Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Year's Knot Magic

New Year's Knot Magic

10' long rope
Find 9 objects that will be tied into the knots

As you say each line of the spell, tie a knot around the object that goes with that knot. Each knot should be about 12" apart (or at least evenly spaced), so there will be a rope at the top and a tail of rope at the end. If you have to measure it out and mark the rope at each 12", this way you'll know where to place each knot.

The objects should represent aspects of your life you want covered in the coming year.

For example, these are what I have planned (at the moment, but I tend to change things on the spur-of-the-moment):
1) Money - tie a small bag of coins in one knot
2) Good Health - for me, the Sun represents "healing", so I will tie a sun shape into this knot
3) Employment/Career - I do pyrography, so I will make a small woodburned talisman to tie in this knot
4) Family - tie a small picture of your family to this knot
5) Happy Home - tie something that reminds you of "home" in this knot
6) Marriage/Relationship - tie a ring or other item that would remind you of your partner
7) "Wants" - write a Petition Paper the (reasonable) things you want to get or achieve this year (for me it's a new pyrography pen set, and other craft tools)
8) "Needs" - write on a Petition Paper the things you know you will need that will improve your life (for me, that would be the materials to make the pyrography designs to sell, and the materials to finish the renovations on our old brick one-room schoolhouse)
9) "Blessings" - write the most memorable blessings that happened for the previous year (2013)
10) Good Luck - tie a good luck talisman to this knot. I decorate old horseshoes with beads & wire, I will place this one on the bottom knot, 1) because it's heavy, and 2) then all of the blessing from the other knots & items can flow into the horseshoe and overflow until "my cup runneth over".
11) Protection of All - tie the 2 ends together to make it into a circle, and this is your protection that seals and protects the other knots in the spell.

These are just a few ideas.There are as many ways to do this as there each of us who will do it. So have fun, and have a Happy, Healthy, Prosperous New Year!

By knot of one, the spell's begun.
By knot of two, the magic comes true.
By knot of three, so it shall be.
By knot of four, this power is stored.
By knot of five, my will shall drive.

By knot of six, the spell I fix.
By knot of seven, the future I leaven.
By knot of eight, my will be fate.
By knot of nine, what is done is mine

New Year's Eve Dark Moon Banishing Ritual

New Year's Eve Dark Moon Banishing Ritual
Today, December 31, 2013 is a special day! It is a Dark Moon, and the Dark Moon phase is thee perfect time for banishing rituals, and the fact that today is New Year's Eve is beyond excellent! So that means a banishing work is definitely in order.

Pen (black ink)
Cauldron (or other fire-proof item)

Candles: Black - banishing, Purple - remove bad luck, Red - fast action
Place these in that order (black, purple, red) on a fire-proof surface or stand in sand which is in a fire-proof bowl or plate.
The cauldron is placed in front of the candles.

Banishing Herbs: choose any odd number of the following (I will be choosing 9):
Agrimony, Ague Root, Angelica Root, Asafoetida, Ash, Avens, Bamboo, Basil, Bean, Belladonna, Bergamot, Birch, Black Locust, Blessed Thistle, Boldo, Boneset, Brimstone, Buckthorn, Cayenne, Celandine, Chili pepper, Clover, Cloves, Copal, Cramp Bark, Cumin, Datura, Devil’s Bit, Dill, Dragon’s Blood, Egg Shell, Elder, Elderberry, Fern, Fleabane, Frankincense, Fumitory, Galangal Root, Garlic, Gentian Root, Heliotrope, Holy Thistle, Horehound, Horseradish, Huckleberry, Hydrangea, Hyssop, Juniper, Knotweed, Leek, Lilac, Mallow, Marshmallow, Mint, Mistletoe, Monkshood, Mullein, Myrrh, Nettle, Nuts, Onion, Peach, Peony, Pennyroyal, Pepper, Peppermint, Pine, Pistachio, Poke Root, Rosemary, Rue, Sage, Sagebrush, St. John’s Wort, Sandalwood, Sloe, Solomon’s Seal, Squill, Sulfur, Tamarisk, Thistle, Toadflax, Vetivert, Vinegar, Wahoo, Wintergreen, Witchgrass, Wormwood, Yarrow
Place half of your chosen herb mixture in the cauldron. The other half the candles will be dressed with and will be spread in a circle around the candles, and around the top of the altar

Banishing OIl: Dress the candle in the Banishing Oil and roll in the herbs to dress.

