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Saints & What Purposes to Call on Them

Saints & What Purposes to Call on Them
There are soooo many Saints! There is one, and usually more, for just about any purpose you may need to call upon them for. When I first started working with the Saints, I was beyond confused, well, more like overwhelmed.To make it easier, as I learned of a Saint and the purposes to call upon them, I added them to a simple table for easy reference. The table is by no means complete in any sense of the word, but it's a good start - and more will be added as I find it. So I thought I would share what I have with y'all so far. I hope someone finds it as useful as I have. :)

Saints' Correspondence Table

Called Upon For:
Items for Ritual:
Holy Family
Peace, Loyalty, Family
Infant of Prague
Protects children
Mary Magdalene
Perfumers, Penitent women, Hairstylists, Pharmacists, Apothecaries

Our Lady of Guadalupe the Blessed Virgin
Blessings, Love, Healing, Protection
St. Ann
Mothers, Childbirth, Grandmothers

St. Anthony
Finds lost items, keys, lovers

St. Barbara
protector of death & battles

St. Benedict
Protector from witchcraft, illness, sickness, heals the sick
St. Benedict medal, Crow, Cross, Cup, Bread & salt
St. Brigit
Protects babies, children, travelers, scholars, sailors

St. Cajetan
Unemployed, Job seekers Gamblers, Good fortune

St. Christopher
Protects travelers

St. Claire/Clare
Guides one to wisdom and light

St. Death
aka: Santisima Muerte, Omnipotent by Grace
Tear down roadblocks
Image, Roses (red or white), Red or White candles
St. Expedite
Expedite your wish immediately, Helps bring faster results
Pound cake, 3 nickels, Water, Image
St. Francis of Assisi
Protects animals

St. George
aka: The Warrior, Uncle Bucket
Road opening, Soldiers, Horsemen, Defender, Butchers, Field workers, Armorers, Cavalry

St. Gerard
Pregnancy, motherhood

St. Helena
Widows, Divorcees, Difficult marriages

St. Joseph
Pay raise, Job getting, Home affairs, Home sales, Passage to easier death
St. Jude
Hopeless cases, Works impossible cases, Cancer
Green candle, Basil, Money
St. Lucy
Writers, Poets, Journalists

St. Martha
Protection, used to keep a man faithful

St. Michael
Break down barriers

St. Michael the Archangel
An angel not a saint, but used to Defend & battle, Protector from evil, foes, demons
St. Peter
“The Key Holder”
Unlock barriers, Remove blockages, Opens doors, Businesses

St. Raymond
Protects against foes & gossipers

St. Rita
Protection, Impossible causes, Splitting up bad relationships
Red rose (thorns removed & set beside her – used for defense & protection), White or Pink candle
St. Simon
aka: San Simon, Patron Saint of Gamblers & Drunkards
Male sexuality, Rain, Fertility, Wealth, Worldly success

St. Sophia
Wisdom, Enlightenment, Students


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