Tuesday, October 9, 2012

II High Priestess

II The High Priestess

Keywords: A time of waiting, Accessing the unconscious, Acknowledging the Shadow, Activity beneath the surface, Allowing development, Allowing events to proceed without intervention, Analysis, Approaching a closed off area, Awareness of a larger reality, "Be still and know that I am God", Becoming calm, Being aware of a larger reality, Being receptive to influence, Calmness, Challenge yourself, Easily influenced, Hidden talents, Imagination, Important memories, Inner guidance, Keep intentions silent, Letting what is there flower, Looking beyond the obvious, Mystery, Non-action, Open to dreams & the unknown, Opening to the unknown, Opening to what could be, Passive, Patient, Personal development, Possibilities, Potential, Remembering something important, Seeing the potential, Seeing your hidden talents, Seeking guidance from within, Sensing the secret and hidden, Seeking what is concealed, Sensing the mystery,  Staying nonactive, Trusting your inner voice, Unconscious awareness, Understanding the possibilities, Unlimited possibilities, Using your intuition, Waiting patiently, Withdrawal, Withdrawing from involvement
The High Priestess is the guardian of the unconscious. She sits in front of the thin veil of unawareness which is all that separates us from our inner landscape. She contains within herself the secrets of these realms and offers us the silent invitation, "Be still and know that I am God."

The High Priestess is the feminine principle that balances the masculine force of the Magician. The feminine archetype in the tarot is split between the High Priestess and the Empress. The High Priestess is the mysterious unknown that women often represent, especially in cultures that focus on the tangible and known. The Empress represents woman's role as the crucible of life.

In readings, the High Priestess poses a challenge to you to go deeper - to look beyond the obvious, surface situation to what is hidden and obscure. She also asks you to recall the vastness of your potential and to remember the unlimited possibilities you hold within yourself. The High Priestess can represent a time of waiting and allowing. It is not always necessary to act to achieve your goals. Sometimes they can be realized through a stillness that gives desire a chance to flower within the fullness of time.

Intuition is unlocked and you may be tested to use it. Hidden fears & secrets of the unconscious must be courageously listened to. It is time to go deeper within, beyond the obvious to find what is hidden & obscure. Have faith in your feelings, and be yourself. 

There is activity beneath the surface; the whole picture cannot be seen at this point. Share confidences with only one who is trusted implicitly. 
We each hold our full, unlimited potential within ourselves, our intuition. We have only to access it willingly, sometimes through immediate action, but other times we may need to wait in stillness giving our desires a chance to bloom in the fullness of time. 

The High Priestess is our strong, unrecognized subconscious motivation. Through strong contact with one’s subconscious self, inner enlightenment can be sought.
Hidden things. There is activity beneath that surface, so the entire picture is yet to be seen. Analyze the situation. Truth always wins.

Intuition is unlocked and you may be tested to use it. Sincerity unveils wisdom through intellectual exchange.

Hidden fears & secrets of the unconscious & your dreams must be courageously listened to. Keep your intentions silent. Follow your hunch.

Have faith in your feelings & intuitions at this time. Choose your associates discriminately.

Strong, unrecognized subconscious motivation. Strong contact with subconscious self. Inner enlightenment can be sought.

Don't cast your pearls before swine.

Positive Dignities
Hermit - looking inward, withdrawing, seeking guidance
Hanged Man - suspending activity, waiting
4 of Swords resting quietly, contemplating

Negative Dignities
Magician - acting consciously, thinking, the known and obvious
2 of Wands - acting boldly
7 of Wands - being aggressive
8 of Wands - putting plans into action 

Use this card for magick works involving using your intuition and trusting yourself to make the right decisions. 

Perform a simple candle ritual with the card placed in front of the candle dressed with herbs & oils conducive to opening to your higher self, and your intuition.

Carry the card with you during the day, keeping it close so its energies will influence you and your surroundings. 

Place the card where it can be seen & contemplated upon during the day.

Use a pendulum to discern which path to take.

As stated before, and will again, the ideas can be endless! Just use your imagination and run with it. You'll be surprised with what you'll come up with! :)


  1. Hello! I need to know which Tarot deck is this picture?
    Thanks a lot

  2. The is from the Aquarian Tarot deck by David Palladini. (available on Amazon) This is from his original set, there is a new set out that is very similar.