Dragon’s Blood, Frankincense

Hour: Mars, Saturn, or Sun
Time: (Saturn) 7 pm, (Mars) 9 pm, (Sun) 10 pm (In Lesson 3: Potions & Powders is a set of Planetary Correspondences you can use to see where I figured this from: day - Tuesday, hours of Mars, Saturn, & Sun)
If you started your work at 7 pm during the hour of Saturn,it would definitely run through the hour of the Sun, so you would get the power of each of them!

Petition Paper:
First write your name, then on top of that write 9x's that which you wish to banish, then turn the paper to the left one time, and write again 9x's, that which you wish to banish over the top of the first set.
Next, fold the paper in half away from you, turn it to the left and fold it again away from you. Keep turning & folding until you can't fold it any more.
Tie the petition paper closed with the string.
Place this in the cauldron.
(You could, instead make a Petition Planetary Paquet, if you wanted to.)

If you like to use the appropriate Seals of Solomon or Black Pullet Seals, be sure to have these placed around the outside circle of herbs that are around the candles & cauldron, or placed on top of the Circle of your choice (Punish Evil, Mercy, Blessings - either of the latter 2 would actually be more appropriate for tomorrow's, New Year's Day's Full Moon work, but you do what you feel is most appropriate for your situation). This Circle and the Seals would then first be placed under the candle plate, in the center of the altar.

For the ritual itself you will light the candles with matches. The sulfur from the matches will begin the banishing, and the ritual will complete it.

You can either have a spell written to speak/read or just stand and envision all of your troubles leaving so you will begin the New Year with a completely clean & pure energy surrounding you, having all negative energies banished.

Other items you may wish to place around your altar could include anything you feel reminds you of "removing" or "banishing" or "binding". I have a couple of balled-up rusted together lengths of chains, and my altar cloth will be black. I will post a picture of it once the ritual has been started.

**Ok, promised you the picture, so here it is. I just started it 1/2 an hour ago.


Tomorrow, a New Moon ritual will be done to bring to me that which I need and want during this coming year. I will do basically the same as here, except the herbs will be for blessing, and the candles and altar cloth will be white. If it happens to snow (not likely, unfortunately), I will gather some to place in a bowl on the altar.

Wishing all y'all a very Blessed and Happy New Year!

Sunday, December 29, 2013

January 2014 ~ Special Moon Phases!

January 2014 ~ Special Moon Phases!

Lunar Phase Spell Workings

"Black Moon"
Black Moon -
Finder’s Moon
Secret Moon
Spinner’s Moon
Beginnings, Negative magick
Extremely powerful time for any magick workings, especially any negative intent
Banishing, Binding, Exorcisms, Hexing, Revenge, Vengeance
Third New Moon in a Four New Moon Season & Second New Moon in a month

**Note that the meme above refers to the "Dark Moon", this also is correct, especially as the New Moon also falls within the same month, thus making it a "Black Moon". So the Dark Moon, the night before the New Moon, is for banishing, etc., but the New Moon is for beginnings, etc. With both of the "Black Moons" coming in January you are then given an extra powerful boost for each type of work; banishing, etc. & beginnings, etc.

January Lunar Correspondences

Chaste Moon, Cold Moon, Disting Moon, Moon of Little Winter, Quiet Moon, Snow Moon, Wolf Moon
Ch’ang-O, Freyja, Hera, Inanna, Saraswati
Nature Spirits:
Brownies, Gnomes
Cones, Holy Thistle, Marjoram, Nuts & Seeds
Birch, Hazel
Crocus, Snowdrop
Mimosa, Musk
Chrysoprase, Garnet, Hematite, Onyx, Jet
Black, Blue-Violet, Bright White, Silver
Coyote, Fox
Blue Jay, Pheasant
Adventurous, Ambition, Awareness, Beauty, Beginning & conceiving; Business, Career, Conserving energy; Energy below the surface, Organization, Political matters, Potential, Protection, Recognition, Reputation, Reversing spells, Sluggish, Spirituality

Too Funny ~ Have to Share!

