Sunday, November 30, 2014

Holiday Tarot Reading Special!

Holiday Tarot Reading Special!

Saturday, November 29, 2014

The Busy Season is Here and Blessings Abound!

The Busy Season is Here and Blessings Abound!
Wow, time has flown by and I didn't realize I've been so neglectful here. I apologize sincerely!

Part of my lack in posting has been because the Divine has provided me with the work I could only dreamed of ever getting. I am now working part time as proofreader and office manager for our local newspaper. This newspaper is over 125 years old! I have been working there for a month and a half now and I LOVE it! The man who is my boss, 'S', and the editor, is very laid back, and his wife, 'M', who had filled in for the last year hoping someone else would take the job, has quickly become a very good friend. I love them both, they are great people.

LOL He was worried that I, a Pagan, wouldn't be comfortable working in a Christian environment. I told him I would be uncomfortable working in an environment where there was no faith. The Divine is definitely in our little office, blessing us each day. I've seen It working on S, relaxing him considerably. He used to be so uptight on deadline-day (Tuesdays), that he was always having stomach problems and racing to the bathroom every few minutes. Now, it's not like that. Yes, I will say that it is my organizational skills and office skills and abilities that are directly attributable to this improvement for him. His stress level has been reduced greatly and it shows. So for him, the Divine sent me so he can stay healthy for him family and his job.

The Divine always knows what we need and when we need it. M & S's youngest son was diagnosed with Juvenile Type 2 Diabetes, so M's working was very difficult on the medication and feeding schedule. She has to go to his school to give him his shots every 4 hours and give him something to eat. That and working just wasn't working out at all. So they placed an ad back in June. I didn't see it until mid October. Called, went in for the interview, and was hired. :D My background in owning businesses, blogging, book writing, computer knowledge, etc. was exactly what they were looking for. I intend to be there until I retire. I also 'know' something else regarding the newspaper, but I'll save that for when it manifests as well. It won't be for a while (a year or two), but when it does I'll definitely share. :)

After getting the position at the newspaper I did a ritual of "thanks". Perfect timing since we are in the season of thanksgiving. :) I have been blessed by the Divine with a great new job, doing what I already love (reading, proofreading, research, writing and working with the public), and having an income that is helping out already around here with feeding the animals and ourselves (inflation has really cut into the food budget!), as well as spending money for auctions or whatever. (Ooooh, the goodies I've gotten at auctions lately!)

Now we  are in the Christmas season and last night our little town held its Winterfest. It opens the Christmas season each year with this little festival with street decorations lit up for the first time, bonfires, hay rides, free food from all the stores, sales in all the stores, and a big give-away at the end of the evening that include foods, gifts and town scripts (vouchers to be spent in town)...I won a ham!

The day had been a sunny warm 73 degrees and the night was clear and only 56, so it was perfect!

I hope your Thanksgiving was a wonderful one and I wish all y'all a Blessed Christmas Season!