Sunday, March 27, 2016

Hoodoo Hill's New Monthly Subscription Program

Hoodoo Hill's New Monthly Subscription Program
Beginning in April Hoodoo Hill will offer 'Granny Tackett's Monthly Mojo Bag'. Around the 15th of each month I will send out to the subscribers a bag filled with at least 5 items. These items may include a combination of any of the following:

Natural plant element (pine cone, buckeye, dried herbs, etc.)
Stone element (crystal, stone, fossil, etc.)
Animal concern (fur, bone, feather, etc.)
Spiritual item (saint card, prayer card, anointing oil, etc.)
Candle (tea lite)
Red Brick Dust
Dirt Dauber Dust
Seal of Solomon
Spell Work Card
...and anything else I might think of!

There will also be a lesson on ways to use the items in the Mojo Bag!

The cost is $45 / month (shipping w/in the United States is included)

Sign me up for Granny Tackett's Monthly Mojo Bag!

*only showing a small sample of some items that may be included