Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The SATOR Square

The SATOR Square


This Palindrome Square is one of my favorites for protection. I place it on the backs of all the mirrors in the house, all 4 sills of the doors & windows, in our vehicles, in my purse. Basically everywhere.

Ok, let's backup a bit and give quickie lesson on the SATOR Square.

A Palindrome is a word or group of words that can be read forward or backward. In magickal workings they are quite often worked into Magick Squares such as the SATOR Square which is considered to be the most powerful of the palindrome charms.

These squares are all found in The Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage, Book III (translated by S.L. MacGregor Mathers) along with their definitions. In some texts I’ve found there to be various definitions of the words, but the use and purpose of each was always the same. There are 242 squares in the above mentioned book, each with a purpose, some good, some not so good, some that are rather odd and some that are downright mean. So if you’re interested in working with these squares, read Abramelin’s book(s) (which can be found in public domain and so are free on the internet - don‘t buy them at the book store or an online auction site). The method of use is to write on paper and then placed on the head to receive that which it is empowered with.

The Sator Square can be dated as far back as the first century C.E. in Pompeii, Italy. It has been used by many cultures & religions around the world as a magickal charm, including the early Christian mystics. There are many who have thought that the SATOR Square was of Christian origin due to the hidden anagram of “Pater Noster” (Our Father), but research has shown it to greatly pre-date the Christian era and more strongly apply to the ancient Sun God, Mithras.

This charm protects the bearer from attacks of negative energies, misfortune and illness and banishes evil from the home when hung on the wall. It brings blessings, strength and power. The words in the square: SATOR, means “to sow, create”; AREPO means “slow moving“; TENET means “to hold, maintain”; OPERA means “work, creation”; ROTAS means “wheel, vortices”.

The following poem makes it easier to remember, and can be recited as the SATOR Square is being drawn.

Sator the sower
Arepo the plow
Tenet the holder of magical vow
Opera opens the mystic gate
Rotas turns the Wheel of Fate

So, a simple talisman to make that will provide unlimited protection for you, yours and all your property! Try it and see. I'm sure you'll notice a level of protected energy around you that you didn't have before. I know I do. I never have any fears of harm, being stolen from, serious accidents, etc. It's kind of like a nice warm blanket wrapped around me at all times.

Good luck with yours as well!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Wildcrafting: Black-Eyed Susan

Black-Eyed Susan

Latin: Rudbeckia hirta

Other Names:
Brown-eyed Susan, Brown Betty, Brown Daisy (Rudbeckia triloba), Gloriosa Daisy, Golden Jerusalem, Poorland Daisy, Yellow Daisy, and Yellow Ox-Eye Daisy

Magickal Attributes:
Justice, Legal matters, Strengthen spells

Medicinal & Other Uses:
Antibiotic, Blood purifier, Fever, Immune system, Venereal disease


Gender: M
Planet: Jupiter
Element: Air

Harvest Time:
Mid to Late Summer

Garden Uses:
Edging & clumps for ornamental garden decoration
Important Butterfly plant

Culinary Uses:

Other Uses:
Bouquets, Dried arrangements

Parts & Their Uses
Astringent for wounds
Intestinal worms
Poultice for snakebite

More effective than Echinacea at immune system stimulation.

Ground up to make a tea or soup, this can be used as a tonic or diuretic.

Yellow dye can be made from the flower petals.

Drying Flowers:
Bundle upright until dry, to keep their natural downward turning petals. Then if you’re wanting the seeds, turn the bundle upside down and shake gently over a bag or cloth to catch the seeds that fall off.

Macerated juice from the leaves & roots can be used for snakebites and swellings.

Boil to make a tea for colds and intestinal worms. Strain before consumption to remove its irritating hairs.

Whole Plant:

Use on cotton pad to dab on skin swellings.


A hot tea will speed the recovery from colds, flus, & fevers.

Infusion Recipe:
Use approximately a 10:1 ratio of fresh or dry plant material to boiling water to make a tea.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Wheel is Turning Quickly Now!

The Wheel is Turning Quickly Now!
After the buyer was found for our property we made some calls regarding some properties we were looking at in Kansas. An old Victorian home on 4 acres in Norcatur for $9000 - needing exterior work - was our top choice, but the woman didn't get back with us right away. In the mean time we were considering a 3 acre property with an old brick schoolhouse and an old brick Lutheran church about 5 miles north of Hoxie.

