Friday, January 11, 2013

XX Judgment

XX Judgment
Keywords: Absolution, Accomplishment, Atonement, Awakening, Beginnings, Change of perception, Honest appraisal, New direction, New found vocation, Possibilities, Progress, Rebirth, Renewed hope, Resurrection, Self-evaluation, Transformation, Transition

Reinforcing Card Possibilities:

Fool - Rebirth, New starts
Justice - Deciding, Accepting past mistakes/actions
Seven of Pentacles - Decision point

Opposing Card Possibilities:

Death - Death, Endings
Five of Cups - Regret Mistakes
Nine of Swords - Guilt, Blame, Feelings of sinfulness

Making a judgment!
Having a day of reckoning
Separating the wheat from the chaff
Making an honest appraisal
Getting off the fence
Using critical faculties
Taking a stand
Making hard choices

Feeling reborn!
Awakening to possibilities
Enjoying renewed hope
Making a fresh start
Seeing everything in a new light
Discovering joy

Hearing a call!
Recognizing your true vocation
Feeling inner conviction
Feeling an impulse to act
Deciding to make a difference
Feeling drawn in a new direction
Knowing what you must do
Answering a need

Finding absolution!
Feeling cleansed and refreshed
Releasing guilts and sorrows
Forgiving yourself and others
Atoning for past mistakes
Unburdening yourself
Feeling sins washed away

On Card 20, we see people rising up at the call of an angel. It is Judgment Day, when the faithful are brought to heaven, but what about those who are not saved? Have they been judged and found wanting? For their sins, will they be denied the presence of God? It is this aspect of judgment that is unsettling. How can judgment be reconciled with forgiveness?

In fact, judgment comes in two forms. The hurtful kind says, "What you did is wrong, and you are bad and worthless for having done it." This type of judgment separates and leaves no room for redemption. It is possible to judge without condemning. We assess the matter, weigh all sides and try to discern the truth. We recognize the need to choose and hope for the courage to do so wisely - but without blame.

In readings, Card 20 can be a reminder that judgments are necessary; sometimes you must decide. At such moments, it is best to consider the matter carefully and then commit yourself without censure. If you are being judged yourself, learn from the process. Take what is of value, correct what needs correcting, but never lose sight of your worth.

Card 20 also stands for the feelings that come with salvation. When the angel calls, you are reborn - cleansed of all guilts and burdens. The past and its mistakes are behind you, and you are ready to begin anew. You may even feel a calling - a personal conviction of what you are meant to do. If you are in a low period, in need of hope and absolution, Judgment can show you that renewal is at hand.

Accomplishments are acknowledged, by yourself or from others. Establish new personal relationships.

Review the difficulties you've come through. Self-evaluation will give hindsight to what you should've done and foresight on how to handle future situations.

Intuition awakening  - Life Path may be calling - follow it! Banish idleness with action.

Powerful transformative energies. Nothing is more permanent than change. Shun ease and comfort for progress.

Immense pressures. Rise above emotional turmoil. Even a reversal of emotions may be in order.

Higher callings.

Thinking outside the box, timing is of the essence.

On the brink of a new relationship with, and a new understanding of, life. The turning of a page in life. An end, the passing of an old condition, leads to a new beginning.

Attitudes have been measured and judged, leading to a more mature outlook. Through perception there is awareness. Broaden your mentality.

Death is but a transition.

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