Saturday, April 19, 2014

It's Spring and I am SOOO Busy!

It's Spring and I am SOOO Busy!
I apologize for not posting much lately, but it IS Spring and, around here that means I have WORK to do! :)

I built, set up, and planted 20 Climbing Rose Bushes. They will be different colors. There is "Climbing Blaze" - a deep red, "Don Juan" - another red, "Golden Showers" - a beautiful yellow, "Climbing Blaze" - another yellow, "Climbing Pinata" - a gorgeous yellow & orange mix, "Climbing Joseph's Coat" - a yellow & orangey-pink mix. Here are pictures of each of them taken from the internet, just so I can show off what they will look like eventually!

 Climbing Blaze

 Climbing Golden Showers

 Climbing Joseph's Coat

 Climbing Pinata

Climbing Yellow Blaze

Here are the flower boxes I built for the Rose Bushes:

 450 boards cut to make the flower boxes!

 Here are some of the boxes stacked up, at this point I still had 8 more to go. ugh!

Here are 5 of the boxes already in place and the Roses planted.

I also spread wildflower mix, native wildflower mix, and drought-tolerant mix out in the front. Hopefully they'll "take" and I'll have a carpet of color. If not, I'll just keep it mowed and "clean" looking...hate a junky yard! :)

I have the greenhouse space all planned, as well as the goat pen and a new pen for a Game Bird hen & her chicks that my cousin is shipping me next week. Have to keep them away from my 3 Girls. They take priority since I've had them for 3 years and they're my "Chickie-doos". They free-range, but have their home I lock them into at night. Once I've had this new girl and her babies a while, locking them in at night, keeping their wings clipped this year, then next year they can free-range as well. I want them to know this is "home" first, and that "home" is where "Mommy" will keep them safe. :) Yeah, I love my Chickie-doo Girlies! Next year I'll be getting some more Rhode Island Reds & Buff Brahmas. They're eggs are so much larger than the little Bantie Game hens'! LOL They'll free-range as well, but have a "safe home" at night like the little ones.

Next week I'll be picking up a couple of Nubian goat babies. The buckling is all white with black speckled ears, and the doeling is black with white speckled ears. He was born 2 weeks ago and she was born yesterday. His name will be Khnum, the Egyptian Goat God & the Nile. Her name is Satet, the Egyptian Goddess of the Nile Waters. Satet is Khnum's wife, so I thought they were appropriate names for my little Nubian Goats. I want them to breed so I will have the goat milk, and can sell the kids. I'll share pictures of them when they arrive. I'll be bottle feeding them for a little while, longer for Satet since she's 2 weeks younger than Khnum.

I'm getting a regular little mini-farm going here! Well, have to stop for now. I'm in the middle of building a new house for my Cinna-Bunny. I'm converting an old cabinet into a base for his cage. I'm about 1/2 done with the construction, then I have to paint it, get his cage in place and it'll finally be another project marked of the To-Do List. Which seems to get longer every day!

Y'all have a Blessed Easter!

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