The owner got back to us right away and sent us over 40 pictures of the entire place, inside & out. OMFG! The place is beautiful! The schoolhouse interior has been stripped and begun renovation, but is yet incomplete. But livable. The church interior is incredibly beautiful, but needs a roof before damage can occur and become permanent. One look at it and we said that we'd live in the schoolhouse until the church was livable - it was too beautiful to be used as a machine shop as hubby was considering. We'll set up a concrete slab and bring in a cargo container for his shop. Paint it and put a metal roof over it to match what will be on the schoolhouse & church and it will be perfect. Oh, and all this for $13,000!

 A picture of the church shortly after it was built in the 1940's
The front doors - beautiful!

The bell tower side - building is still structurally perfect, new roof and it's all protected!

The schoolhouse after it was built in the 1940's.

Clear out the overgrown trees & brush, a new roof and it's well on it's way to perfect again! The little building in the back is (was) the outhouse and a storage room.

The schoolhouse side view - still structurally perfect!

Then of course, after all this the woman that owns the Victorian house finally called. We decided to go ahead and get it - for the price, who wouldn't!?! It will then go to hubby's sister so she can move to Kansas with us. She will buy it from us and fix it up however she wants. She's very excited about it. Her place is about an hour from us, close but not too close.

LOL - Don't you just love the color?! NOT!

LOVE Kansas! Property prices are perfect. Taxes are super low (the Victorian house is $115/yr, and the church & schoolhouse property is $150/yr). The cost of living is 77% (Norcatur) and 79% (Hoxie) of the national average. For those that don't know what that means or never considered it, it refers to how much something that costs $1 in Wyoming (a state that has exactly 100% cost of living index) only cost 77 cents to 79 cents in those towns in Kansas (the KS overall average is 91%). Oklahoma has the lowest at 88%, and New Jersey is the mainlands highest at 126%, but Hawaii is the highest of all the states at 164%! Fuck that! Even if I was rich I wouldn't live like that. Why would anyone want to spend more of what they make to get less in return? Totally stupid. But that's fine, let all the stupid people conglomerate together - the smart ones don't associate with them anyway. And who'd want to?

The other bit of news is that I am now the Norton Regional Leader for the Kansas Native Plant Society. LOL I found their site, inquired as to if the position was available, explained that I was moving there this summer and they gave it to me! So, I am now Region Leader for almost 5600 square miles of beautiful Kansas prairie promotion & preservation!

I started a blog for it already, Thee Prairie Faery (which will also be the name of the garden nursery & herbal crafts business I'll be setting up out there). Might as well document the entire program from inception to fulfillment! There will be a newsletter, pictures of the flora & fauna, an event calendar that will have craft, herb & plant classes and wildflower walks posted, and anything else I can come up with. There is also a Facebook page, as some of the other Region Leaders have done. 

I'm really excited about it! LOL Now to just get out there so I can get started with the implementing, not just the planning!

So, that's the news for now.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Thank you, St. Joseph!

Thank you St. Joseph! Our house is sold! The buyer that came out on Sunday came back today and put down a deposit. Woohoo! We have it scheduled to close by July 3rd. He'll get his VA loan people to order the appraisal, inspection, etc. and then we'll close.

We've settled on Kansas - I was hoping for Texas, but hubby can't have guns, bows, or anything that can be construed as a weapon in Texas. In Kansas he can have a bow. Plus the taxes are considerably lower, the properties are less expensive, and the cost of living is lower. My only concern is that there is no Pagan community. We'll be out in the middle of nowhere. No flea markets, no good restaurants. Basically, it will be like here - only drier. Which I definitely do like! No more migraines is always a good thing! I'm never moving again, so I will make the best of it and trust the Goddess to send us to the right place.

And again, thank you, St. Joseph for your blessings in selling our home. As promised, I will find and purchase a statue of you and set you in a place of honor in our home.

Another update is that I made the 3rd Spirit herb bag for my wreath. Today's is "Love". A pretty red bag with a pink satin ribbon. The wreath looks funny right now, but should begin to take shape within a week or so. By the time it's completed it will be beautiful - and sooo full of energy!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Spirit Bag Wreath

Spirit Bag Wreath
The other day on Facebook there was a post from Circle Sanctuary showing a wreath with 30+ "spirit bags" - herb pouches - wrapped in different colored fabrics. They had been gathered one for each year of the Pagan Spirit Gathering. This is the picture of Selena Fox's wreath (it's absolutely beautiful!):

This gave me an idea to do my own, except I'll do one herb pouch for each day from the New Moon (which was also a Solar Eclipse!), 5/20/2012, through the Dark Moon, 6/18/2012. I have 5 intents that will be repeated 6 times to equal 30 days: Money, Health, Love, Remove obstacles, Protection. All of these will be attached on the lower half of the vine wreath I made from a vine I took from our woods. The 31st herb pouch will be for Blessings on the New Moon, 6/19/2012 and will hang alone from the top down into the center.