Too Funny ~ Have to Share!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Santa's Making His Deliveries!

Santa's Making His Deliveries!


Monday, December 23, 2013

Yule Log & Christmas Dinner Centerpiece

Yule Log & Christmas Dinner Centerpiece
A nice article I found regarding the history of the Yule Log (easier than copying and re-writing, and I like the way this person writes, clear & simple.):

In Northern Europe, Winter festivities were once considered to be a Feast of the Dead, completeyule log with ceremonies full of spirits, devils, and the haunting presence of the Norse god, Odin, and his night riders. One particularly durable Solstice festival was "Jol" (also known as "Jule" and pronounced "Yule"), a feast celebrated throughout Northern Europe and particularly in Scandinavia to honor Jolnir, another name for Odin. Since Odin was the god of intoxicating drink and ecstasy, as well as the god of death, Yule customs varied greatly from region to region. Odin's sacrificial beer became the specially blessed Christmas ale mentioned in medieval lore, and fresh food and drink were left on tables after Christmas feasts to feed the roaming Yuletide ghosts. Even the bonfires of former ancient times survived in the tradition of the Yule Log, perhaps the most universal of all Christmas symbols.

The origins of the Yule Log can be traced back to the Midwinter festivals in which the Norsemen indulged...nights filled with feasting, "drinking Yule" and watching the fire leap around the log burning in the home hearth. The ceremonies and beliefs associated with the Yule Log's sacred origins are closely linked to representations of health, fruitfulness and productivity. In England, the Yule was cut and dragged home by oxen or horses as the people walked alongside and sang merry songs. It was often decorated with evergreens and sometimes sprinkled with grain or cider before it was finally set alight.

In Yugoslavia, the Yule Log was cut just before dawn on Christmas Eve and carried into the house at twilight. The wood itself was decorated with flowers, colored silks and gold, and then doused with wine and an offering of grain. In an area of France known as Provencal, families would go together to cut the Yule Log, singing as they went along. These songs asked for blessings to be bestowed upon their crops and their flocks. The people of Provencal called their Yule Log the trefoire and, with great ceremony, carried the log around the house three times and christened it with wine before it was set ablaze.

To all European races, the Yule Log was believed to bring beneficial magic and was kept burning for at least twelve hours and sometimes as long as twelve days, warming both the house and those who resided within. When the fire of the Yule Log was finally quenched, a small fragment of the wood would be saved and used to light the next year's log. It was also believed that as long as the Yule Log burned, the house would be protected from witchcraft. The ashes that remained from the sacred Yule Log were scattered over fields to bring fertility, or cast into wells to purify and sweeten the water. Sometimes, the ashes were used in the creation of various charms...to free cattle from vermin, for example, or to ward off hailstorms.

Some sources state that the origin of Yule is associated with an ancient Scandinavian fertility god and that the large, single Log is representative of a phallic idol. Tradition states that this Log was required to burn for twelve days and a different sacrifice to the fertility god had to be offered in the fire on each of those twelve days.

(The History of Christmas)

I figured I'd share this simple explanation of the Yule Log and then share the one I made this year. In 2011 we lived in KY and there was this incredibly beautiful 75 year old Holly tree in the high pasture. There was large branch that had fallen and the leaves had finally died off of it. I found a good sized piece of this branch and saved it for my Yule log. It is this piece that I have decorated again this year. I have to say, it looks far better than that first one! LOL

Here are the materials I gathered:

Holly Yule log
1/4" thick Plywood
Juniper & Cedar branches
Small Pine cones
Red & Green satin string
Curly branches from a Harry Lauder Walking Stick tree (I'd saved them from our tree in KY)
Red, White, Blue, & Silver glitter
White Feathers
Red & White candles
Hot glue gun & sticks
Spray Adhesive

I attached the Yule log to the plywood, having discovered the last time I decorated the Yule log that it wasn't very stable, and would tip easily.

