Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Can 2020 Just Please END Already?!

Can 2020 Just Please END Already?!

I don't know about you, but I have HAD IT with 2020!

This year has brought devastation to the country through thugs destroying businesses, lives, and even whole cities. Disgusting. There was ZERO reason for it. Protest to your heart's content, but DO NOT destroy businesses or be the cause of someone's death over your petulant, childish, overly exaggerated reaction to a situation that has absolutely nothing to do with you personally. Fight the right way.

This year I almost lost my husband - twice.

This year my oldest son went through a divorce - his second, after waiting over 10 years after the first divorce to finally find someone.

This year my sister had a return of breast cancer - her second, having lost one breast ten years ago.

This year I lost my two special elderly furbabies within minutes of each other.

This year is an election year and with the candidates in play on all levels (state & national), we are in a fight for our great Constitution as the Founding Fathers designed it or Socialism/Communism as the liberals have been working for over a century to turn this country into. Do people not study comparative government any longer? The latest travesty of wealth to poverty is Venezuela. Do the research. That form of government has never worked to the betterment and uplifting of any peoples in any time in history. Ever.

We have 58 days left in this year. I can only pray nothing more happens. But 58 days can be a very long time!

We need to each take time each day to begin to heal ourselves - from within. By working with ourselves first, then it will begin to ripple out to those around us, which in turn ripples out further and further.

Take the time to light a candle each day/evening/night, whichever time works for you, to send healing to yourself and ultimately out to others.

With all the negative going on it is having a devastating affect on humanity as a whole. Let's do just one minor little thing for ourselves each day with full intention of nothing more than love. Share love. Send it out. Watch that candle flame and send in love to yourself, and out love to anything and anyone within your sphere of existence.

Take a ritual bath to wash away the negative. I always recite, as the water is draining out:

Scrub, cleanse, rinse & shine
Negative aspects divide in twine.
Down the drain, wash away,
Begin anew on this day.

Make up your own - it's fun!

Ring a bell to send it's clear, true vibrations out to blast away any negative energies.

Smudging is great for sooo many things, so smudge away!

There is so much you can do to clear the vibrations around you! Let's do so and then begin anew each day, and when 2020 finally comes to a close, maybe it won't be with such a sigh of relief, but instead one of thankfulness for the lessons experienced and learned.

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