So far I have 2 on my vine wreath. I'm looking forward to watching it fill up! The finished project should be very beautiful. I have a space on the wall in the hallway where I will hang it.

Making one for healing to send to someone who is ill would be a wonderful gift. Or one for marriage blessings to a new bride, done in whites and the colors from her wedding would be gorgeous! There could be ones made for just about any purpose you could think of.

I'll post more pics as it progresses.

First set (5/24/2012):

Second set (5/29/2012):

Third set (6/3/2012). Half way there!:

Fourth set (7/8/2012). It's really filling up now!:

Fifth set (6/13/2012) - lovin' it!

Sixth set (6/18/2012) - Final set, only one more herb pouch to add tomorrow!

Finally complete! (6/19/2012) - It's sooo pretty and smells sooo awesome!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

More Tiller Troubles

More Tiller Troubles
Well, hubby spent a day taking apart the non-working tiller we traded for the kiln.

Worked another day to get it fixed. The inner gear shifter tines were spread too much from someone jamming them around to get it in gear, and one of the gears was put in backward. So of course it didn't work.

Then hubby spent a third day putting it all back together. It moved into the gears fine. The tiller's tines turned, so off we went up the hill to the garden to see it work.

It didn't.

The tines barely turned and refused to dig up and turn over the sod. Absolutely zero power in the tines. Son of a bitch!

I felt so bad for him. He'd worked so hard to get it working for me. We both agreed that we should've taken the cash only, no trade and just bought a new tiller. To rent one is $88 for one day. That's bullshit. I could eat all year on $88 worth of vegetables, so I'm sure as hell not going to rent one for that price!

So hubby's taking a break for a few days and will get back at that nasty, greasy, dirty job sometime next week. He has to work on the lawn mower in the mean time. Figures. When it rains it pours. Totally sucks. I was so excited about having a tiller and could finally plant my garden for this year. Looks like I may just find "places" to plant the tomatoes, cucumbers, onions & potatoes that the dogs won't get to them and tear them up. I just won't bother with the other veggies. 

Ugh, so irritated over the whole thing!

Oh, on a side note ~ this is about my books. Hubby didn't have any inclination to even look through them, only looking at the covers. I was kind of bummed about it, even asked if he was ever going to and he said, "maybe". Which means "no, not interested." So I waited a couple of days, opened the book, underlined & highlighted the part in the Dedications that was for him and then set the book in front of him saying that if he "won't willingly look at it, then I'll force" him to. He read it and slapped his chest and said, "Yep, I'm the ace koon-boon!" That was it. No "thank you", no "congratulations", no "proud of you". So I left it at that, realizing that I wasn't going to get anything else. But his mood since then sure has been good! LOL

Well, yesterday we went to get some Chinese take-out and he was talking to the kid at the register. (Poor kid must be bored stiff standing around all day waiting for customers to talk to! He chats with hubby every time we go in, which hasn't been much lately.) The kid asked what we've been up to and hubby immediately says, "She wrote a book, but mostly we're retired and just hang out." LOL He is actually proud of my accomplishment! Very cool. I was very happy to see that.  

We sent copies to his sister in GA, she should receive them tomorrow. Hubby said she's always been interested in "that sort of thing" (I love that statement, like it's some new fad or something, rather than a way of life). I asked why she didn't just ask me, she knows I'm a Witch. Well, maybe she will. Or maybe she'll use it to begin. What ever, I hope she likes them.

Now to get them to SELL! I want and need the money! :D

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Daily Blessings & Meditations

Daily Blessings & Meditations
Do y'all have daily blessings and/or meditations you say every day? I do. For those who do, have y'all ever considered how your day may go if you don't say them? Or found that if you forgot, then the day didn't go quite as well? For those who've never had a daily blessing to say, why not try it for a couple of weeks? As for a daily meditation, y'all should try it as well. Together they're quite enlightening & empowering.

Very uplifting actually!