I first placed the curly branches around the log and attached with the hot glue. I really hate hot glue for permanent projects, but for something that I want to disassemble and re-decorate year after year, it's perfect.

Next, I placed the Juniper & Cedar branches (which I'd acquired from a few of the trees in our windbreak, and gave "thanks" for their sharing for this project), hot gluing them in place as well.

Then I placed the pine cones in the branches, and the candles on the log. Around the base of the candles I hot glued some of the red & green satin string (OMG that sucked! The wax was melting and the hot glue & wax together were sticking to my fingers! Note to self: Need to find a better way to do that next time! LOL)

I used the spray adhesive very lightly in places and then sprinkled a tiny bit of glitter on the branches, log, candles, and a bit more heavily, around the candle bases. I'm not for "glittery" things, (and don't get me started on "bling"! ugh), but considering that I didn't have any trees or plants on the property that have red berries on them, I felt the whole design needed a touch of color somewhere besides just the candles.

Lastly, I placed a few of the white feathers. And that was the last of it. Until one of the dogs decided to eat one end of the design and I had to re-do that portion. :( Oh well, no one but me (and hubby) knows, and it still looks great, so no biggie.

As I worked on this project I prayed thanks to the trees that shared of themselves to contribute to the beauty of the piece and I thanked Spirit for the gift of inspiration and the ability to create something of beauty to share with others.

Here is this year's Yule Log & Christmas Dinner Centerpiece:


Saturday, December 7, 2013

Wishing Everyone A Merry Yule & Merry Christmas!

Wishing Everyone A Merry Yule & Merry Christmas!
Yes, I used the no-no "Merry Christmas" greeting. Oh well. For those sad enough to be "offended", suck it up! Why would anyone be offended at being sent a greeting that is sent from the heart?! Who cares what faith system it comes from, it's still a greeting sent in love, and "love" is from the Divine. Those who don't like it, and complain about it, must be some really sour-ass people in my book.

When someone wishes me a "Merry Christmas", or if someone says "Happy Hannukah", or "Have a blessed day", I smile and return the greeting, and I feel lighter and happier for it. For one, it's only polite, and two, the feelings of mutual greeting make for a much better day for both parties. Why ruin theirs, and yours, by getting all bent because they didn't do the bullshit "pc" thing and just give the generic greeting, such as "Happy Holidays". Ugh. I'm sick to death of the pc bs being shoved down everyone's throat, especially around the holidays.

So, with that said, whatever the holiday it is that occurs during this time of year (and there sure do seem to be more than a few of them!), I want to wish all of you the greeting that holds the most importance to you! So here are a few, and I apologize if I missed yours. If so, please consider it bestowed upon you! :)

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

You Might Practice a Traditional Strain of Witchcraft If...

You Might Practice a Traditional Strain of Witchcraft If...
Found this on Facebook and just had to share it here with y'all! I can definitely state that 9 out of the 13 apply to me (those excluded are 6, 7, 10, & 11). How about y'all? ;)

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Thanksgiving~Autumn Recipes

Thanksgiving~Autumn Recipes
Samhain is our anniversary and the Witch's New Year, so are very special to me. But my favorite holiday of all is Thanksgiving! I LOVE Autumn, my favorite season, all the incredible colors, the cooler temperatures, watching the leaves fall from the trees and they become incredibly beautiful dark skeletons against gray & white skies. Awesome!

But like I said, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. When my boys were growing up we always had Thanksgiving at our home, and we rarely had less than 10 people. The most was 22 four days after my youngest son was born! LOL I loved the challenge!

Over the years there have been some recipes added and others altered or deleted altogether, but each has memories attached. Food and memories, scientifically proven to go hand-in-hand, so no wonder they are always so strong in our minds!

