Saturday, November 17, 2012

XIII Death

XIII Death

Keywords: Accept the inevitable, Adrift, Back to basics, Bare minimum, Change, Conclusions, Death, Deepest fears faced, Ending, Excess, Inescapable events, Inexorable forces, Parting ways, Past is behind you, Powerful movement, Remove the unnecessary, Ride your Fate, Transformation, Transition

Reinforcing Cards Possibilities:
Tower – sweeping impact power forces
Eight of Wands – conclusion, ending
Five of Cups- loss, good-byes

Opposing Cards Possibilities:
Fool – beginning
Empress – birth
Judgment – rebirth, fresh start

Closing one door to open another
Bringing something to a close
Completing a chapter
Concluding unfinished business
Putting the past behind you
Having a parting of the ways

Going through transition!
Changing status
Moving from the known to the unknown
Being cast adrift
Waiting in an in-between state
Being in the middle

Eliminating excess!
Cutting out what isn't necessary
Shedding old attitudes
Getting down to bare bones
Concentrating on essentials
Getting back to basics

Experiencing inexorable forces!
Being in the path of sweeping change
Being caught in the inescapable
Going through what cannot be avoided
Being part of a powerful movement
Riding your fate
Accepting the inevitable
A time of transformation through re-birth

Some things must end for new ones to begin. Leave the past behind, or new opportunities will be lost. 

The enlightened welcome the changes, those in the dark fear it.

Fundamental changes are to learn from; be open to these changes.

Experience is the greatest teacher; don't be afraid to begin new ventures.

Do not resist sudden change; the vibratory force around you will provide all the strength needed to accept new situation.

Worry and depression get you nowhere. Face the future with new faith and accept the changes.

The clearing away of negative conditions in order to make way for new, more positive influences.

A new venture. Faced with a new door.

Guard impulsiveness.

Immortality is promised.

Death of selfishness.

Rise above materialism.

Youthful viewpoint.

Energetic mental activity.

End of a situation.

Influence of mechanical gadgets. New creative trends.

Strong competition.

The ending of something, usually followed by loss. Loss of a life is possible but more likely the loss is of a behavior pattern. Don’t be superstitious about the card Death. At its highest level, it refers to the death of false parts of the self and the regeneration of the true. It can represent the flowering or freeing of something new and better within the self. You can learn a lot by observing your own reactions to this card.

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