Saturday, December 29, 2012

Our Lady of Grace Statue

Our Lady of Grace Statue
My youngest son surprised me with a trip to Florida to visit him and his brother (my grandson was in Georgia visiting his mother & siblings so I didn't get to see him, unfortunately). I surprised one of my best friends by just showing up at her door on Christmas Day. My sons & I had plans to go see a movie so I couldn't stay long, but we scheduled for Thursday to get together for the day.

So Mary & I got together on Thursday and decided to go to a new thrift store that she'd seen. This place was originally a grocery store, so it was huge! The prices were all over the place. Lots of things I wanted but were way over-priced. A few things were perfectly priced.

There was a plastic shoebox full of 41 red glass tea lite holders for $5! Great bargain! I bought that for Mary and took a couple of them for myself....didn't need too much weight in my back on the plane! LOL

For myself, I found a beautiful, old relief statue of Mary, Our Lady of Grace. She was only $6! She's beautiful and I had to have her - even put everything back I'd already picked for myself just so I could get her instead. WELL worth it!

Dr. Corbeaux said that these old ones were usually blessed by a priest and quite powerful. I know that she was the reason I went into that store, for sure. She now sits on my altar. I cleaned her up as she was dusty and had some kind of mark on her face, which I was able to remove. Carefully, so as not to ruin the statue. I am soooo pleased with her!

I will be doing a ritual with her today, both to thank her for coming to me, and to ask her blessing on my life. So here she is, isn't she beautiful?!

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