So here are some of our recipes that I've gathered, altered, invented, and used over the last 30+ years. I've placed them in order of when to make them, some of which are made a few days in advance.


1 Loaf each - Rye, Pumpernickel & White bread - cubed & dried in the oven
1 pkg Mushrooms
1/2 pkg fresh Cranberries
3 lg Celery Stalks
1 pkg Hot Jimmie Dean Sausage
1 pkg Walnuts
1/2 cup Sugar

Three days before Thanksgiving (Monday) you will put all of these ingredients together:
Cube & dry the breads in the oven.
Combine all ingredients in a large bowl and mix very well.
The sausage will need to be broken up into small pieces as it is added to the mixture.
Cover with plastic wrap and set in the refrigerator.
Each day stir the mixture completely.
This setting in the refrigerator allows the sugar to combine all the ingredients' flavors, and mellow the hot sausage.
There will be enough to stuff both ends of the turkey as well as have more to heat on the stove.

Cranberry Sauce
1 12 oz pkg Fresh Cranberries
1 cup Sugar
1/2 cup Water
1 Tablespoon Lemon juice
1 Tablespoon Orange juice
1 Tablespoon Cornstarch

Two days before Thanksgiving (Tuesday) you will make this:
Combine sugar &  water, stirring to dissolve the sugar.
Add lemon & orange juices & cornstarch.
Add cranberries.
Cook cranberries & sauce until the cranberries burst, then mash.
Cook 10 minutes, then remove from heat.
Place in bowl, cover and refrigerate.
This time will allow the flavors to blend and make a perfectly flavored cranberry sauce.

1 20 oz can Chunk Pineapple - drained
1 16 oz can Mandarin Orange segments - drained
1 1/2 cups Seedless Grapes
1 cup Mini Marshmallows
1 cup flaked Coconut
1/2 cup broken Walnuts
3/4 cup Vanilla Yogurt
1 Tablespoon Sugar

One day before Thanksgiving (Wednesday) you will make this:
Combine all ingredients together and mix thoroughly.
Refrigerate, stirring occasionally until serving.

This one everyone knows, but I'll just give a few hints regarding how I season ours and keep it super moist.

Melted Butter (1 stick)
Morton's Seasoned Salt
Garlic Salt

Combine all of the seasonings into the melted butter and spread over the entire turkey. I do this before it goes into the oven, wait 30 minutes and then every 15 minutes until I take it out of the oven. The final time, I syringe just the drippings from the turkey over it.

The giblets are cooked separately and with the drippings are kept and used to make the gravy - yes, lumps and all! ;)

Spicy Mustard Deviled Eggs
6 (or more) hard-boiled Eggs
2 Tablespoons Butter - softened
2 Tablespoons Mayonaisse
1 teaspoon Spicy Brown Mustard
1/2 teaspoon White Pepper
1/4 teaspoon Curry Powder
Chopped Chives

Boil & prepare the eggs, slicing in half lengthwise.
Remove the yolks into a bowl.
Place the sliced eggs on a platter.
Mash & cream the yolks with the butter & mayonaisse.
Add the mustard, white pepper & curry powder and mix well.
Garnish with the chives & paprika.
Refrigerate until serving.

Smashed Potatoes
2 potatoes per person
Ranch dressing

Boil the potatoes, do not peel the skins.
Drain and place in a large bowl.
Add salt, pepper, butter and begin mixing until smooth but still a bit "dry".
Add Ranch dressing a little at a time until the potatoes are smooth, creamy & fluffy.

Turkey Giblet & Drippings Gravy
Giblets - cooked on stove top in seasoned water
Drippings - from bottom of turkey pan
2+ cups Milk
2+ Tablespoons Flour

Chop the giblets and place in saucepan on medium-high heat.
Add the turkey drippings.
Add 1 cup milk to saucepan.
Add flour to the remaining milk, and combine completely until smooth and creamy.
Add flour-milk mixture slowly to the saucepan, stirring constantly.

