Thursday, January 9, 2014

Just Sharing a Bit of News

Just Sharing a Bit of News
Most people who get married don't really end up with much of a relationship with their in-laws. In fact, it's usually a proverbial joke as to how bad it is.

But I'm here to tell you that mine was different.

My son was 18 and joined the Air Force. While in Basic 9/11 happened. I was not happy! It was bad enough he was in the military (I'm a Navy brat, so I know all about living a military life). But it was his choice and I always stand behind the decisions my boys make. If they want my advice I'll give it, if not, then I keep my mouth shut, unless it is something vitally important that they need another, older point of view. But I never tell them what to do. That decision is theirs to make. And live with the benefits or consequences either way.

Well, after Basic my son was transferred to Warner Robbins Air Force Base in Warner Robbins, GA. He was there a few months and met a woman with 3 kids. He's like me, he "knows" when someone will be important to him. He knew she was going to be his wife. They married secretly, and eventually moved into Base housing, and only told me. He knew his Dad would go ballistic - he didn't "play the field enough" would be what he said (and did). They were publicly married a few months later. I love weddings, so I helped as much as I could. I hand sewed her veil, and yes I'll brag, it came out beautiful. 

Anyway, the first time I met her & the kids, we (my younger son, a family friend, and I) pulled up to the house (this was before moving on to the Base), and around the corner comes this scrawny, hillbilly looking little 7 year old girl wearing shorts & sleeveless top, hair falling over her eyes, carrying a kitten, and when she said a slightly shy & nervous "Hi!", I almost laughed out loud. That "Hi!" had a definitive 'howndawg' sound to it. "What had he gotten himself into?!"

She was followed by her brother, and then the new wife with her 4 month old baby girl. Yesterday, that baby girl turned 12! God, how time flies!

Unfortunately, they divorced after 4 years of marriage. I, for the most part (ok not all the time - how could I, my son was hurting??), remained relatively neutral during the divorce. But, I had become more than just good friends with her. In fact, I consider her "the daughter I never had". We have remained in regular, if not constant contact over the years. I've gone to visit her and my "adopted" (former step-)grandkids on several occasions. I am still their "Nonna". I like that.

Well, on June 28th, the oldest - that scrawny hillbilly looking "howndawg" talking little thing ;) - is getting married! She'll be 18 earlier that month, and her fiance is in the Army. I, Nonna, have been asked to be a bridesmaid! How cool is that?!! I am so excited. Nothing could keep me from going.

I have their gifts all planned out already. One of them I can make in a couple of hours. The second will take a little more than that, and the third one will take the longest. I can't tell you what they are, because I don't want them to come here and find out. Not sure if they actually would, but there is that chance. Suffice it to say, I will share them after the wedding. Probably more than a few wedding pictures too! :)

And just a quick note...that scrawny hillbilly howndawg little girl is a GORGEOUS tall beauty! (And a bit of that hillbilly look still hiding in there! LOL)

What's the saying, "You can take the girl out of the country, but you can't take the country out of the girl!"

The wedding will be a country wedding. The bridesmaids will be wearing teal dresses and their cowboy boots. Mine are black and cream, so they should look just fine. (Not so sure how this 53 year old Nonna is going to look in that dress though! LMAO)

So, that's my awesome news for the New Year! I'll update more as we get closer.

On a side note, the baby girl that turned 12 yesterday - the dog ate her birthday cake! Poor thing was NOT a happy camper over that one. :)

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