Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Autumn is Officially Here!

Autumn is Officially Here!
My favorite time of year is from the Autumnal Equinox to the Spring Equinox. Yes, I'm one of those people who love the colder half of the year! 

Last night I lit my Mabon altar candles, thanked the Gods for the blessings we received in the season just passed and for the blessings coming in this new season.

Here is a blessing for y'all as well:

We've been so busy around here with the renovating, the family reunion, then  relaxing a bit afterward, I have become lackadaisical in my spiritual life. Autumn being the time I really feel "alive" has me also re-evaluating my daily rituals and communing with Spirit, as well as some of the more mundane aspects of daily living too.

I have a had a daily ritual that I used to do "religiously" every morning, but I've not done so in a few years - sadly. It is time to pick it up and do so again. Other than the change in season, what made me decide I needed this?

I was part of an online webinar where the speaker explained that (in his view) that if we do not work daily in our magic and spiritual rituals that we will not be strong in our energies. The stronger our energies the stronger our rituals and the higher the rate of manifestation. This is something I already knew, however, it was also one of those things that can slip by the wayside if not consciously diligent with it.

So, since I consider Autumn to be the true beginning of my year, and not the usual New Year's Day of January 1st, then this has become my "New Year's Resolution". I miss my feeling of inner power...and peace. I've allowed the hectic day-to-day events to put my spiritual life aside. But no more!

I have begun, and will continue, my daily rituals and if nothing else, I will be closer to the Divine and my abilities to manifest all that I need and want. :)

If the changing of the seasons is something that resonates with you...why not re-evaluate your spiritual life? Is it as strong as it could/should be? Do you want it stronger? Are there aspects of your mundane life that (also) need re-evaluating?

Even if this isn't "your" season, begin re-evaluating anyway. Begin making changes now, and then by the time "your" season comes around, you will have a better idea of changes you can make or continue. You could also plan for something special on the first day of "your" season.

Our abilities are limitless, because we are a part of the Divine. We are not separate from It, we are a living, breathing part. So why not begin strengthening our Divine muscles and be as strong as we can. Our strength will allow us to manifest what we desire.

Of course we also have to be positive in our thinking! No negativity or doubts allowed. ;)

I read recently that we should do a minimum of 10 things just for ourselves each day. This can be as simple as getting out of bed to doing a full-on ritual. Nothing is too small, so it doesn't have to be "big" things to accomplish each day. But they must become a routine. A part of your life. Everyday.

So work out your daily routine, stick to it, and watch your abilities and your daily life expand exponentially!

My daily routine:
Get up, get Amanda's (the Pot Belly Pig) food, let her out.
If it's sunny or at least warm out, I take Nici (the Macaw) out to her cage.
Let the goats out, and spread some feed for them and the chickens.
Come inside and clean the cat litter box, the rabbits cage, and Nici's perch floor area.
Set the table for breakfast.
Wash my face and brush my teeth.
Light my daily candle(s), send thanks for my blessings (past & future), say my daily spell, envision my future goals as manifest.
Get on the computer.
Have breakfast when it is ready.
And the rest of the day is what ever it is we're doing for the day.

During all of this I try to be speaking with the Divine on what my wishes are for that day. I also talk to Mother Earth, the Dragons, and the Fae.

Try it yourself. Write out what your routine is, and what you'd like it to be. Then begin. Forgetting every now and then is no biggie. Don't worry about it. Just begin again. There is no failure! Unless you give up and quit. And you only "quit" when you die. But then you'll just be starting over on the Otherside, so you'll just have all new routines then! :D

Have a blessed Autumn season!

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