Of course, there is always the awesome desserts! Usually if I make the dinner, the guests bring the desserts. So I'll leave those recipes up to you. ;)

While making each of these recipes I always bless the foods to bring happiness, joy, health & well-being to all who eat them. I make sure to have a thankful frame of mind, so that each dish is infused with love and the joy of making them for those who will be coming into my home to consume them.

So go shopping, get your ingredients, and begin planning your Thanksgiving dinner!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Winter Cold & Flu Potions

Winter Cold & Flu Potions
I've been lucky. I rarely have any cold or flu-like symptoms, but when I get the proverbial sore throat or feel like I'm getting one, I really hate taking OTC meds. And prescriptions - forget it. I refuse to go to the doctor unless I am truly "dying". ;)

I prefer to take herbs when I begin feeling "off". Dandelion tea made from the entire plant is always a good one, as well as Echinacea, Yarrow & Goldenrod. Among others, depending on what I need and what my taste buds are in the mood for. (Let's face it sometimes those teas' flavors really do suck, regardless of how much honey you "add to taste"!)

Recently, I found some remedies that are OMG! good! In fact, I could eat them all day...and what's so cool is that, it would be OK to do so because it's all healthy and delicious too!

Lemon~Ginger, Orange~Cinnamon~Clove, Lemon

The pretty little goodies in these nice little canning jars are easy to make, taste awesome, and are very healthy for you! And the perfect remedy for when you feel that "something" coming on.

(OK, to do the CYA thing - this may not cure you of what ever you may have coming on, but it will help to some degree and it certainly won't hurt (unless you're allergic to some of the ingredients - which is on you to alter the recipe, if that's the case). IF you're truly ill and can't shake it, then DUH! go see your physician to get the appropriate care you need.)

Now for the recipes!

1/2 pint (or larger) canning jar
Honey (enough to cover the lemon slices)
Lemons (2-4 depending on canning jar size)

Lemon ~ Ginger
1/2 pint (or larger) canning jar
Honey (enough to cover the lemon slices)
Lemons (2 - 4 depending on canning jar size)
Ginger (1/2 - 1 teaspoon depending on how spicy you want it & canning jar size)

Orange ~ Cinnamon ~ Clove
1/2 pint (or larger) canning jar
Honey (enough to cover the lemon slices)
Oranges (1/2 - 1 depending on canning jar size)
Cloves (12 - 16 depending on how much you like cloves & canning jar size)
Cinnamon (2 2" sticks or 1/2 - 1 teaspoon ground, depending on how spicy you want it & canning jar size)

Slice the lemons or oranges cross-ways, and then each slice in half if it's too large for the jar.
Place the fruit slices loosely in the jar.
Cover with the honey.
Stir to distribute the honey over the fruit.
Place the sealed jar in the refrigerator.
The honey draws the juice from the fruits so you will need to stir the fruit & honey mixture several times a day over the next few days to mix the liquids together.
Over the next few weeks the honey will break down the fruit slices, and as you keep stirring them each day the fruits will break up and the honey-fruit syrup will form.
You can take bites of the liquid or wait until the fruits break down more before starting to take any.
As the liquid is depleted you can add more honey and/or fruit slices as necessary.
Without use or refilling, this will store for 2-3 months.

So simple to make, and soooo good to eat! Now, before you get to feeling yucky, go make some of this to have on hand. Take a bite every day for prevention, or once you begin to feel something coming on, at the latest. Either way, you're going to love this stuff! :)

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Are You Crossed? How to Help Yourself

Are You Crossed? How to Help Yourself
I firmly believe in "do it yourself". I also firmly believe in not taking money from people just because I "can". Because I have an ability to do something they're convinced they don't. Well, I'm here to tell you that EVERYBODY has the ability, and the obligation, to protect themselves, their family, and their immediate environment (home, work space, car). It does not take a Witch, a Hoodoo, a rootworker, or any other person of any other "name" to do this for you. YOU are the one responsible for YOUR own self. Not us. We are here for the larger picture. The truly "out of your league" things. But simple day-to-day protection is YOUR responsibility. And I'm here to help you learn how. 

