Sunday, October 7, 2012

October 2012 is "Money Bags" Month

October 2012 is "Money Bags" Month
Well, this month is a special month for working money rituals. An event that occurs only once every 823 years so I am NOT about to miss this!

Last week we were kind of busy so I didn't do as much as I would've preferred, but the following weeks I will not be so lax!

These are the time frames for the workings:

1) October has 5 Mondays, 5 Tuesdays, and 5 Wednesdays, referred to as a "Money Bags" event.

2) October 14th (Sunday), the Dark Moon, will be for the destruction of all known & unknown obstacles.

3) October 15th (Monday), the New Moon, will begin the phase toward growth of our goal.

4) October 29th (Monday), the Full Moon will be the completion of the "bringing" phase.

The first one, last week I only lit a candle. But this week (beginning today) begins a full ritual for each day. I think I'll also make a new mojo bag for it as well. The last one was from July 2011's "Money Bags" month. I'll "retire" it to the money box on the altar, see posts here.& here.

I'm having one of my "time frame" moments lately and something is going to happen this month regarding the property. Hopefully we'll have a buyer and will be moving. But who knows, it could also have to do with the previous buyers trying to sue us for their deposit. We have a counter suit for breech of contract. I'd love it if they would cancel their end so we can cancel ours. I really do not want any more dealings with them whatsoever.

But with this being a "Money Bags" month, what ever the situation is I know that WE will come out on top! :)

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