I started mine about 7 years ago (lol, now that I think about it, right about the time I began writing my books!) My days began to flow more easily, I was in a better mood and things didn't quite get to me like they used to. Yes, I forget sometimes. And yes, sometimes there are some bad days anyway. That's just life. But honestly, I can't imagine my continued daily life going on without them!

The blessings are short & rhyming (made it easier to remember), and make me smile. The meditation is a bit longer, of course, and quite cleansing & empowering. I'll share them here, but y'all should evaluate your own life and situation and write your own - if you haven't already, that is. ;)

In the morning while I'm letting out the chickens and getting them fed & watered, and the dogs are running around doing their "business", I say these blessings:

Good morning Father Sun,
Another day has begun.
Burn away the morning's dew,
As we begin this day anew.

Good morning Mother Earth,
Fill this day with laughter, joy & mirth.

Good morning Ancient One,
Guide & protect us til a new day has come.

Good morning little Fae!
Won't you come out and play?

Good morning Galinor,
Won't you please come through the Door?
Your companionship to impart
As this new day we do start.

Greetings & blessings Jung'Ro!
The day has begun and there is much more to know.
Impart your knowledge & wisdom to me
As we commune across the Veils of Reality!

Father Sun & Mother Earth are obvious. The Ancient One is the Dragon who lives under our hill, and upon whose back we live. The Fae live down in the woods but come up here to help me with my planting & gardening. They come & go through a door I painted on a rock that is in the guest bedroom. This way they won't disturb the Dragon with their coming & going. Galinor is my companion Dragon, mostly red with orange & yellow, like fire. His wings are rainbow-like, going from deep, dark blue at the bottom to a beautiful yellow a the tips. And Jung'Ro is my Guide & Teacher. He kind of reminds me of the Ents from the Lord of the Rings stories.

Yours would be written according to your own surroundings and what you see & feel in your environment. Maybe even what you'd like to see & feel around you! If you don't think the Fae or Dragons are anywhere near, why not speak to them as if they are - they'll hear you and, if you're sincere, they'll come!

The meditation is done when I sit down at my computer in the morning. It's basically planting my feet deep into the ground with "roots", calling the Serpent of Life up and the Dove of the Divine down. They join inside me and merge to become a Flying Divine Serpent. And when the energy is full from all of It's swirling around, it then explodes outward. Quite a cleansing experience!

So, if y'all haven't tried anything like any of the above, why not try it for a couple of weeks to see the difference? If it seems like something you'd probably forget, then try it one in the shower as you're beginning your day. The one I do in the shower is quite simple also and I repeat it the entire time I'm washing. Doing it once would be fine also, repeating it is just what I usually do. Y'all do what feels right to you. Here's my shower blessing:

Scrub, cleanse, rinse & shine,
Negative aspects divide in twine!
Down the drain, wash away,
Begin anew on this day!

Kind of silly, but it will sometimes make me giggle as I'm reciting it to myself. And we all know that laughter is one of the best emotional cleansers there is!

So for those who've never had daily blessings, I really suggest you try them out. I'm positive you'll see a difference very quickly! The meditation would be a good one to work on as well, but sometimes beginning too many things at once can be overwhelming and then you just quit altogether. And we don't want that! Whether it's the blessings or the meditation, pick one and stick to it every day for at least 2 weeks. I know you'll see a difference!

Blessings to y'all today and everyday! :D

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Back to the Garden

Back to the Garden
If anyone out there is following my garden follies y'all know that last year it took me 3 months to dig a 17' x 24' plot. It was awful, my poor body was disliking it so much I could only dig 2-3 hours a day - in between rainy days. Thankfully! That way I was able to recoup a bit before going back out.

This year I dug the perimeter of the new garden, as the old garden is now inhabited by the large hens since the space they were in before was just too small for them all. Well, after getting the perimeter dug I realized that I'd made the garden about as large (if not slightly larger) than last time. And I had ZERO inclination to go any further! Just the thought of digging all that up, turning it, mixing in the compost & fertilizer, and keep it soft so it was workable just did not have any appeal to it whatsoever!

So I let it sit for a few weeks, then got the burr up my ass that I really do want a garden this year. So I dug up one whole 2' wide row! Woohoo! I was on my way! LOL Until I died of pain for the next 3 or 4 days. So not cool, and now back to square one. So a couple of weeks went by and when hubby mowed the lawn I placed all the clippings over my garden area - well, part of it, there was only enough to cover about 1/3 of what I originally wanted. A couple weeks later I put more clippings on that area again, plus spread some of my compost on top. This last bit was quite a project - god how compost can be heavy! So I died for a few days afterward - again. All I can say is, I want a fucking tiller!

