Friday, March 8, 2013

I'm Back!

I'm Back!
OMG! I swear I will never move again!

My Travel Mojo worked beautifully. We had zero incidents or problems. Zero confrontations with highway patrol. Which we thought we might, considering the caravan we had going on! I had included "invisibility" into it, and I'd say it worked perfectly.

Here are a few pics of our caravan, the trip, and the beautiful 1st sunrise at our new home.

The caravan just before pulling out. 3/2/2013

Hoodoo rode with me - well, at least until the ride over the too-high bridge scared him! LOL

The fur & feather-baby crew, kept back so they couldn't bother hubby while driving.

The deep snow at the rest stop we stayed at. 3/3/2013

The windmill farm in east KS, along I-70.

The first sunrise at our new place! 3/4/2013

Amanda had a rough trip! This is her new hang-out, an old sofa that was in the schoolhouse.

What we're starting with. The fun of renovating begins!

So, that's the latest news for us! I have a blog specifically for the renovation of our new place. So, if anyone would like to follow along, please join me at High Plains Settlers!

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