Saturday, December 13, 2014

Holiday Season Begins

Holiday Season Begins
I haven't had a Christmas tree in over a decade, but this year I finally have one! LOL I won't be able to put decorations on it, only lights, LOTS of lights; because we have 5 cats and 4 dogs, a pig and a Macaw, and there is no way to keep them from destroying everything so bright and shiny and sparkly...and chewable! ;)

Here's my tree prior to getting the lights on it. We're letting it "settle" and the limbs relax before putting on the lights. My Hoodoo-man had to photo-bomb because he saw something outside that caught his interest. :)

I also put up my Christmas/Holiday altar.  That was the first thing I did actually. I have to have my altars up for each season. For January I'll alter it a bit so it is a "winter" altar - adding more white and maybe finding some white garland on sale after Christmas to add to it.

Today I will be baking the cookies that will be sent out to my family (the boys in FL and my sister and nephew in CA). Su likes the chocolate chip cookies, so she'll get most of those. My boys just like "everything", so I'll make sure they get lots of "everything"!

Well, it's time to get to that baking, but I just wanted to stop in to wish all y'all

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