So. Are You Really Crossed??

It is entirely possible, although most likely not. However, why not protect yourself in the off-chance that it is going on or could happen in the future?

First think of people who may have a reason (and for some people it could be any reason) to cause you irritations and/or harm. Also consider if there is anyone you may have slighted in any way. And again, for some people they just may only think they were slighted. Write down all the names you can think of in order of possibility from most likely to least likely. Burn this piece of paper and flush it down the toilet. They no longer "exist" for you and thus are no longer a worry.
Then you'll need to cleanse your environment. If may even just be the place you're living in, and not you in particular. But cleansing your environment and then yourself will repel it from you & your surroundings. To do this take an onion for each room of your house and place it there (as close to the middle of the room as possible, if you can, but so you won't step on it or it won't be in the way, otherwise on a table or counter or dresser is fine). Leave it for 3 days. It will gather the negative energy. Each day recite Psalm 52.

Psalm 52:
Why boastest thou thyself in mischief, O mighty man? the goodness of God endureth continually.
The tongue deviseth mischiefs; like a sharp razor, working deceitfully.
Thou lovest evil more than good; and lying rather than to speak righteousness. Selah.
Thou lovest all devouring words, O thou deceitful tongue.
God shall likewise destroy thee for ever, he shall take thee away, and pluck thee out of thy dwelling place, and root thee out of the land of the living. Selah.
The righteous also shall see, and fear, and shall laugh at him:
Lo, this is the man that made not God his strength; but trusted in the abundance of his riches, and strengthened himself in his wickedness.
But I am like a green olive tree in the house of God: I trust in the mercy of God for ever and ever.
I will praise thee for ever, because thou hast done it: and I will wait on thy name; for it is good before thy saints. 

After the 3 days, then collect them - DO NOT TOUCH them - use gloves or something so your hands don't touch the onions. Place them in a bag and remove from your property completely. If possible bury them some place so Mother Earth can cleanse the negative energy into positive. Dig the hole (at least 12" deep) and dump the onions out of the bag and into the hole, then place the bag in the hole as well, covering the onions. Then cover all of it with the dirt that was dug out of the hole. Stomp the dirt down tight so it is not likely to wash away or anyone (or any animals) to step in it and hurt themselves (if it's in a place that this could be possible).

Next, place a lemon in each room - same as with the onion. Leave for 3 days and then remove as well. The onion removes negative energy and the lemon will cleanse and purify the now "empty" space. Do not bury the lemons anywhere near the onions. These can be buried on your property.

Each day of these 6 days take a cleansing shower/bath to remove the negative energy from yourself. SEE it washing down the drain.

FEEL yourself removed of all negativity while the onion is working, and then SEE yourself cleansed & purified while the lemon is working.

Recite these verses the entire time you're washing during the 3 days of the onion:

Psalm 52: 2-5 "The tongue deviseth mischiefs; like a sharp razor, working deceitfully. Thou lovest evil more than good; and lying rather than to speak righteousness. Selah.
Thou lovest all devouring words, O thou deceitful tongue.

God shall likewise destroy thee for ever, he shall take thee away, and pluck thee out of thy dwelling place, and root thee out of the land of the living."

Recite these verses the entire time you're washing during the 3 days of the lemon:

Psalm 26:6 "I wash my hands, Lord, to show my innocence, and to worship at your altar"

Psalm 51:7 "Purge me with hyssop, and I shall be clean: wash me and I shall be whiter than snow".

To protect you & your environment after the negativity removing & the cleansing & purifying place a SATOR Square on each sill surrounding your windows & exterior-access doors (front door, back door, garage door - any door that opens to the outside) and on each mirror in the home. This is the SATOR Square:

S  A  T  O  R
A  R  E  P  O
T  E  N  E  T
O  P  E  R  A
R  O  T  A  S

If possible, place red brick dust and/or salt across each threshold into the house. Salt is probably easier to come by, but if you can get - or have - red bricks, pound some of them into dust to place across your doorways. And recite Psalm 23 (see below) as you do so. If you can remember to recite this Psalm each day, that would be great, but if not, at least when you think about it (life tends to get in the way, I know).

