Sunday, September 22, 2013

Workshops Now Being Scheduled

Workshops Now Being Scheduled
I have had several clients who have requested in-person teaching, and after considering it for some time, I have decided to go ahead. Why not?! I've always enjoyed teaching, and I believe this is why we were led to this place. The church is a perfect venue for this sort of project undertaking.

Of course, the sanctuary isn't anywhere near ready, but the basement is perfect - for any kind of weather (well, with a few fix-ups of course). So, I will be spending the next couple of weeks getting it ready for the 2-day intensive workshop visitors that are coming next month.

So, I've decided to begin scheduling these workshops and keeping them posted on the new "Workshops" page in the tabs above.

The 2-day intensive workshop syllabus of activities & projects (which will probably change over time), the cost, as well as information for the local hotels (we do not have guest facilities here on-sight) are all on the "Workshops" page.

I look forward to working personally with those who are able to join me!

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