Sunday, June 23, 2013

June 2013 "Super" Supermoon & Correspondences

June 2013 "Super" Supermoon & Correspondences
The official term is perigee full moon. Perigee refers the moon’s closest point to Earth in a given month. The term "supermoon", which is an astrology term, was first coined in 1979 by Astrologer Richard Nolle. Its use was popularized when describing the full moon of March 19, 2011, and has caught on and continues to be used today for each of the supermoons we experience. They're not as uncommon as you might think, we actually average 4 - 6 of them every year!

Here are the most recent ones, and a few more, since the usage of "supermoon" caught on:

March 19, 2011
May 6, 2012
May 24 - 25, 2013
June 22 - 22, 2013 - the "Super" Supermoon
August 10, 2014
September 28, 2015
November 14, 2016

So, what made this one so extra "super"? Because the full moon fell so close to the moon's perigee, thus making the full moon appear even larger.

Here is a great picture showing the difference between a "normal" full moon and the "super" supermoon we had last night:

(Photograph from

So, did any of you see this supermoon last night? We had overcast skies, but the dogs woke us up shortly before dawn, so I went out to see the moon - and yes, it definitely looked considerably larger! But then, out here the moon always seems so big and bright!

This was a good time for a quick spell as well. So, while I didn't have anything ready, I did a "quickie" in my head before going back to bed. Never pass up an opportunity to bring something to manifestation for yourself! And a "super" supermoon is perfect opportunity!

June Full Moon Correspondences:

Aerra Litha, Brachmanoth, Honey Moon, Lovers’ Moon, Mead Moon, Moon of Horses, Moon of Making Fat, Rose Moon, Strawberry Moon, Strong Sun Moon
Aine of Knockaine, Bendis, Cerridwen, Green Man, Ishtar, Isis, Neith, Persephone
Nature Spirits:
Sylphs, Zephyrs
Dog Grass, Meadowsweet, Mosses, Mugwort, Parsley, Skullcap, Tansy, Vervain
Maple, Oak
Lavender, Orchid, yarrow
Lavender, Lily of the Valley
Agate, Alexandrite, Fluorite, Topaz
Gold, Golden-Green, Orange, Yellow
Butterfly, Frog, Monkey, Toad
Peacock, Wren
Balance, Change of residence, Communication, Decision making, Education, Family relations, Full but restful energy, Positive transformation, Prevention, Protection, Public relationships, Responsibility, Strengthen, Tides turning, Time of light, Travel, Writing

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Special Day Yesterday for a VERY Special Person

Special Day Yesterday for a VERY Special Person
Yesterday my husband turned 60. On August 10th it will be 10 years since we met, and on October 31st we'll have been married 10 years. In those 10 years so many of my dreams have come true. And the dreams he carried with him through his life paralleled mine.

It's amazing how full your life can be when your dreams become reality. Some quickly, others in time. Those that are a ways away, are visible and coming closer each day.

I could go on and on, literally bragging, about my incredible marriage. But what I really want to stress about this incredible marriage, is that I brought this person into my life, through a highly influential Divine assistance. And my husband did the same. We were "working" on finding "thee" person to spend our lives with. I had my criteria (quite a list too!), and he had his (not quite as extensive or detailed, but definitely the "required" aspects had to be there).

Hubby believes there is "something out there" that when you "put out" your thoughts, "It" (what ever "It" is), along with your own power & energy will bring what you want to you. "It" will put it in your "pile". And once in your pile, it's all yours.

I believe in the Divine. I don't have a name for It, but God or Goddess, or Holy Spirit, or what ever anyone chooses to call that Divine Power is up to them. For me, It's just "the Divine". I had been petitioning the Divine for close to 3 years for this particular person, even while married to another, whom I knew would not live for much longer. I'd had a premonition prior to marrying him that he would pass on before 5 years - and he did. He caught a Staph infection and died within 8 days. Devastating experience I wish on NO ONE.

But after he passed I could feel him with me. I also felt his hands literally pushing me to move from FL to GA. My son was in the Air Force and had married a woman with 3 kids, and my grandson was on-the-way. So I moved. Nine days later I met my soon-to-be husband.

I won't go into great detail, but suffice it to say, the "coincidences" that lined up and were occurring were so many and so incredible and happening so fast, there was no other explanation than the Divine was finally putting things in order - for both of us.

Over the years, of course we've had differences of opinion, but overall we know that we would not be complete without the other. Except when I visit my boys and grandson in FL, we've never been apart for more than a few days at a time. We've lived a lifetime in 10 years and look forward to seeing how many more lifetimes we can fit into the next ten, and beyond.

So, what I want y'all to take from this little tidbit into my life is that there is someone out there just for you! Someone who allows you to be you. Someone who won't try to "mold" you into whomever it is they think you should be. Their idea of the "perfect" mate. When this kind of shit starts, walk away, because it will only get worse. And in time, you will completely lose who you are. And that is straight up WRONG! No one, and I mean no one, has the right to do that to another person. Especially if they profess to love them!

My husband knew I was a Witch. So, he wanted to get married on Hallowe'en! Hell yeah! :) He doesn't get snide or nasty when I do rituals. He listens (even if he doesn't agree) when I tell him how things are coming about because of such & such ritual. He doesn't believe in the need for the ritual. But he doesn't stop me from doing what I believe. THAT is a true spouse!

Yesterday my husband turned 60. We spent the evening with his sister, brother-in-law, niece, her husband, and their son. It was a great, fun, happy evening. He doesn't like the company of people. But he loves family. And yesterday's little party was a great day for him. It was the best birthday in a long time.

Always the jokester!
(Yep, that's my "big, hairy & scary")

His niece and her husband have been married a very long time - not sure how long, but they have a son and daughter. And the daughter has 2 beautiful children. B & K are as happy together as my husband & I are. He lets her be "her", and she lets him be "him". It's really nice to be around them. As I've heard from others the same about us.

People who truly love each other, bring joy to those around them. My wish for everyone is that they find that person for them! It's not impossible. Don't jump at the first one that says, "I love you". Make sure it's the right one. Do they accept you as you? Or do you have to pretend to be what ever it is that they want you to be? Do you have your own identity, or is it theirs that you've adopted, but not really accepted?

If everyone had what I have...this world would be a much happier place!

A poem I wrote for my husband:

I love you now,
I always will.
Now and forever,
Always and still.

My wedding ring has "FOREVER" written in Runes around the band, with Celtic Crosses on either end of the word. The stone is a 9.2 ct ruby. We had the ring made 5 years ago, and it represents everything about "us". We love the ruby stone over any others (another one of those odd "coincidences"). The Runes and Celtic Crosses are a part of our Irish heritage (as well as my Norwegian). And neither of us liked the store-bought ring styles that everyone else always has, no matter how beautiful they are.

The simplest Love Spell to do, besides just lighting a candle, is the Sugar Love Spell. Once made, you can just keep lighting candles on it until you find the one. I've seen some of these that the jar has had so many candles burned over it that you can't even see the jar any more!

Just be sure to always visualize the qualities of the person you want. NOT the person. Let the Divine do what the Divine does best...take care of Its people! Good luck and many, many happy blessings to y'all!