Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Meet Khnum & Khloe!

Meet Khnum & Khloe!
I just got a couple of baby goats! I am so excited! I've never had goats before, and I had no idea how loving they are! OMG They love to sit in my lap, they snuggle, they butt me with their head when they want me to notice them, pet them, hold them. It's great! They are so sweet! So I just had to share, of course.

They're pen is still being built, a nice large area for them to graze, run around & play, and then a nice solid, warm building to stay in at night, or to get out of the weather. And speaking of weather! Wow, we have 30 mph sustained winds with 60+ mph gusts (and there are more gusts than we'd really like!) So, for now the babies are house in the church building - hubbies new shop - in what will be the shop's office. It used to be the church nursery, so it has a great big window that looks out into the big shop area. They also have a little infrared space heater to keep them warm. I can't wait to finish their pen & house so they can go outside.

The fencing is chicken wire on the outside and 5 rows of electric fencing on the inside. I have some new free-ranging chickens my cousin sent me that will also be housed in that pen area. They'll keep each other company. And hopefully the fencing will keep the coyotes away, and the bobcats, but they can jump the fence if they want, which is why the babies will be locked in at night, so nothing can get them.

The male I named Khnum, after Khnum the Egyptian Goat-Headed God (of the Nile). The female I had another name for (Satet, Khnum's wife and Goddess of the Nile), but the breeders' grandkids had already given her a name, and I liked it, Khloe. When I looked it up, Khloe is another name for the Goddess Demeter, mother of Persephone. (So, I'm sure you can guess what Khloe's first doeling's name will be!)

So, here are my new babies, Khnum (the white one), he's 2 weeks older than Khloe (the black one).


(she wouldn't stand still long enough to get a good picture)

Khnum loves to chew on my shoe laces.

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