Friday, February 1, 2013

So It Begins! Finally!

So It Begins! Finally!
We finally closed on Wednesday, 1/30/2013 and can now begin packing and getting ready to move, in earnest! This has been an 18 month process from the moment we decided to move to finally selling the property. AND, thank GOD, Daddy's paid back. We've not had a good past history where finances are concerned, so I really wanted to get that taken care of asap. And so it is!

An hour after we closed, the money in the bank, and money-in-hand, we drove to Indiana to buy a motorcycle that hubby had been watching on Craig's List for months. Damn, it's a nice bike! He'll change out the handlebars (16" ape-hangers are bit much), and get it registered once we're out in KS, and then we'll be ready to ride! Can't wait! He'll finally get to enjoy the riding as well since the roads are nice & straight, unlike here where there are so many twists & curves around the hills that he has to keep a tight watch on everything.

Tomorrow Ahri & Preacher will get their hooves done. Sometime in the next week we'll get them their vet check, Coggins and immunizations (if the latter is necessary). I've found a great place to board them out in Goodland, KS where they'll stay until we get the fence up and a loafing shed for them. Ahri will finally get his riding training finished out so I can finally ride him. Since we'll be down to just one horse and a donkey, working with them daily will be easy. And they'll love it as much as I will.

Now, we're trying to find a motorhome. This we'll live in until the schoolhouse is ready to move into. I'm hoping we'll keep it so we can go on mini-vacations with all the "babies". It will also make a good guest house for anyone (yeah, right lol) that comes to visit.

So, that's basically it for the moment. We're getting ready to finally get out of here! And no more migraines due to the constant weather changes! THAT I am sooo happy about. I love this place. I just wish the barometric pressure was a bit more constant so I wouldn't get the migraines so much. At least in the drier, less changing area of northwest KS I know I'll be fine.

Anyone needing works done for them, I'm still here! I'm not going anywhere. As we get closer to moving I may be more sporadic in checking e-mails during the ay, but I will get to you during that day and get back to you. Y'all are important to me, so please be patient! And be real happy that when we get to KS I will have an entire church dedicated for my works for y'all! :D

Blessings everyone!

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