Monday, October 8, 2012

Daily Tarot Card ~ Introduction

Daily Tarot Card ~ Introduction
I do a daily reading each day; pulling one Tarot card, one Faeries' Oracle card, one Crystal Ally card, and one Rune. These are for my personal reading for each day. For this blog I've decided to cover one Tarot card each day, but not for a daily reading. It will be an informational teaching of each card.

I will begin with the Major Arcana and work my way through it then progressing through the Minor Arcana. Whether I actually cover one each consecutive day remains to be seen. But I will cover each card in order until completed.

I will also begin presenting magick works and Pendulum divination using Tarot cards. Saint cards are wonderful to use for magick works as well, but that's a different topic altogether which I'll cover at a later date (I keep notes so I don't forget! ~ "sometimers" gets in the way every now & then so I keep notes on thoughts & ideas that come up for future application. LOL)

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