Thursday, February 28, 2013

Leaving Tomorrow - Will Be Offline for a Few Days!

Leaving Tomorrow - Will Be Offline for a Few Days!
Well, the day is finally here! We had hoped to leave last week, but those storms held us up. First, Storm Q, then Storm Rocky right after it. Both of which dumped tons of snow along our I70 route. Then, yesterday hubby ended up in the E.R. with a sinus abscess. He got 2 big shots and some kick-ass antibiotics and he's doing much better.

We had the new owners stop by to drop off their 3 horses. Then they stuck around for a couple of hours. The break would've been nice if we hadn't been showing them around out in the cold the whole time. She wanted to come in to look around, but that wasn't happening with the 4 dogs and the pig in here at the time. She can just wait! LOL

Yesterday, the agent tried to tell me that we needed to pay for the buyer's hotel because our 30 days was us, "per the contract". Well, I set his fat ass straight... we signed 2 days after they did because the paperwork had to be sent down here from South Dakota. As for the hotel thing, these idiots have a 5th wheel travel home they could be staying in for free at their daughter's place or even hook up here. Not the brightest bulbs around, that's for sure. When he went to unload the horses he was hitting the first one on the ass trying to get him to back out of the trailer. Duh. If you smack a horse on the ass, they're going to go forward not backward. Then, as hubby was trying to help, the woman is standing directly behind the horse, so the horse didn't want to run into her so had no idea what to do. Never mind this entire time the man is jumping all over the place like a scared kid. Dumbasses that do not need horses! We don't think they'll do very well here with the neighbors. They won't be a very good fit. Oh well, that's their problem now. :)

Anyway, the Safe Travel Mojos I made are each in their places in the vehicles and so we're ready & leaving tomorrow. Please send traveling prayers! I'll be back online to fill y'all in as soon as I can! And I'll have pictures! :D

Granny Tackett

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