To protect yourself when you're outside your home, keep a piece of paper with the SATOR Square written on it in your wallet. IF you want, you can also make a Mojo bag to keep protective items in and with you at all times. Keep it in your pocket.

Take a small piece of cloth and place in it a pebble you find that draws you to pick it up, place salt, pepper, and basil in the cloth, along with the SATOR Square. Use string to tie the cloth around the pebble and the herbs. This is a simple Mojo bag that will help keep you protected. As you're making it recite: 

Psalm 23
23 The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.
He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters.
He restoreth my soul: he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name's sake.
Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.
Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over.
Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the Lord for ever

 You can also add the Seals of Solomon to your Mojo bag or place them around your home. Look through the Seals here, clicking the links to read each lesson to find the ones that you feel would be the most beneficial to you. Be sure to read the "Introduction" lesson so you know how to activate the Seal(s) you've chosen.

These are all simple things you can do to keep yourself safe and protected inside and away from your home. I could tell you that you have to have someone else do all of this for you, but I'd be lying. YOU know best about your situation, no one else does. And it is YOU who can do the most to help yourself. Not someone else. The Lord helps those who help themselves. And I like helping those who don't know how, to teach them what to do so they do know how.

If you begin doing these things as part of your daily routine, then it becomes a part of your life, which in turn keeps you protected at all times. Yes, there are times when you may need something more, but for the average person this is more than enough.

I hope I haven't scared y'all off, and you'll see that you are more than capable of doing so much for yourself. Information is free, so learn all you can before jumping to spend money. It isn't always better to depend on someone else to that which you should be doing for yourself.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Some Fun Halloween Treats

Some Fun Halloween Treats
I saw a version of this idea on Facebook, but typical "me", I have to embellish on a good idea to make it "mine". :)

Ziplock Baggies
Chocolate Chips
Small Marshmallows
Candy Corn
Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal
Card Stock paper
Colored Markers

Chocolate Chips - "Witch's Warts"
Small Marshmallows - "Ghost Poop"
Candy Corn - "Jack O'Lantern Teeth"
Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal - "Monster Scabs" 

Fill each Ziplock Baggie about 1/3rd full of each ingredient, one ingredient per baggie.
Print out a design and color with the markers.
Then take the label and staple over the baggie top.

And this is what you have:

Counting Down! 1 Day 'til Samhain!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Granny Tackett's Arthritis Tea & Tincture

Granny Tackett's Arthritis Tea & Tincture

Arthritis Tea
3 T Juniper Berries (dried)
1 ½ c Dandelion Leaves (dried)
6 t White Willow Bark
2 t Orange Rind (dried)
2 T Egg Shell (dried, roasted, crushed)

Combine all of the above ingredients and store in a tight lidded jar out of sunlight.
Add 1 heaping Tablespoon to the automatic coffee maker filter (or tie up in a coffee filter), add the amount of water that will fill your cup, and make the tea. You will need to put the water back through at least 3 times, just pour the pot of hot water back in and let it run through its cycle each time. Once the tea looks about as strong as its going to get, then it's ready. If you're only placing the bagged tea in a cup to steep, then let it steep for at least 5 minutes, preferably longer.

1 T Black Strap Molasses
1 T Honey

Add the above for flavor as well as extra nutrition for the arthritis remedy.
Drink the tea a couple of times a day until your arthritis pains go away.
This will not cure the arthritis, but it will improve, if not completely relieve the discomfort.

Arthritis Tincture
Place all of the herbs listed above in a tight lidded jar, then pour vodka over the herbs to completely cover. Place in a dark cabinet, removing daily to shake the mixture completely. After 4-6 weeks remove the jar and strain out the herbs, squeezing to get as much of the tincture out of them as possible.

To use, place four 4 oz droppersful (not drops) of tincture into a cup of warm (not hot) water, add the molasses and honey and drink slowly.