Hubby has known this for over two years now. But it was never on his "agenda", as I call it....which means it's only on his "agenda" when it's important to him. And a tiller was not.

To try to get some cash to buy one I put some things on Craig's List. Have you ever bought something that was a bit expensive thinking you'd love to learn how to do that? Well, I decided several years ago that I wanted to learn how to make PMC jewelry and other things. So we bought the kiln, the PMC silver clay, some books, and everything else. And it all sat in the boxes. Never used. Duh. So it and a couple other things were put up for sale, but nothing near the price of the kiln & supplies. It took well over a month, but the kiln finally sold. In the ad I'd stated that we didn't want any trades so not to even ask (Craig's List buyers are famous for that shit), with the exception of a rear-tine tiller. 

Well, the guy that came out to look at the kiln decided that if we'd trade for the rear-tine tiller he had, which the motor ran perfectly, but the tines didn't turn, then we could work a trade/cash deal. (He'd bought it at the flea market for $200). Hubby went to the guy's house, looked at the tiller, decided he probably could fix it, plus we got a table saw (which we've been wanting & needing), and $350 cash! Woohoo! Cash (MY cash), MY tiller, and a table saw! We got a GREAT deal! And both parties are happy with it. Excellent!

So hubby tore the tiller apart to find out why the tines wouldn't turn. Well, some dumbass had tried to work on it before and reversed a gear somewhere inside. Hubby's getting it back together, we'll try it out and if that didn't fix it, then he'll tear it apart again. Either way, it will get fixed and I DO have a tiller - finally! 

As for the tiller itself, this thing is red, huge, cumbersome, and scary as a motherfucker! But it will definitely do the job and I'll have my garden plot plowed in no time - I might even make it bigger! LOL I am sooo excited! Hubby turned it over for me, it vibrates quite a bit just sitting still, I can only imagine what it will be like pushing it through sod & soil! Ugh! But at least I'll only have one recuperative period rather than many! Works for me. 

AmberWolf wants a picture of me tilling the garden with my new giant red tiller. If I get one, I'll post it here as well - not that y'all really give a shit about my huge, scary fucking red tiller! LOL

I've decided to name my tiller "The Beast". Once my garden is tilled I might even paint the name on him somewhere. LOL Isn't it great when you get something you've been needing and wanting for a long time? I love trading for a bargain! It's a form of recycling, keeping those things in use as long as possible. For anyone who's never used Craig's List, you should! It's amazing how you can get rid of things, sometimes faster than a yard sale or the flea market. Just be sure to take really good pictures, upload them to Photobucket or some other photo site, copy the picture's HTML into the text body of the ad on Craig's List, and you'll have nice big pictures - as many as you want to put in - rather than their 4 tiny thumbnail pictures that you can't see anything in. Also be sure to write a clear and concise description of your item(s) in a list format below the introductory paragraph. DO NOT run everything in one big long paragraph - no one will read it! And don't run an ad without the pictures, no one will look at it. When a buyer shows up, if you have other things available, let them know - they just might want to buy more! ;)

So until next time - y'all have a great day and thanks for stopping by!

Friday, May 11, 2012

My Books are Here!!!!

My Books are Here!!!!
Here's a pic of the books and below are the links to their LuLu page. I also have a link in the right hand column. I am soooo excited - they look great! Woohoo! I hope everyone will enjoy them.

A Witch's Craft, Volume 1: Dictionary for a Witch's Grimoire    (607 pgs)                $44.95
The Dictionary contains thousands of terms, symbols, and correspondences much of which is cross-referenced in the Correspondences.

A Witch's Craft, Volume 2: A Witch's Book of Correspondences     (634 pgs)         $44.95
The Book of Correspondences contains hundreds of tables for herbs, oils, crystals & stones, magickal alphabets,  Goetic, Marduk & Black Pullet seals, magickal squares, magickal work tables that list everything needed for specific rituals and spells, and sooo much more!

I will also be having these made into e-books for those who prefer that type of book.

I hope y'all will enjoy them!


Beautiful Kai is now 15!

Beautiful Kai is now 15!

This is our beautiful Mustang, Kai. This is the day we brought her home (5/10/2008). We don't know her exact birth date as she was born free out on a Utah range. So, we use the date we got her as her birthday. And yesterday was 4 years since we picked her up. Wow, how time flies!

