Sunday, September 27, 2015

Super Blood Moon Eclipse Tonight!

Super Blood Moon Eclipse Tonight!

If you don't know it already, then here you the Super Blood Moon Eclipse! An event that will not occur for another 18 years! So start planning now for rituals & spells for EVERYTHING you want, because THIS cosmic event has the power & energy to bring you everything you ask for...FAST!


Friday, September 25, 2015

The Autumn Season is Here ~ Finally!

The Autumn Season is Here ~ Finally!
Autumn is my favorite season of the year, with Winter being a close second favorite. Here in northwest Kansas we don't have the incredible colors we had in Kentucky, but that's ok, as it has its own beauty that I can never get enough of. The fields of crops get harvested, the left-over stalks turn from gold to brown to silver. Very cool!

I harvested my pumpkins (that didn't get animal or bug nibbled on!) and set up my Mabon ~ Autumn altar. I had bought some feathered crows at a flea market and then later found a plastic skeleton crow in a grocery store - of all places, so I put these on the altar as well. I think it turned out great and I love the energies it projects into the house.


I've collected quite a bit of wild sage lately, and I also found a stand of goldenrod - the first I'd seen since moving here, so I gathered a large bit of both and then made smudge wands from the wild sage and bundled the goldenrod to dry. Looks like teas and other medicinals are going to be made soon!

Here are the sage and a couple of the smudge wands:

 And the drying goldenrod:

I may have to go collect more of each before they go out of season. Can never have enough herbs on hand!

Goldenrod: Divination, Encouragement, Find lost/hidden objects, Luck, Money, Prosperity, Wealth

Sage: Animal guides, Aphrodisiac, Blockages removed, Cleansing, Courage, Earth magick, Fertility, Glamoury, Grounding, Healing, Hex breaking, House blessing, Immortality, Longevity, Prosperity, Protection, Purification, Road opening, Smudging, Strength, Wisdom, Wishes