Sunday, March 24, 2013

Small Miracles...And Best Friends, Can Really Mean A Lot!

Small Miracles...And Best Friends, Can Really Mean A Lot!
Yesterday we had a beautiful Spring snow! I was awakened by hubby who told me that I needed to get outside to take pictures before we let the dogs out, who would the "ruin" the pristine snow blanket. It brought in about 12" of beautiful white, glistening snow that looked perfect for building a snowman. Something I have never done before!

So, I went out built myself a Snow Lady and named her Lucy Lou. She was a pathetic looking thing, but I had sooo much fun building her.

LOL Pathetic, isn't she?!

Well, when I finished building her, and taking her picture, I then realized that I was missing my cell phone. Shit!

Ok, this phone cost $250. And we only bought it a little over a week ago. NOT cool!

So, I spent almost 45 minutes on my hands and knees digging through the snow trying to find my phone. I dug all around Lucy Lou, nothing. I dug that path I'd taken to get to her spot, nothing. I dug everything a second and third time. I then shoveled it all. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. OMFG!

I was in tears. I was begging, praying, everything I knew. I came in the house and went on Facebook and posted by dilemma, begging someone to PLEASE see my message and call my cell phone for at least 15 minutes, or until I found it and returned their call.

I walked outside, dug some more. Came back inside to check to see if ANY friends were on Facebook. Yes. My best friend, Mary, was on. So I messaged her, but there was no response, so I headed back outside. Just as I walked out the door, I hear my cell phone ringing. I rushed around trying to locate it before it stopped ringing.

It was about 5' from the front steps, already covered in 2" of snow! No wonder I never found it! Plus, somehow it had fallen about a foot from the path I'd taken...I just hadn't shoveled out far enough. Anyway, thanks to my prayers, and to Mary being led to check her phone, I found it.

So, thank you God, thank you Goddess, and thank you to the Divine, by what ever name one wishes to call It, for putting a voice in Mary's ear to please check her phone.

Prayers ARE answered. Miracles DO happen. Thank you!

Of course, I'd say Jack Frost might have had a hand in it all, and gotten a good laugh over it too! ;D


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