We got her for free from a friend of hubby's when we lived in TX.  He had too many horses and his wife wanted only Arabians so he asked if we'd like to have her. We said "yes" but were a bit reserved about it wondering if we'd even like her, or more importantly if she'd like us! We fell in love immediately when we saw her, then when we heard her story we were even more certain.

She was literally "rescued" from the slaughterhouse floor! Someone had taken her off the lot so she wouldn't be killed (like so many Mustangs). Well, the story gets even better. Each Mustang is branded with a coded freeze mark on the left side of their neck. That code tells where they were born (year) and what BLM (Bureau of Land Management) (state) they were from.

Here's Kai's freeze mark:

The first 2 marks represent the U.S. Government. The 2 arrow-like symbols, one above the other are the birth year (1997), the next 6 arrow-like symbols are her specific registration number (723834). The "72" represents the state of Utah where she was born & taken from, the "3834" represents Kai herself.

Smile silly Kai!
(Actually she wasn't liking that new "thing" in her face, the camera!)

After getting her number figured out I called the BLM to find out how to get her Certificate of Title. About 2 weeks later I get a call from Gus at the Utah Dept. of the BLM and the first thing he asks me with an almost unbelieving & shaky voice, "Is this a grey mare?!" I said, "Yes, she is", wondering what was so surprising about that fact. He got so excited and had the most incredible relief in his voice when he said, "That is so wonderful! We have her as slaughtered in a Dallas, TX slaughter house 3 years ago!" I was stunned. One, because of what he said, but two, because he was so genuinely emotional over it! He then said, "We LOVE to get stories like this! Thank you for taking her and I'll find out if she's got a Certificate of Title and get back with you." A couple of days later he called to get my address, and a few days later I received her Certificate of Title. It has the original adopters name on it, as that is not changeable, but that's ok, because now I have her Certificate of Title and her history documented.

She was "hard broke", meaning she follows orders out of fear not love. She's very head-shy, doesn't like anyone touching her anywhere on her head and face. So we keep the touching along the neck, belly, and back. She prefers hubby to me, which is fine, but I would like very much to get closer to her, if she'd let me. Something I need to work on, but I don't want to push her because she had a rough beginning and we've allowed her to be free again, not requiring anything of her. She deserves to be free again. Animals that are born and live free for years should never be captured and forced into anything.

I understand the purpose and even the need to do so with our native horses, the Mustang. But I think some of them deserve to be left free, as "pasture ornaments", especially if they've been abused. As she was. 

LOL Now all we want from her is a baby! Our white donkey, Preacher, tries to woo her and she wants nothing to do with him. A white Mule or Molly would be so cool! She wants Ahri, our beautiful black (gelded!) Arabian. Oh well, we can only hope she'll give it up to poor Preacher some day!

Kai w/ Ahri
Aaah, as the saying goes, "The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence!"

Here's everybody; Kai, Preacher & Ahri.

So, all I really want to say is,

We decided that we can't afford to take all of the horses to Kansas with us, so we put Kai on Craig's List to find her an adoptive family. We were VEEERRRYYY particular as to who would get her. She loves this area, with all the grass and hills, so we knew it had to be some place just like ours: woods, hills, creek, pastures.

God answered! The AWESOME family we found live about 45 minutes from here, their property has woods, hills, a creek, and pastures! Plus, if she wants (which is unlikely), she has a barn to go into.

The family has 8 children, 2 of whom are grown and out of the house, but the others that are there range from 16 down to 6 months! Kai will have children to love on her for the rest of her life. The people are very special people. I can't even begin to describe how wonderful they are! They are the rare type of people that are just, plain GOOD!

Kai has bonded with the 16 yo daughter, who is the one that spends the most time with her. She lies down in the pasture while Kai grazes. She talks to her, grooms her. Basically, everything. The Dad is a wounded Vet, and Kai is his therapy horse. She seems to know this and is very patient with him. When the baby is around, Kai won't move. She stands completely still. I knew Kai was special!

We plan on visiting Kai before we leave, so we can see everyone and say "good-bye" to Kai. I feel that we were Kai's intermediate family, that she was supposed to be here with this incredible family. I can only thank the Divine for bringing her into our lives and for allowing us to enrich someone else's with Kai's presence. We will keep in touch (they have a family website) and watch how Kai does over the years. I know she'll live a long & health life with her new, awesome family!

Blessings to Kai and the Eddington's!