Sunday, May 3, 2020

Folk Magic with Scentsy

Folk Magic with Scentsy

Weird concept, huh?! :D

Well, hear me out before judging me too harshly!

Folk magic (i.e. hoodoo, rootwork, conjure, kitchen witchery, green witch, etc.) is all about using what you have and creating from what you know. It's using the mundane for the magical.

So, how do you go about using Scentsy in folk magic? OH, MAN, if you like thinking outside the box, then this is for you!

Scentsy has a gazillion (ok, maybe closer to 100) various scents (but mix & match and you may get a gazillion!). These are small wax blocks to be placed in a warmer - and there are lots of warmer styles. So, when doing a working you pick the corresponding aroma you would like, light it up, and enjoy the scent while the fire element (electricity or tea lite, depending on warmer type) sends those energies out to the Universe for manifestation.

Another great one is using the cleaning supplies either, as is; empowered with specific energies; or with herbs and/or crystals added. Their "Squeeze the Day" Collection has a bright, clean, sharp lemon scent that makes the home/office/altar space smell wonderful!

The laundry supplies can be empowered to cleanse not only the mundane dirt, but the etheric dirt as well. Infuse it with protective powers to keep you shielded all day.

The hundreds of diffuser and warmer styles can also be custom-fit to your works. For example:
   Angel Wings Warmer for spiritual works
   Bee Happy Mini Warmer for a working to bring yourself or someone else out of a depression
   Cinderella Carriage warmer for many types of works: moving, finding your Prince Charming, leaving a bad situation for a good one, etc.
   Whoot Warmer when you need wisdom or advice from someone who can help
   Service & Sacrifice Warmer for protection works for you soldier or other front-lines worker
   Rustic Ranch Warmer is perfect for a binding work

I could go on and on and on, but I'm sure you get the idea!

It has taken me some time to figure this out...and I'm the Queen of Mundane to Magical! If I don't have it on hand, then I find something to substitute. The lightbulb went on regarding Scentsy and I just had to share!

So, stop by my Scentsy website to take a look around. If you place a $25 or more order be sure to let me know you're my Hoodoo Hill customer and I will include (sent separately) an order of Red Brick Dust from our almost 90-year old church building on our property.

Angel Wings Warmer

Bee Happy Mini Warmer

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