Dispel gloom and Negativity

Hot Pink:
Extreme joy, Sensual pleasure

Light Pink:
Friendships, Young females

Rose Pink:
Enhance relationships, Fourth Chakra, Self-love


Ambition, Blessings, Break bad luck, Business progress, Dedications, Divination, Drive away evil, Financial reward, Goals, Hidden knowledge, Higher psychic ability, Honors, Idealism, Independence, Influence people in high places, Initiations, Intuition, Lunar Magick, Neptune energy, Power, Progress, Protection, Psychic ability, Psychic contact with Spirit, Royalty, Self assurance, Spirit contact, Spiritual healing, Spiritual power, Spiritual protection, Stress relief, Success, Third Eye, Un-hex, Wisdom

Dark Purple:
Calling the Ancient Ones, Government, Psychic power, Runes, Sigils, Wisdom

Dignity, Divination, Favors for others, Healing, Intuition, Knowledge, Lunar Magick, Peace, Protection, Psychic ability, Sixth Chakra, Spirit contact, Spirit Shield, Spirituality

Happiness, Healing, Physical energy, Power

Angels, Astral projection, Attraction, Divination, Elemental Spirits, Healing, Hex-breaking, Intuition, Inspiration, Lunar Magick, Meditation, Peace, Piety, Power, Psychic ability, Religious devotion, Sentiment, Spirituality, Tension, Truth


This is a powerful color to use, so be careful to thoroughly define your intent, as you will get it in full force.  Maybe more than you even anticipated or wanted.  Aries energy, Ambition, Anger, Blessings, Career goals, Charity, Cleansing, Courage, Danger, Dedications, Driving force, Element of Fire, Energy, Enthusiasm, Fast action, Fertility, Fiery, Fire Elementals, Fire Magick, First Chakra, Health, Increases magnetism is rituals, Initiations, Intense desire, Love, Lust, Moon Blood, Pain, Passion, Power, Psychic attack, Purifying, Romantic atmosphere, Scorpio energy, Sex magick, Sexual acquisition, Sexual love, Sexual potency, South Cardinal point, Stamina, Strength, Will power

Sensuality, Sex magick

Courage, Love, Passion

Affection, Anxiety, Beauty, Joy, Pleasure, Sovereignty, Wealth

Light Red:
Deep platonic affection

Passionate anger, Passionate love, Sex magick


Astral energies, Clairaudience, Clairvoyance, Communication, Dreams, Feminine Deity powers, Goddess aspect of Deity, the Great Mother, Fast money, Female power, Gambling, Intuition, Invocation of the Moon, Moon Magick, Meditation, Neutrality, Psychic awareness, Stability, Victory, Wisdom


This is the balanced presence of all the colors combined.  It can be used as a substitution for any color you may not have available.  Air Magick, Blessings, Clairvoyance, Cleansing, Confound enemies, Create illusion, Dedications, Earth Magick, Elemental Spirits, Feminine Magick, Fire Magick, Goddess, Healing, Higher natured power, Initiations, Life attainments, Lunar Magick, Peace, Positive vibration, Protection, Purity, Seventh Chakra, Sincerity, Solar Magick, Spiritual enlightenment, Spirituality, Truth seeking, Virtue, Water Magick, Wholeness

Peace of mind

“Mother Candle”, Burn at each Moon phase


Accelerated learning, Activity, Action, Air Elementals, Air Magick, Attraction, Blessings, Breaking mental blocks, Charm, Cleansing, Comfort, Communion with the Sun, Confidence, Courage, Creativity, Concentration, Dedications, Gain confidence of others, Healing, Imagination, Initiations, Intelligence, Joy, Knowledge, Logical imagination, Memory, Mental powers, Mind, New skills, Power of persuasion, Protection, Ritual concentration & imagination, Selling yourself, Sudden


Elements and Magical Potion Making

How do the Elements come into effect in potion making? Well, if you consider that each herb has attributes of the Elements, and the colors that are associated with the Elements, then you have an idea of why considering the Elements in your potion making would be important.

If you’re going to make a potion for good health, as an example, you would take into consideration all the aspects of each of the ingredients you intend to use. “Earth” Elements would be good to consider for “grounding” the person in good health. “Air” Elements could be considered for “blowing away” any ill-health. “Fire” Elements are great for “enflamed” with life & health or “burning away” ill-health. “Water” Elements are the perfect one for a potion of “purifying” the body of all ills and/or filling it with good health.

So by utilizing herbs and oils with the necessary Elemental aspects you then provide in your magical potion everything necessary for making sure to bring the desired end result.

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