Saturday, December 15, 2018

A Wonderful Find!

A Wonderful Find!

Today, I heard from a client that I haven't heard from in sometime. A very sweet woman who is in need of healing as several health issues have come up.

In trying to decide a course of action, as usual, I do a search online, as well as through my blog here on whatever the subject may be, especially as I've covered most topics at one time or another over the years. The subject was "Reiki," which is a healing method that was new to her. I've been a Reiki Master/Teacher for over 20 years now (wow, how time flies!) and feel it will most definitely be of benefit to her.

Anyway, the first blog post that came up was a 4-year old article called, Energy Focus with Fractals. It blew me away - again!

It sometimes amazes me at the amount of great information we learn and then lose. I will be implementing these fractals into my spiritual life - again - and I can't wait to see how their energies work changes in my life! The fact that this woman, and these fractals appeared now tells me that the Synchronicity Train is up and running again. :)


Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Hoodoo Hill Website

Hoodoo Hill Website

I have been waiting a very long time for the URL for to become available - and it finally did! It is now MINE!

So, I am (slowly due to my business life-schedule) getting the site built and everything there that I want. Currently, there are no photos of the products, just a general listing (it's amazing how much time that takes!) I'm working on it, so don't give up on me! I still have the Shoppe & Services page here on this blog, as well as my Etsy shop, the Facebook page, and there is always email, to contact me for questions or works you need.

Eventually, I'll get it all organized a bit better, but for now, just hang in there - it will get done! I really look forward to helping y'all even more in the future!


Saturday, November 17, 2018

When Faith & Spirituality Change

When Faith & Spirituality Change

How often have you found yourself realizing that you haven't been as diligent in your spiritual life, and you seem to have 'lost faith' in your ability to be faith-full?

I've spent much of the last few years in this type of situation. I used to have a morning ritual, say a charm of cleansing & protection while bathing, have a greeting to my Guides each day, give thanks at each meal. But the last three to four years feel as though I've been very lax in this regard.

There have been spurts of activity, especially when I became consciously aware that I was not being as conscientious as I should be, but overall, my spiritual life has sucked. So, looking back over those years, what changed?

Four years ago, I went to work at a local newspaper and then bought that newspaper two and half years ago. I am bizzz-eeee! To say the least! But yet, I'm not. There is still 'down time' and plenty of time at home when I could still be spiritually active with rituals, spells, and works of all kinds.

There have been plans in the works to do how-to videos. But everyone does those, so why would mine be any different? They wouldn't, they'd just be done by "Granny Tackett." So what. I'm not one for needing my face out on the internet trying to prove whatever it is I know. Besides, I'm far better at writing...probably why I own a newspaper. :D

So, reviewing my spiritual life, has it really "sucked" or has it just changed; morphing with my new life-schedule?

When I bathe, I still recite my charm of cleansing & protection. So, that's good.

I greet my Guides as I watch the sun rise on the far horizon while I feed and care for our farm animals. So, that's a great one!

Everyday when I get to work the woman who works with me always makes sure we pull cards and record it in our Tarot diary on the computer. So, no faltering there.

I give thanks at every meal. So, again, no faltering there either.

Every little 'good thing' that comes my way, I always say, "Thank you" for it. I maintain an "Attitude of Gratitude".

The only thing I don't do as regularly is spell works. Reviewing the 'why' of it, I find that I do, but only as-needed. And I really haven't needed to!

My life is blessed!

I have my Guides who guide me. I have the Creator Who makes sure my needs are met. I have my Deities who remind me when I need to do more. And, I have an Attitude of Gratitude that keeps the blessings flowing toward me.

So, the next time you feel you've been in a slump, mundane or spiritual, stop and take a good long review to figure out the 'why' of it. You'll either find that you are, indeed, slumping, or that it has been so subtly consistent that you didn't realize that it is so much a part of your life that it  'just is".

For bringing this supposed slump to my attention, and helping me to realize that it wasn't actually; I want to thank my Guides, the Creator, and the Deities (i.e. La Muerte & Mother Mary, in particular, and a few who shall remain private).

I hope y'all find that you, also, aren't really in that slump and how truly blessed your life really is! :)

Friday, March 30, 2018

BOOK SALE! Through April 10, 2018


Through April 15, 2018, I am going to have my 2-volume book set (pdf version) on sale. This is over 1200 pages of everything you need for doing any type of work, knowing just about any magical word you need, and so much more!!

They're regular price on Etsy is $75, and through the publisher in hard copy, for over $100. I am looking to really get them out there so more people can utilize them, because there are literally, no other books as comprehensive as these like it out on the market today.

So, for a limited time, I am going to sell the .pdf versions together for $50, which is a huuuuge savings!

These books took me over 7 years to write, and I just spent 6 months updating them with a considerable amount of new information. I know you'll find them very useful. I've been using them for over 10 years and still refer back to them all the time. I wrote them, but I actually still find new information in them when I go looking for something. :D

I probably won't offer this again any time soon. Far too much work went into them to "give them away".

Click the link, which will take you to the Etsy Hoodoo Hill shop. They will download as soon as payment is received.